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Causes of acne behind the ears and methods of dealing with them

Acne on the face, neck or décolleté area is the most annoying because it acts as an aesthetic defect. Hidden pimples do not catch the eye, but they are the most dangerous and need immediate treatment. Acne behind the ears deserves special attention, which under a number of conditions can be dangerous not only for health but also for life. With the appearance of blackheads of specific localization, it is necessary to find out why they are formed as soon as possible and to select methods for eliminating the trouble. Ignoring even a small and initially painless pimple behind the ear is fraught with serious health problems.

Factors that trigger the formation of blackheads behind the ear

The causes of acne on the ears on the inside or on the skin behind them can be very different. Usually they are the same for adults and children, and it is recommended to treat them in approximately the same way with only some nuances. If the problem is alarming systematically, it is better not to do diagnostics alone, but to go to a dermatologist. The specialist will evaluate the condition of the skin and tell you what factors to pay attention to.

Here are the main points from which acne appears behind the ears and on the neck:

  1. Violation of the rules of personal hygiene. The use of various gadgets has led to the fact that the ears and skin around them are constantly irritated, dirt gets on them. People who actively use a mobile phone, headphones, and other similar devices should wash their problem area more often. From time to time, antibacterial agents should be used.
  2. External manifestation of colds. It happens that acne on the neck, face and behind the ears occur against the background of acute respiratory viral infections or colds. Do not count on the fact that they will pass by themselves when a person ceases to be ill. Due to weakened immunity, the condition can develop into furunculosis.
  3. The result of constant mechanical irritation. Wearing glasses, headbands and other accessories, parts of which pass through the areas behind the ears, can also provoke the appearance of blackheads. Refusal of elements or their replacement with more functional devices will solve the problem.
  4. Hormonal changes in the body. The symptom that occurs in adolescents, women during pregnancy or menopause is the result of a change in hormonal levels. In rare cases, this may also indicate a pathology of the endocrine glands.
  5. A sign of an allergic reaction. Formations near the ears do not always indicate intolerance to fabrics, cosmetics or detergents. This may be the result of a seasonal allergy or a reaction to a medicine.
  6. Evidence of stress. Today, more and more acne is poured out as a result of commonplace stress and overwork. However, other signs of the problem may not be present.
  7. The indicator of malnutrition. People who abuse sweets, spicy, salty, canned foods and fast food are much more likely to suffer from an aesthetic defect.
  8. A signal of internal problems. Rash in the form of bubbles sometimes indicate the activity of viruses. Regularly appearing formations may indicate slagging of the body.
  9. Disruption of blood flow in a specific area. Wearing tight hats can also be enough to cause acne, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Sometimes the formation that people take for an acne, in fact, can be a wen, a malignant tumor with a cyst, or other serious pathology. Attempts to influence them with the help of folk remedies, medicines or physiotherapy can trigger the growth of elements. Before starting any specialized therapy, it is better to coordinate all the points with the doctor.

What to do when an unpleasant symptom appears?

Often people find acne near their ears by accident. In most cases, the exclusion of the above factors is enough for the formation to disappear and no longer appear. If this does not help, you will have to use a more aggressive integrated approach.

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Indications for contacting a doctor

If the appearance of acne under the ears and neck is accompanied by an increase in lymph nodes, no independent actions can be taken. Urgently consult a doctor and undergo a diagnosis. The same should be done in the case of the detection of a very large formation or with an increase in body temperature. Do not try to squeeze out a sore or purulent element – it may not bring any relief, but the risk of infection increases. It is strictly forbidden to try to treat subcutaneous peas on your own, which, as it were, move under the fingers.

Also, an indication for immediate medical attention is a deterioration in the general condition. Especially if at the same time the formation behind the ear hurts, and any type of content is present in it. Situations when pimples manifest themselves and go away without causing any special trouble should also not be ignored. Refusal from diagnosis and therapy often leads to the fact that then you have to treat also an ear infection.

The basic principles of treatment

In the treatment of acne behind the ears, eliminating the causes of the problem is only a starting step. Acne treatment requires a complex of accessible and simple manipulations. There is one universal point – all actions in the affected area are carried out with clean, disinfected hands with an antiseptic.

What to do in each case depends on the characteristics of the state:

  • First you need to carry out the treatment of the zone with tar or antibacterial soap for several days, wipe with a non-aggressive antiseptic. Sometimes this all ends, as the causative agents of inflammation are eliminated.
  • If necessary, specialized pharmacy products are connected to therapy. It can be tar masks, special plasters, ointments and creams. The main thing is not to use powerful hormone-based products on your own. Their help should be resorted to only as directed by a doctor in the absence of the effect of other approaches.
  • A painful internal acne requires a special approach. You can get rid of them with the help of warming procedures. Compresses based on salicylic alcohol give a good effect. We moisten a cotton wool in a 2% solution, apply it to a problem place near the ear and fix it with a band-aid. Keep at least 6 hours. During this time, the formation will clear, dry out, inflammation will subside from the tissues.
  • If acne began to fester in the area behind the ears, then Vishnevsky ointment can be used.
  • Placing the eel directly in the ear can lead to serious consequences. Such formations are usually treated with drops of Levomycetin, which are instilled into the ear canal. Manipulation is carried out only with the permission of the doctor.

The lack of effect from the ongoing manipulations may indicate the presence of internal problems. You don’t just need to thoughtlessly sort through other options, you need to see a doctor who will make an accurate diagnosis and tell you the best treatment option.

Effective folk methods

Pimples that occur only from time to time and do not bother too much can be eliminated using natural folk remedies. This is especially true for people with oily skin, long hair, lovers of experiments with care products and decorative cosmetics. Porridge prepared from a leaf of Kalanchoe perfectly copes with eels of different sizes and maturity. It must be applied to the problem place, fixed with a band-aid and left for a couple of hours. The slurry prepared from the pulp of tomato, onion and garlic copes with sores no worse.

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Rubbing the inflamed eel near the ear will relieve the rubbing of the problem area with a decoction of chamomile. If you perform the manipulation at least 7 times a day, you can count on a quick deliverance even from numerous rashes. And if for the same purpose you prepare an infusion of celandine, chamomile, string and plantain, the effect will be even faster and more pronounced. The combination of traditional methods with natural remedies will allow you to get rid of acne, but only if the causes of the problem are eliminated, you can count on the fact that it will not return.

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