Injection liposuction – injections that dissolve body fat – Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets

Injection liposuction – injections that dissolve body fat

For people suffering from obesity, there is a classic liposuction – a surgical operation to remove fat. But how to remove minor body fat that does not require surgical intervention, and yet quite noticeable? For such cases, injection liposuction is provided (injection lipolysis, chemical liposuction) – a simple weight loss technique based on injections of drugs that dissolve fat.

Injection correction is amenable to everything: problem buttocks, second chin, cellulitis on the hips and other places of fat deposits.

The essence of injection liposuction

Injection lipolysis was developed back in 1980 in Italy, and soon became widespread in beauty salons in the USA and Europe. To date, many injection drugs have been produced, and classical injection lipolysis has “grown” with similar varieties.

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Injection liposuction involves injecting lipolytic substances into adipose tissue. The procedure is carried out using a thin needle, the task of which is to penetrate deep into at least 2 cm, bypassing the dermal layer. The injection solution, which enters the fiber, weakens the membranes of fat cells. As a result, they soften and transform into an emulsion. Then this emulsion enters the liver and is excreted by the endocrine system.

Preparations for the procedure

With the evolution of cosmetology, preparations for injection lipolysis were also improved. At first it was a hypotonic aqueous solution. By the way, this drug is used and now – as an independent tool and in conjunction with other drugs. The mechanism of action was the pressure drops between the solution molecules and fat cells. The drug contains very little salt, which is why the pressure in it is less than in the cells. As a result, fat cells absorb excess water and burst.

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Sodium deoxylate

Today, sodium deoxylate, a secondary fatty acid, is more commonly used. This substance does not have a direct and aggressive effect on the cells. It simply weakens the membrane of the fat cell, making it vulnerable to other drugs.

Sodium deoxylate is produced by the body, so it is not a foreign element. Allergic reactions or complications do not occur. Deoxylate is not usually used alone. Along with it, the composition of the injection solution includes more aggressive chemicals.


Phosphatidylcholine is also a lipid that is produced by our body. It dissolves fat cells, accelerates their emulsification and excretion from the body. It is also not used on its own, because it cannot penetrate the cell membrane without sodium deoxylate.

Chin Injection Procedure

Chin Injection Procedure

These drugs complement each other and fulfill the goal of liposuction, but injection liposuction involves the use of richer in composition drugs that contain:

  • peptides – to accelerate metabolic processes in cells;
  • l-kartin, which emulsifies destroyed fat cells and promotes their excretion into the organs of the endocrine system;
  • benzopyrone to prevent swelling and inflammatory reactions;
  • plant extracts;
  • anesthetic lidocaine;
  • amino acids to stimulate intracellular processes;
  • procaine – an antimicrobial drug;
  • hyaluronic acid to restore skin elasticity;
  • vitamin complexes, etc.

This composition is characteristic of the latest drugs developed for injection lipolysis. There are many of them, and most of them bear the names of world famous cosmetic brands. You can read more about them in the article about lipolytics.

The concept of chemical liposuction

Since the fat-burning effect in the procedure arises only due to chemicals, another name that injection liposuction has is chemical liposuction.

Chemical liposuction is also based on the destruction of fat cells by exposure to certain substances – amino acids, antioxidants, caffeine, enzymes, plant extracts, etc.

Chemical liposuction gives a visible result with a full course of 6-8 procedures performed at weekly intervals. Reviews confirm the effectiveness of the technique, but also indicate cases of some complications. And that the result of therapy depends on individual factors in the same way as on the chemical composition of the substance.

The procedure for injecting lipolysis of the buttocks and hips

The procedure for injecting lipolysis of the buttocks and hips

What can not be done after injection lipolysis?

To prevent the occurrence of unaesthetic phenomena in the field of injection lipolysis, it is enough to adhere to some measures. The procedure in many cases is accompanied by a sensation of itching or burning, and over time, a hematoma or slight edema may appear. After injection liposuction is performed:

  • You can not perform physical activity;
  • it is advisable not to drink alcohol the first 1-2 days after the session;
  • Do not visit saunas, baths, beaches;
  • use local anti-inflammatory drugs (for example, ice cubes to process the lipolysis zone);
  • massage the skin where chemical liposuction was performed;
  • It is advisable to undergo lymphatic drainage massage in order to accelerate the output of cell decay products.

A slight increase in temperature, as well as symptoms of food poisoning are normal phenomena in the first day after a session. Over time, the body gets used, and the patient does not experience the previous discomfort.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after the injection of lipolysis of the buttocks and hips

Photos before and after injection liposuction of the buttocks and hips

Photos before and after the injection of lipolysis of the buttocks and legs

Photos before and after injection liposuction of the buttocks and hips

Photos before and after injection lipolysis

Photos before and after injection hip liposuction

Photos before and after the injection of lipolysis of the sides and abdomen

Photos before and after injection liposuction of the sides and abdomen

Reviews of doctors about injection lipolysis

Not all doctors speak about the benefits of this method of losing weight. Chemical liposuction or injection lipolysis is not only useless, according to many doctors, but also harmful. For the destructive effect on fat cells, fairly aggressive substances are used that cannot act in isolation. This is not as safe a procedure as it might seem. If, by mistake, a lipolytic solution is introduced into muscle tissue, it will cause necrosis and other serious consequences. Among mild complications can be called nodular formations, prolonged swelling.

Injection lipolysis is used to eliminate small fatty deposits. Unfortunately, this technique does not fight obesity and overweight. It is good as a way to tighten and even out the skin, giving it elasticity. The result after completing the course is fixed only by the efforts of the patient (sports, diet, etc.).

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