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Massage body shaping: a pleasant and healthy weight loss

It is not easy to achieve an ideal figure: physical activity and the right diet are the basis for a toned body, however, some of its zones require more intensive study. In these cases, a massage comes to the rescue for figure correction, which allows not only painlessly reducing body fat, but also improving the condition of the skin in the problem area without pain, complications and unpleasant consequences.

Indications for conduction

Massage for body shaping is a preventive and therapeutic procedure. Among the appointments for its implementation: local fat deposits, cellulite, reduced skin tone. The procedure is performed to eliminate the listed defects, as well as to prevent their occurrence. The treatment is performed on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, waist, and, if necessary, the back, legs and arms.

Depending on the type of problem, the massage therapist uses a variety of methods of exposure. Between themselves, they differ in the type of implementation (manual or hardware) and the use of additional tools. All procedures are carried out by a course from 5 – 15 sessions with breaks from 3 days to 2 weeks.

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Hand massage

Manual body massage is not a new, but very effective way to improve body shape and skin condition. It can be carried out independently at home or by visiting a specialist’s office. With expressed problems, the latter option is preferable, since a massage therapist with good qualifications and experience is more likely to cope with the task. Nowadays, the following types of massage are most often practiced:

  • Classic (anti-cellulite). Before the procedure, the skin is treated with special creams. Massage begins with smooth actions, the purpose of which is to increase lymph flow, the second half of the procedure is active, it is carried out to warm and stratify fatty tissue.
  • SLIM. A new technique used for express weight loss, eliminating the effect of orange peel, general skin strengthening. The two basic components of the procedure are a cream based on a complex of plant extracts and intensive manual processing of the problem area. The main type of movement is rubbing, kneading.
  • Honey. It is carried out using natural honey, which is applied to the skin with sharp claps of the palm for 5-10 minutes, until a gray-white foam appears, indicating the removal of toxins to the surface. The procedure contributes to the overall healing of the body, improving blood circulation and metabolism, saturating the skin with nutrients and the fight against cellulite. When completing the full course, there is also a local decrease in body fat.
  • French modeling. A kind of lymphatic drainage massage. The expected results from the procedure are to increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce body fat. Applied type of movements – tweaking, kneading, rubbing. The speed of exposure is moderate.
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Hand massage

Hardware Massage

Hardware massage for weight loss and skin condition is most often performed in salons and clinics. For its implementation requires the presence of special equipment and experience with it, which is beyond the power of an ordinary patient at home. The most popular types of massage are:

  • Vacuum. It is carried out by a special device – a compressor. It acts on problem areas, sucking and rolling layers of the dermis. Such treatment stimulates the metabolism, enhances blood flow, releases fats from the intercellular space and contributes to their destruction. Expected results – a decrease in volume, an increase in the smoothness of the skin, accompanied by bruising, discomfort during the procedure.
  • LPG. Got its name by the developer Louis Paul Gaultier. The principle of operation is fixing the folds of the problem area with the help of two rollers of a special apparatus, holding it due to vacuum and processing due to mechanical stress. The procedure is considered a safe alternative to liposuction, aimed at destroying locally located fat cells, reducing pronounced cellulite. It is not accompanied by painful sensations, has no side effects.

LPG massage

  • Vibrating (or vibration massage). It is a device with a rotational element operating with different power. The mechanical impulses generated by him affect the dermis, provides local optimization of metabolic processes, lymph and blood flow. The device can be equipped with various nozzles (ball, needle, roller), often used in conjunction with infrared radiation devices. The purpose of the procedure is a skin tightening, elimination of cellulite.
  • Hydromassage. The impact of water jets under pressure on a problem area of ​​the body, they provide activation of local processes, the release and destruction of fat cells. An additional positive effect is a decrease in fatigue and heaviness in the muscles.



Apparatus massage for body correction is contraindicated during pregnancy, with acute viral infections and the active stage of chronic diseases, in the period after surgery. Before the procedure, the massage therapist must warn the patient about such contraindications as: pathology of the heart, vascular and circulatory system, oncology, varicose veins and thrombosis. Neglecting restrictions may result in poor health and complications.

Massage for body shaping is carried out manually or with the help of hardware. Regardless of the method of the procedure, the principle of its action remains similar, treatment of the surface layer of the dermis leads to activation of internal processes, improved metabolism, fat burning and prevention of their further deposition. In addition to reducing volumes, such a correction favorably affects the condition of the skin, making it toned and supple.

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