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Treatment and prevention of acne in the ear

Everyone at least once in the ear jumped painful, it brings a lot of inconvenience to the pimple. But it can not only be a cause of discomfort, but also indicate the presence of the body severe inflammation. What if there were spots in the ears?

Main symptoms

She clings to the earIn the formation of acne in a person’s ear may feel different symptoms. Usually symptoms of this unpleasant phenomenon depend on the development stages of the inflammatory process:

  1. The hair follicle or sebaceous gland inflammation occurs, the person may experience unpleasant itching or pain.
  2. As the worsening of inflammation there is a small hillock, from which to grow a pimple in the ear.
  3. Over time allocated more pus, which causes the pimple to grow in size, when pressure is applied, there is a strong pain on him.
  4. The contents of an abscess either comes out or compacted.

Most often pimples in the ear resolve themselves over time without causing more discomfort to man. But sometimes ulcers are not only themselves, but also can become really dangerous, because they can cause hearing impairment or even sepsis, as pus can spread through the bloodstream.

Causes of appearance

Wondering why again and again pimples, it is important to remember that inflammation can not occur without just cause, it may be indicative of serious disorders of the body. There are several factors that may lead to the fact that sooner or later, is formed in a spot-ear or ear canal.

Neglect of hygiene rules

Many people love to climb unwashed hands to his ears, but some do prefer to use for this purpose pins, matches and other items far from sterile. The advent of phones and players has aggravated the situation, as they are used more than once a day, and wipe them clean and realize a few.

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The girl cleans his ear with a cotton swabBut do not bring the issue of hygiene to the absurd, as too frequent cleaning of the ears using cotton swabs can cause injury to the delicate skin of the ears, then the result can be only one – another jumped pimple inside the ear, because the wound is likely to get disease-causing bacteria.

By the way, not only a dirty ears or the handset can lead to the fact that the ear popped pimple. It has long unwashed hair can also contribute to the penetration of bacteria into the ear, so they should be washed at least twice a week.

Hypothermia and colds

With an issue like acne on the ears, often experienced by people who love to walk bareheaded in the cold season, or ride with the breeze on a car or a motorcycle. The thing is that hypothermia or cold cause a weakening immune system, resulting in the body becomes more susceptible to the effects of pathogenic bacteria that and so may be in the ear due to lack of hygiene. Therefore, the two main causes of acne on the ears are more closely related than you think.

Other reasons

In addition to these factors that cause painful rashes in ears, acne can occur due to:

  • unbalanced diet, which is dominated by roasted, salted and sweet dishes;
  • emotional stress, which can cause changes in hormonal levels;
  • level variations due to various hormones diseases in women it may be associated with the menstrual cycle;
  • allergic reactions of various kinds;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs.

rash treatment

Inspection ear doctorIf the ear still decided to come a painful pimple, you should immediately correct this situation. Internal pimple in the ear can block the ear canal, it will not only cause severe pain, but hearing loss. Emergency treatment should be started in the event that a pimple in the ear hurts, but if he does not cause discomfort, it is best to wait a while, because it can disappear on their own.

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Therapy should be phased, for convenience, you can imagine all stages of treatment in the form of a table.

stage of treatment Necessary actions
disinfection The affected area should be thoroughly treat alcohol tincture or other antiseptic solution
Acceleration of ripening abscess To festering pimple in the ear quickly matured and could squeeze, it is necessary to use compresses with ointment Vishnevsky. , It is desirable to leave at night to do this, put a small amount of ointment on a cotton swab and apply it to an abscess in the ear.
Loosen the inflammatory process For this purpose, often used levomitsetinovye drops, which are buried in the ear with a cotton swab and close to warm.

Is it possible to squeeze a pimple?

Before you wonder how to squeeze a pimple in the ear, it is first necessary to define what exactly is a pimple in the ear of the child or adult. It can be like a normal red pimple that does not pose any danger, and so a boil that can ache and throb unpleasantly. In addition, a rash may be a conventional white eel, which can jump on a regular basis and as not so dangerous as red.

Boils not desirable to touch and squeeze independently, since it is not conventional pimples, and the result is severe inflammation, which in the absence of proper treatment can spread through the bloodstream and cause unpredictable consequences.

If suddenly jumped pimple in the ear and really want to squeeze it, it is necessary to wait for the moment when it is ripe and it can be seamlessly get rid of. After that, be sure to treat the wound with alcohol solution.

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Traditional recipes

She closed her ear, hand

Treat catarrhal pimple in the ear as possible and using folk recipes that include both strong antiseptic agents, analgesics and natural. To eliminate the inflammatory process widely used aloe leaves, which need to cut and apply the pulp to the affected area, that will quickly cure acne.

If children complain that they hurt your ear due to a pimple jumped, you can use broth based on celandine, calendula, chamomile or kalanchoe, and plantain. The main thing – to make sure that a person is not allergic to these plants, otherwise the situation will only grow worse.

Preventive measures

Predict the occurrence of acne is almost impossible, but the observance of certain rules will help to reduce the probability of occurrence of purulent lesions in the ears:

  1. It is necessary to carefully monitor compliance with the rules of hygiene. The hair should be clean, and after walking advisable to thoroughly wash your neck and ears need to be cleaned in a timely manner.
  2. The ears should be kept warm and supercool. Winter hat – it’s not annoying requirement, but a real necessity.
  3. Colds need time to heal and to take all measures to raise immunity.
  4. Food must be completely balanced and enriched with vitamins and trace elements. Fat, spicy and salty best left for special days.
  5. If pimples popping up all the time, you need to go to the hospital for a complete examination as rashes may occur due to abnormalities in the internal organs.

Inflamed rash in the ear – not the most pleasant thing. From him you need time to get rid of, and take all measures to reduce the likelihood of re jumping down pimples. Compliance with preventive measures and proper treatment will help to forget about such a problem as ear pimples.

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