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Why there are spots in the scalp

Acne on his head speaks of the possibility of serious illness, the owner must pay attention to their health and fight with different pathologies. The most common acne on the scalp. More characteristic of the male half of the population due to the regular mechanical damage to the scalp razors shearing. In addition, men are mostly short hair and pimples on the head more noticeable in men than in women with long hair.

Causes of

Acne in the scalpTo carry out therapeutic measures doctor needs to determine why the color pimples. Will help to understand the dermatologist and trichologist. The etiology of the appearance is divided into men’s and women’s causes.

Acne on the head hair in men appear:

  1. When using headgear crosslinked synthetic material. Such fabric is not breathable, and the skin begins to sweat, thus there is accumulation of salts and secretion from the sebaceous glands, forming spots in the hair.
  2. When applying shampoos that are not suitable to this type of hair. For example, the use of tools for dry and brittle hair to oily scalp, or vice versa. Then there will be irritation and inflammatory processes that lead to the development of acne on his head in her hair.
  3. When trimming hair sodden use blades, which in turn is applied to sores on the scalp surface with subsequent infection, resulting in the development purulent spots on the head.
  4. Allergic inflammation of the scalp to certain cosmetics. Men allergy causing agents for styling and hair color.
  5. Receiving steroids persons involved in bodybuilding in order to increase the capacity of muscle mass. Such drugs affect hormonal athlete, resulting in enhanced production of sebum, provoking the appearance of acne.

cinnamon sticks for medical mask

cinnamon sticks for medical mask

Acne on the head hair in women occur in the following circumstances:

  1. Hormonal disorders during pregnancy or when using gormonosoderzhaschih drugs for the treatment of certain diseases.
  2. Functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. So, at a dysbacteriosis or any infectious disease may appear rash due to defective absorption of vitamins and minerals in helminthic infestations and food pathogens life.
  3. The presence of bacterial infection. Due to decrease of the immune system is the growth and reproduction of staphylococcal or streptococcal infections, which normally live on the skin in small quantities. These bacteria often lead to the appearance of pustules on the head hair.
  4. Regular hair coloring and other manipulations using chemical and thermal processes of care. These cosmetics are composed of various acids, because of which there suppurative acne on his head.
  5. A lot of stress for women is harmful not only for skin, but for all organs.

However, women concerned about acne on the scalp skin is rare, because they are serious about choosing the right personal hygiene.

Symptoms rash

Pimple in her hairMore discomfort cause rashes, located on the head under the hair, because they hurt when combing hair. And for effective treatment should be to find out why there are spots on the head, and how to eliminate these causes. It can cause great harm, even a small acne, as it is located in the same area with the hair follicles, blocking the pore. In addition, the skin does not get enough breath because of the hair.

In medical practice is not customary to distinguish types of acne, conventionally divided into several types for convenient treatment regimen of choice. Allocate comedones and inflamed acne. Comedones are common lesions that occur as a result of blockage of the sebaceous glands and pollution. They do not inflame, outwardly resembling black dots. In rare cases, they can be scratched. The owner of such a rash do not feel any sensation merely a cosmetic defect. If comedones are located in the scalp to detect them is practically impossible.

Closed comedones occur deeper in the thickness of the skin, if the pressure on their site, you can feel their hardness, but they are painless, does not cause itching. If the rash is inflamed for some reason, they bring discomfort and pain. These are red spots on the head. Usually they are in a lot of head cover. Red spot in the center has a protruding head. Located on the head of a white pustule, which brings a sharp pain at the slightest touch. These painful pimples require treatment. Even the heads of the skin may appear a large fatty tumor.

On the skin of the arms, legs and abdomen appear red bubbles with clear content – watery acne. Watery spots appear on the head are extremely rare. Their appearance associated with the presence of disease allergic nature, of viral origin, hyperhidrosis or infestation, eg scabies. The reason for this rash determined fairly quickly and easily.

Acne Treatment

Oil capsules for the treatment of acneTo learn how to get rid of acne on his head, is written a lot of articles with different techniques. The approach should be individualized, not all may suit those or other means. To treat acne, you need patience and compliance with all the recommendations of a dermatologist. In turn, the expert will carry out the appropriate tests, and diagnose. If necessary, appoint a consultation with other specialists, such as a gastroenterologist, allergist, neurologist and endocrinologist.

After determining the reason for the color appeared acne, you need to fix it. The next step – personal hygiene, using a properly sized shampoos, conditioners, and other means. In the treatment of capsules used extensively to restore skin and oils with therapeutic properties. Use a shampoo for acne on the head, have anti-inflammatory properties.

Next, a schedule of proper nutrition. Special diet improves metabolic processes in the body and help to cure this ailment. Moreover, antibiotics are often prescribed for topical application to the affected areas of the skin and internal use. They are used, if confirmed by tests that the color spots were due to bacteria, mainly Gram-positive cocci, rarely other infections.

What drugs and how to treat, appoint a doctor, supervising the process. Other dosage groups as necessary are assigned a particular rate. Thus, pimples on the skin of the head becomes smaller when using antifungal agents, and Lactobacillus bifidum, adsorbents. These tools help to get rid of toxic substances in the blood. To restore the immune system vitamin prescribed courses. If the patient itching pimples on the head, to eliminate anxiety appointed antihistamines, sedative drugs and the nature of hormone pills.

Moreover, acne on the head of the external nature of the treatment is easily amenable to this, ointments, creams, having a drying effect, for example, ointment or ihtiolovaya Levomekol. They must be applied as long as the smallest eel is completely dry. Furthermore ointments, exhibit high efficiency and alcoholic solutions of certain acids.

Many dermatologists have their own individual recipes for the so-called mash, which, after regular use completely cleanses the scalp, leaving little trace.

One of the major drawbacks of these solutions: they are if used improperly, leaving a burn on the skin. Reappears on the ill-fated spot can affect physiotherapy, such as ultraviolet rays and cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy acne

The use of traditional medicine methods

If pimples on the head hair in women causes of treatment have not been eliminated, many are switching to alternative medicine, which has proved its effectiveness in the fight against this disease. One common miracle cures is apple cider vinegar. When it is diluted with water to various concentrations and a drying has bactericidal properties. A dilute solution rinse hair after washing, then wash it under running water from the hair.

If this solution is not enough, it is possible to apply various masks, for example of the honey and cinnamon. Masks average hold on the hair for about 20 minutes, the frequency of application depends on the process spread. If you have any pimples on the head hair in men due to the use of hormones, you should consider reducing the dosage and the complete abandonment of their reception. Such eruptions signal the beginning of a negative impact on the body of a man of these drugs.

Thus, in the event of any cause of acne is necessary to pay attention to your diet, wash your hair with a good shampoo, less upset by small things and smile more. If the rash problem bothers to call a doctor to get good treatment.

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