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Mesotherapy of the abdomen: with what does it help to fight?

Hundreds of millions of men and women all over the world dream of becoming owners of a beautiful belly. What do most people put into this concept? The absence of body fat, toned and smooth skin – these are perhaps the main requirements for this area of ​​the body.

It is quite difficult to achieve such a state on your own, without good heredity. As a rule, this takes years of long workouts and diets. Having visited such a cosmetic procedure as mesotherapy of the abdomen, you can significantly improve the most problematic area in a very short time.

Indications for conduction

The main reason for visiting a cosmetologist’s office is that most patients call excess weight. Unfortunately, mesotherapy in the abdomen will not help the kilograms instantly melt. The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the layer of fat evenly distributed under the skin. All kinds of “rollers” and “ears” can only be adjusted using plastic surgery.

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Of course, in addition to local correction of excess volumes of individual zones, mesotherapy of the abdomen can pursue a number of other purposes. So, the injection effect can quite successfully cope with:

  • sagging soft tissues (formed due to sudden weight loss);
  • stretch marks;
  • scarring;
  • sagging skin.

The principle of mesotherapy

What result can be expected from this procedure? Introduced to a certain depth of the dermis, the drugs immediately begin their active effect on various areas of the body. The first changes become noticeable after 24 hours after a beauty session, subsequently, after a series of additional manipulations, the positive effect only continues to intensify.

In most cases, the used mesococktails have a local healing effect. The main tasks of the components used include the following functions:

  • elimination of lymph congestion;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • decrease puffiness;
  • splitting fat cells;
  • metabolic acceleration.

These processes contribute to a decrease in the volume in the injection area, strengthen the skin, accelerate the process of cell renewal.

During the mesotherapy of the abdomen

During the mesotherapy of the abdomen

The main stages of the procedure

Let’s talk a little more about how mesotherapy is performed in the abdomen. The whole process is quite simple and understandable, it is not much different from the introduction of injections into any other areas of the face or body. So, the whole procedure can be divided into the following steps:

  • Treatment of the skin with an antiseptic composition to prevent the risk of inflammatory processes and infection.
  • Local anesthesia (most often special creams are used for its implementation, less commonly, painkillers).
  • Introducing a specially selected compound to a depth from 5 to 50 millimeters with a thin and durable needle.

The main difference is that mesotherapy of the abdomen is carried out with specially selected preparations for this purpose – compounds that do not rejuvenate the skin, but improve its elasticity and dissolve fat.

To achieve the desired result, you may need to visit from 5 to 15 procedures, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the complexity of the initially existing problem. Sessions are carried out with short breaks equal to 7-10 days.

What components are used for mesotherapy of the abdomen?

Which components of mesococtails have a destructive effect on the fatty layer, and which help make the skin more elastic? Based on what formulations is mesotherapy for stretch marks performed? Of course, the cosmetologist will tell you the main reviews and information about the drugs used during injections, however, it is not out of place for the patients themselves to know something about such drugs.

Mesococktails for abdominal mesotherapy

So, to increase the elasticity of the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, compounds containing animal elastin and collagen, as well as hyaluronic acid, are used. Such components make up for the natural deficiency and lead to the formation of new skin cells, more dense, elastic and strong. Thanks to these properties, the skin is significantly tightened, the scars begin to lighten and disappear.

The presence of vitamins in the composition of the drug increases the overall level of the immune system of the whole organism. Such injections make a person more resistant to physical exertion and allow less pain. Of course, vitamins will not help the patient lose weight, but will help improve the condition of the skin and give it the necessary elasticity.

To combat body fat, special formulations containing lipolytics are used. They contribute to the breakdown of harmful cells and their subsequent removal from the body. The impact has a local effect and is carried out directly at the injection site.

To eliminate stretch marks, it is customary to use cocktails with various enzymes. So, such substances contribute to cell renewal and overall recovery of the problem area.

How is the rehabilitation period?

Since therapy is carried out by a course consisting of several sessions, the period of complete rehabilitation turns out to be a little stretched in time. Improving the condition of your abdomen will be carried out at best for one month, at worst, on the order of 70-90 days. In this regard, the skin experiences a significant load, only having managed to recover, they again undergo a rather painful injection.

Therefore, the risk of side effects is quite high. Most often, the negative consequences of the procedure include: skin soreness, swelling, bruises and reddish traces of papules. It is not necessary to treat such manifestations, however, if they cause considerable concern, then it would be good to follow the following recommendations:

  • use cool compresses of chamomile broth (reduces swelling, relieves inflammation);
  • treat bruises with pharmacy ointments.

Slightly less often, inflammatory processes can be observed at the injection site. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor for additional consultation. Before communicating with a specialist, such areas of the skin should be treated with available antiseptics and special attention should be paid to hygiene procedures.

abdominal mesotherapy

As for the classical rehabilitation period after one procedure, its duration is approximately 7-10 days. For the specified period of time, it is recommended to abandon active physical activity, not to visit tanning beds and steam rooms, not to carry out hygienic procedures with hot water. In addition, sunbathing in nature should not be taken.


In what cases can mesotherapy be contraindicated in a patient? There are many restrictions that prevent such treatment. The requirements are general, that is, they do not depend on the place of injection. These include:

  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • pregnancy and the period of feeding the baby;
  • individual intolerance to the constituents of mesococktails;
  • skin diseases or inflammatory formations in the problem area;
  • viral and inflammatory diseases in the acute stage;
  • oncology;
  • chronic ailments of internal organs during an exacerbation.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after mesotherapy of the abdomen № 1
Photos before and after mesotherapy of the abdomen № 2

Injections of the mesococktail in the abdomen are carried out with the aim of eliminating stretch marks, sagging soft tissues and eliminating excess fat mass. Therapy helps to achieve the desired result only with a course. However, even when visiting a significant number of sessions, one should not count on total weight loss and a radical reduction in extra pounds. The main purpose of the procedure is local body correction.

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