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Mesoscooter for body care: features of application and choice

Caring for our skin daily, we rarely pay attention to our body, although it needs regular care just as much. Reduced skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite can spoil even the most attractive figure without extra pounds. How to improve skin condition? One way is to use a mesoscooter to treat the skin of the body.

What is a mesoscooter and which is suitable for the body?

Mesoscooter belongs to the category of medical or cosmetic auxiliary instruments. It is a plastic nozzle with a metal roller equipped with many small needles, which are made of medical steel in its pure form or with the addition of valuable metals. The latter last longer.

To process the skin of the body, it is recommended to choose wide rollers with the number of needles from 540 pieces, this allows you to simultaneously massage problem areas that are significant in size. In addition, the skin of the body is thicker than the skin of the face, which means that the length of the needles should be from 0.7 to 1.5 mm, but at home it is recommended to use models with needle lengths up to 0.5 mm.

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Indications for use

A mesoscooter is used to treat any area of ​​the body, most often for skin care of the legs, buttocks, and abdomen. Its use is relevant for solving problems such as:

  • Cellulite, reduced skin tone.
  • Scars.
  • Stretch marks.

Using the device on a regular basis makes the skin more elastic, firm and supple. The technique is well suited as an additional effect when it is necessary to break down local fat deposits.

Operating principle

The principle of operation of the mesoscooter is extremely simple. It is used for intensive skin massage in various directions for 3 – 5 minutes. The needles located on the roller create microscopic punctures on the skin, activating local processes of protection and regeneration. Cells begin to divide intensely, renew to restore the integrity of the dermis, due to which an increase in elasticity, firmness and elimination of skin defects is achieved. Microscopic punctures from needles facilitate the penetration of drug particles into the depth of the dermis. High level of permeability provides maximum absorption of substances.

The principle of operation of the mesoscooter

Features of the fight against cellulite

The use of mesoscooters to combat cellulite is quite effective even without the use of medications. The mechanical action of the needle roller provides local positive changes of the following nature:

  • Increased metabolism due to an increase in skin temperature caused by intense contact with the device, help in removing decay products and excess fluid.
  • Strengthening capillaries and small vessels.
  • Activation of skin cell renewal.
  • Optimization of local blood circulation and lymph flow.

Mesoscooter against cellulite

Needles from 0.5 mm in length are more effective, but also more dangerous. Having decided to use devices with such parameters at home, you risk provoking complications.

Application rules

The use of the mesoscooter at home and in the cosmetologist’s office are built according to the same algorithm. A procedure lasting about 30 minutes implies the following steps:

  1. Device sterilization.
  2. Cleansing problem skin (if necessary, use a scrub or peeling).
  3. Application of a cosmetic product.
  4. Using a mesoscooter, making horizontal, vertical movements, moving the roller diagonally. Processing of one problem area lasts from 3 to 7 minutes, until the skin redness. In the process, the movie is regularly treated with an antiseptic.
  5. Repeated application of a cosmetic product.
  6. Light hand massage of the problem area until the absorbed product is completely absorbed.


Before you start using the mesoscooter for processing the skin of the body, it is recommended to clarify the contraindications to the procedure. Existing restrictions are often neglected, especially when it comes to manipulations performed at home. Unfortunately, such negligence results in the absence of the desired result and possible complications. To avoid trouble, refuse to use the mesoscooter in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Skin lesions (impaired integrity, wounds, open abrasions, dermatitis, eczema, other viral and fungal diseases).
  • Diabetes.
  • Epilepsy, mental and nervous disorders.
  • Violation of blood clotting.
  • Benign formations on the surface of the skin in the problem area.

If you use a mesoscooter to administer medications, make sure there is no allergy to them.

Side effects

After using the mesoscooter, local redness is noted on the skin within the treated area of ​​the body. Some patients complain of a burning sensation, mild pain and mild swelling. Such side effects persist for no more than a day and pass on their own.

Side effects after application of the mesoscooter

When using a device with a considerable needle length, be prepared for more serious consequences:

  • The formation of hematomas, bruises.
  • Increase or decrease in pressure.
  • Increased heartbeat.
  • Soft tissue fibrosis.

Skin care after the procedure

Rehabilitation after the use of the mesoscooter is virtually absent. During 2-3 days after the procedure, you must avoid ultraviolet radiation, do not sunbathe and do not visit the solarium.

Try to refrain from using cosmetic products and physical activity, which leads to increased sweating. Foreign substances can cause skin irritation and create an environment suitable for the development of bacteria. To prevent infection and inflammatory processes, the treated skin areas are cleansed with an antiseptic.

Mesoscooter for the body

Advantages and disadvantages

Reviews on the use of mesoscooter in the bulk are positive, and sometimes openly enthusiastic. The device is simple to use, it is quite effective, and its effect is tolerated much easier than injections. Anyone can choose and purchase a suitable model, and then use it at home, combining with other methods to obtain the desired result. At the same time, the rehabilitation period after skin treatment does not exceed 2-3 days, and side effects, while observing safety precautions, are minimal.

Among the shortcomings of the procedure, it should be noted that the mesoscooter alone cannot cope with the expressed problems. Many patients note the following weaknesses:

  • The need for regular cleaning of the device with antiseptic compounds.
  • Discomfort and pain during skin treatment.

The mesoscooter for body treatment is a metal roller with needles in the amount of 540 pieces. Designed to enhance regenerative processes in the depths of the dermis and increase its permeability with useful drugs. Similar properties of the mesoscooter are used to combat cellulite, improve local metabolism, reduce stretch marks and scars.

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