Everything you wanted to know about hip mesotherapy – Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets

Everything you wanted to know about hip mesotherapy

Slender female legs are able to raise self-esteem for their owners and break the heart of more than one representative of a strong half of humanity. Unfortunately, beautiful ladies are rarely satisfied with this area of ​​their body, and sometimes there are certain prerequisites for this. Mesotherapy of the hips will be able to correct the situation and improve natural data – an injection procedure that allows you to simultaneously solve several problems at once or provide reliable prevention in the future. Due to its practicality and considerable safety, the technique has enjoyed considerable popularity in cosmetology over the past few years.

Expectations and reality: what can be achieved with hip mesotherapy?

First of all, you should determine the indications for such a procedure. Depending on the type of mesococktail used, it is possible to completely or partially eliminate problems such as:

  • excess body fat;
  • cellulite and sagging skin;
  • reduced skin tone;
  • stretch marks and scars;
  • increased dryness of the skin;
  • restoration of the skin after excessive sunburn or burns.

The procedure can be considered as a preparatory stage before surgery or a course of intensive weight loss. It is unlikely to get rid of extra pounds with its help, but it is quite possible to correct the volume of the hips. In addition, increasing the elasticity of the skin will help get rid of the appearance of sagging and ptosis while reducing fat mass.

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The main stages of the procedure

The most logical way to start a thigh skin care course is with prior consultation with a specialist. At this stage, you can find out the exact principle of the effect of therapy, choose a drug suitable for solving your problem, and learn about the rules of the recovery period. In addition, an initial conversation with a cosmetologist will help you understand how possible it is for you to have injection plastic surgery, because, despite the minimal invasiveness and almost complete absence of side effects, there are many contraindications to the procedure.

Two to three days before the procedure, you should refuse to take aspirin and alcohol. It is believed that they thin the blood and prevent the beneficial components from being fully absorbed. Such a wish is not mandatory, but it can help achieve a more pronounced result.

Hip Mesotherapy

During the session, the skin is pre-cleansed with antiseptic solutions. This is done to remove possible contaminants, and most importantly – to remove bacteria. Following these simple precautions is key to minimizing the risk of inflammation. The next step is local anesthesia, most often it is carried out using special cosmetic formulations, however, at the request of the client, it can be done with an injection.

Injections of drugs can be carried out by two methods: manually and with a special device a mesorroller, the base of which is equipped with small sharp needles made of medical steel. As a rule, if a specialist is faced with the task of splitting fat cells, injections are carried out using a syringe, because it provides a deeper introduction of a useful substance. In all other situations, it will be sufficient to use a special device that provides input of the preliminary composition applied to the skin to a depth of 2 millimeters. Reviews of many patients contain information that the effectiveness of the procedure with this method is significantly reduced.

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Mesotherapy of the hips with the help of a mesoscooter can be carried out at home. To do this, you need to purchase a special cream for surface application, as well as the device itself, suitable for use by a person without a medical education. Typically, such devices have very short needles and cannot injure the skin.

The acquired positive result can not be evaluated immediately. To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to visit at least 5 procedures (and preferably 10 order). The duration of a break between sessions is determined by a cosmetologist, on average it is about 7-10 days.

What formulations are suitable for hip mesotherapy?

In fact, there are no special tools designed for specific areas of the human body, but there are products designed to solve specific problems. So, cocktails with lipolytics, substances that break down fat cells and accelerate their removal from the body, can reduce body fat.

In an effort to lose weight, do not forget that often the skin loses elasticity and does not have time to tighten. That is why it is necessary to choose drugs that include elastin. It gives the skin the necessary elasticity and density.

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Lipolytic cocktails for hip mesotherapy

To combat cellulite, you will need a composition based on plant extracts, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Such components are responsible for moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and also help cells recover and renew faster. Fruit acids and enzymes brighten the skin and help fight stretch marks.

If you think that a specialist can mix all these components into one cocktail, then you are mistaken. For injections, only certified products can be used, and by no means “home developments,” the use of which will negatively affect the patient’s health.

Side effects and home rehabilitation

Hip mesotherapy belongs to the category of low-traumatic procedures with a short rehabilitation period that does not require being in stationary conditions. After 20-30 minutes of painless injections, the patient can go about his business. During the first day, side effects from injections may be observed. Patient reviews contain information that the most common consequences are:

  • swelling;
  • itching;
  • soreness;
  • papule formation;
  • bruises;
  • inflammatory processes.

In order to prevent the development of complications, speed up the healing process of the skin, and also consolidate the acquired positive results, it is recommended to adhere to a number of simple rules. These include:

  • reduced physical activity;
  • rejection of alcohol and aspirin (so as not to thin the blood and not dissolve the beneficial components);
  • full restriction on visits to tanning salons, steam rooms, bathhouses and other similar institutions;
  • limitation of exposure to sunlight on the area susceptible to injection.

hip mesotherapy

During the hip mesotherapy procedure

If significant edema occurs, the patient is advised to drink less often, use herbal arnica ointments to reduce swelling. When suppuration of papules should be treated with an alcohol solution or peroxide. Antiseptics should be applied precisely so as not to provoke dryness and burns of the skin.

Contraindications to the procedure

In what cases can hip mesotherapy be contraindicated in patients? The main restrictions relate to diseases of the internal organs that occur in the acute stage, viral infections, serious damage to the body (for example, oncology). Among other things, mesotherapy should not be carried out with:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • within two months after delivery;
  • menses;
  • individual intolerance to mesococktail;
  • hypersensitive skin.

Mesotherapy should not be carried out with excessive body weight, such an effect will be harmless to health, but absolutely useless from the point of view of achieving the desired result.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after hip mesotherapy No. 1
Photos before and after hip mesotherapy No. 2

Hip mesotherapy is an injection intervention that is performed to eliminate excess fat, to combat stretch marks and cellulite. Therapy involves repeating a series of injections at regular intervals. The positive effect accumulates and begins to appear only after a few procedures.

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