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Liposonix – a local fat burner

The use of ultrasound to remove small excess fat has long been practiced in aesthetic medicine. A device with a set of nozzles for working with different areas of the body is no longer news. The doctor tuned the desired frequency of ultrasound on the device, after which, for 40-60 minutes, the nozzle contacted the fat zone through the skin. The procedure did not help everyone. But the ultrasonic effect on fat cells was also embodied in the Liposonix apparatus, effective in each case from the first session.

Place Liposonix among similar devices

Ultrasound has found application in aesthetic figure correction as an extraneous force that causes fat cells – adipocytes – to break down. At a certain power, ultrasound creates the effect of cavitation in fatty tissue, during which bubbles form. They collide with each other and damage fat cells. There are no guarantees that the patient will lose weight. Achieving results requires repeated sessions.

The effect of the Liposonix apparatus is based on another principle: fatty tissue is heated to 65 ° C with a special nozzle and begins to break down. Simply put, fat melts under the skin in a specific area. The result is predictable, because the device eliminates body fat point and in one session.

This is not easy to believe, but there are customer reviews and reviews of doctors who confirm the disappearance of fat during the session. It is not surprising that in 2012 Liposonix was only in several Moscow clinics and a long queue was formed for the procedure. Three years later, the devices became more common and affordable, but from this their significance did not decrease.

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In one session, the fat layer may become thinner by 3 cm. Repeated procedures are required in rare cases. In addition, some of the advantages of Liposonix make it unique among similar body shaping tools, because:

  • This is non-surgical lipolysis, which does not cause complications, in complexity equal to those that occur after surgery.
  • Point, “targeted” effect on the fat depot allows for flexible correction in small areas.
  • In any case, you can project the course of the procedure and make predictions of the result to which it will lead.
  • Liposonix gives a lasting effect.
  • Cell decomposition products are almost gone.
  • Ultrasound on the Liposonix device acts only on fatty tissue, without damaging the internal organs.

Session on the apparatus Liposonix (Liposonix)

Liposonix Session

The device removes both large fat deposits, which make the skin lumpy and form folds, as well as small accumulations in the armpits, knees, hands, etc. The Liposonix procedure allows you to simulate the silhouette and changes appearance just like a year of hard training in the gym. But weight correction does not occur. The procedure is suitable only for those whose body mass index does not exceed 30.

If at least mild obesity is diagnosed, the procedure is contraindicated. We will have to achieve a natural weight loss, and the surplus that has not disappeared as a result of the measures taken will be eliminated by the hardware method.


Whether the correction with the Liposonix apparatus is suitable for the patient, only a doctor can determine. During the first visit to him, it turns out whether the client needs additional weight loss, if there is a hernia at the place of the procedure, and if the skin is in good condition. If the patient is a woman, then it was not during lactation or pregnancy that she went to the doctor.

If the above contraindications were not identified, the patient comes to a session of non-surgical liposuction with the Liposonix apparatus. The doctor marks with a marker on the skin the areas exposed to ultrasound and lubricates them with distilled water.

Procedure flow on the Liposonix apparatus (Liposonix)

Markup before the procedure

Then, using the nozzle and transducer, which creates focused ultrasonic waves of the required power, the subcutaneous fat is heated. The structure of Liposonix in this case allows you to select multiple points of exposure and adjust the depth of tissue heating.

The duration of the session does not exceed an hour. After it, the patient can immediately go home. It should be noted that anesthesia is not provided for by the procedure, but patient reviews indicate pain and burning during the session, so you should discuss this issue with your doctor in advance.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after the procedure on the apparatus Liposonix (Liposonix) No. 1
Photos before and after the procedure on the apparatus Liposonix (Liposonix) No. 2

After applying Liposonix

Some patients claim that dressing after the procedure, they already felt that they had lost weight. This is likely. But the destroyed adipocytes are completely eliminated from the body during 8-12 weeks, so the final effect can be estimated after a few months. This is about the prospects.

The sensations immediately after the procedure can be evaluated in two ways. There should be no pain, but some patients report their presence for 3-7 days. For about the same period, swelling and redness of the treated area has been maintained. In the reviews, patients write about the successful experience of wearing compression underwear after the session – it helps to cope with unpleasant side effects.

The result after applying the Liposonix system proves that there are no “hopeless” zones on the body. If you can’t get to them with the help of fitness, there is an alternative and not very expensive solution – a hardware figure correction that does not require surgical intervention, does not require a recovery period and produces powerful skin lifting on the treated area.

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