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Acid Body Peels – The Way to Skin Excellence

Acid peeling for the body is an opportunity to correct skin imperfections, get rid of dryness, roughness and age spots, as well as get a perfectly even tan during the upcoming holidays. Special peeling compounds will do everything themselves, you only need a little patience and proper care during the rehabilitation period.

The importance of the procedure

Body peeling is the procedure for removing dead skin cells and their layers, dirt particles that are deep in the pores from the skin. There are several methods of cleansing the body, but acid peeling is considered the most popular. This is due to the ease of the procedure, high efficiency, minimal tissue injury and a quick, amazing result.

Acid peels are used not only for aesthetic perfection of the body (eliminating wrinkles, pigmentation, stretch marks after pregnancy, smoothing the shade and topography of the epidermis), but also for therapeutic purposes. A course of peeling prescribed by a dermatologist is able to get rid of some skin diseases (solar keratosis, acne, acne).

Cleansing the skin of the body with acids involves a controlled burn, which stimulates the rapid growth of new fibers. The higher the concentration of acids, the stronger the burn and the more effective the end result.

back procedure

To achieve body perfection, in most cases, it is enough to properly organize care. Clean, supple and well-groomed skin will give you confidence in your own uniqueness and perfection, and peeling with acids will help!

Varieties of body peels

Modern cosmetology has prepared for women a huge selection of cosmetic procedures for cleansing, rejuvenating and improving the skin of the body. Thanks to a large selection, the cosmetologist can easily choose an option that mercilessly eliminates skin defects.

Acid peels for the body, as well as for the face, according to the depth of action are 3 types:

  • Superficial – the most sparing type of procedure. It guarantees an overall improvement in the condition of the upper layers of the skin of the body;
  • Median peeling – used for medicinal purposes, helps to hide superficial stretch marks and wrinkles, to give elasticity to the skin;
  • Deep is the most complex and painful type of peeling. With its help, any unevenness of the skin (wrinkles, scars, stretch marks or residual traces of acne) is smoothed out. Deep peeling helps to cope with defects on the body of any complexity, but be prepared that the recovery after the procedure is delayed.

For the body, mainly surface acid peeling is performed. It acts gently, does not cause complications. After this procedure, the skin is renewed, toned, breathing health. If the problems are more serious (they are usually local), then apply a median or deep peeling, but only on problem areas, not on the whole body. This allows you to fix the defect and avoid unpleasant consequences, long rehabilitation periods.

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Which peeling is better to choose

On the body, as well as on the face, there are areas with thinner, more sensitive skin and, conversely, with rough skin, therefore it is impossible to solve all the defects in one cleansing procedure. We will try to consider in detail the ideal options for each part of the body, taking into account the features of the structure of the skin and the problems that are inherent in this zone.

Peeling neck, décolleté

The decollete area is one of the first that gives the woman’s age, because she is often forgotten about face care. Carrying out acid peeling of the body will help to correct such age-related deficiencies:

neckline and neck

  • Weakening of the tone and sagging tissues;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Signs of photoaging of the skin;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Unhealthy shade of the neckline;
  • Hyperkeratosis

Age, degree of problem and health features affect the choice of cleansing technique, but it is worth noting that all types of acid peels are available for the decollete and neck.

The skin in the decollete does not have a large supply of subcutaneous fat, it is prone to a protracted rehabilitation period, so choose more gentle peels. Surface peeling with glycolic acid is ideal for this area. Glycolic acid acts gently and deeply, actively stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen, elastin fibers, moisturizes and provides an excellent lifting effect.

If we talk about more serious shortcomings, then use the procedure of retinoic or “yellow” peeling. Its main advantage is a short recovery period. After 2 days you will appreciate the result.

Many types of acid peels for the body (especially surface exposure) can be performed independently at home. To avoid unpleasant consequences, first consult with the beautician about the planned procedure. He will indicate the recommended concentration of the active acid, focuses on the execution technology and frequent mistakes of clients during body cleansing.

Back peeling

The back is another part of the body that is forgotten when leaving. Synthetic clothing, a thickened skin structure compared to the face and décolleté, insufficient daily care negatively affect the condition of the skin of the back.

preparation for the back peeling procedure

The skin on the back easily undergoes filling of pores with particles of fat with dust and sweat, this provokes inflammation and acne eruptions, hence irritation, rapid spread of infection to healthy areas and residual scars after acne. Regular body peels will help eliminate the appearance and development of such problems in the back.

Beauticians recommend a course of peeling of the skin of the back with glycolic acid. On average, such a course is 6 – 10 procedures and involves a gradual increase in the concentration of active acid to a maximum of 70%. Before cleansing, the cosmetologist carefully studies the problem and condition of the skin, prescribes an individual program to eliminate defects.

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It fights salicylic peeling with inflammatory processes and acne. It must also be carried out in a course, it will take 3 – 8 sessions with a frequency of 7 days.

If the problem is stretch marks, residual scars, scars after acne, then TCA peeling is best. It gives a quick and excellent result, but it will take up to two weeks to restore the integument.

Abdomen peeling

Sharp weight loss, pregnancy leave ugly marks on the abdomen, stretching of the skin fibers (striae), and this set is complemented by weakened tone and sagging. To correct them, women resort to acid body peels.

If the main goal for the patient is to get rid of stretch marks, various kinds of scars and lift weakened tissues, then the cosmetologist will recommend Jessner’s median or deep peeling, trichloroacetic acid cleansing. These two procedures are quite complex and are performed only by experienced specialists in the field of cosmetology and dermatology.

If the goal is to improve the overall structure of the skin, then it will be enough to cleanse the body with lactic or fruit acid. This procedure will refresh the skin, smooth out the relief and shade of the epidermis.

Jessner and TSA peeling cannot be done on their own. These are complex procedures that can restore youth, elasticity of the skin or permanently disfigure it if used improperly. Take seriously the choice of a clinic for peeling, read customer reviews about the staff and the availability of appropriate permits and admissions from the attending physician.

Hand peeling

The skin of the woman’s hands is daily exposed to negativity from external factors and household chemicals during washing, washing dishes, but it’s still possible to maintain the smoothness and tenderness of the epidermis. Beauty salons offer their clients a variety of acid peeling treatments. The most popular of them are almond, retinoic, milk peeling, as well as purification with trichloroacetic acid and ANA acids.

take care of your skin

A course of cleansing procedures promises such changes:

  • Smoothing wrinkles in the hands;
  • Increased fiber tone;
  • Elimination of age spots;
  • Whitening the skin.

What acid effect on this part of the body to choose depends on your own preferences. The concentration of the chemical and the depth of exposure to the skin are chosen by the cosmetologist, taking into account the degree of imperfections. On average, the full course is 2 – 3 peeling every 10 days.

Peeling bikini area

Improper shaving and a violation of the technique of hair removal contributes to the appearance of ingrown hairs, they often become the culprits of discomfort and inflammation in the intimate area. Salicylic acid comes to the rescue. It has powerful antiseptic properties, reduces inflammatory processes, carefully removes deficiencies and dead cells from the epidermis.

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Lemon peeling of the skin in the bikini area has gained popularity due to its softness and effectiveness of exposure. After the procedure, the skin looks lightened, clean and tender.

Do not perform acid body peels without first consulting a specialist. High concentration and exceeding the permissible exfoliation time lead to complications and a long recovery.

Foot peeling

The legs daily withstand a lot of stress from weight, uncomfortable and tight shoes. In addition, the skin of the feet is considered the coarsest and densest texture, therefore, for its cleansing, increased concentrated acidic compounds are used. Peeling socks from Asian cosmetic companies are well-known for calluses, corns and coarsening on the heels.

foot peeling

To carry out the peeling procedure, it is enough to purchase a set of socks and a special acid solution or socks that are already saturated with this solution. They are put on and not removed for several hours. After a few days, the effect will hit the soft and tender surface of the heels, like a baby.

After epilation, the legs are also prone to the appearance of ingrown hairs, acne, and inflammation. Salicylic peeling will help to avoid this. Salicylic acid in good faith eliminates this defect and removes dead cells from the epidermis. After acid exposure, the surface of the legs becomes even and healthy, becomes elastic and moisturized.

The opinion of cosmetologists about body procedures

Acid body peels are a convenient and painless option for quickly updating the skin. They eliminate visible defects, discomfort and dryness, acne, acne and stretch marks. The slightest deviation from the protocol and technology of the procedure can lead to a sad outcome and disappointment, therefore cosmetologists recommend seeking the help of professionals in salons and beauty centers.

In most cases, acidic effects on the body are contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases, chronic skin diseases, for pregnant and lactating women. Special attention should be paid to patients with fungal diseases, surface injuries (with fresh abrasions, cuts or wounds), inflammatory infections, herpes – for them, exfoliation should be postponed until the disease recovers completely, otherwise there is a high risk of spreading the infection all over the body and putting dirt inside the wound .

Beauticians urge to understand that the body no less than the face needs quality care. Dead cells also accumulate on it, tissue tone is lost, and age-related defects appear. Please your body with acid peels, because this is one of the fastest solutions to restore the beauty and perfection of the skin. Look beautiful and spectacular always!

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