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Acids or a laser – which peels are better from age spots

After a vacation at sea or in late pregnancy, women are often puzzled by the question: which peeling is better from age spots? It is common to say that ideal exfoliation against hyperpigmentation is laser peeling. Many, including professional cosmetologists, believe that this is the only way that can painlessly, quickly and permanently brighten brown areas. However, there are many chemical methods that are equally effective and tested in the fight against age spots. We figure out how to make a choice and how to help the skin at home.

How peeling will help with hyperpigmentation

The distribution on the face of age spots from light brown to brown is characteristic not only of aging skin. Zonal darkening of the skin, giving them an unaesthetic appearance, can occur even in young girls. Moreover, the shape and area of ​​the pigment area may be different: under the influence of negative factors in a short period of time, a slightly noticeable spot can rapidly develop to impressive size.

Unattractive pigmentation on the face is a place of increased concentration of melanocytes – special epidermal cells that protect the skin from the dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation. In the absence of provoking factors and some diseases, melanocytes are evenly distributed on the skin, and their function goes unnoticed. To the fact that the pigment accumulates in certain areas and begins to deliver a lot of aesthetic inconvenience to a woman, it can lead to:

age spots on the face

  • long tan in the sun or in the solarium. First, excessive doses of ultraviolet light result in the appearance of harmless freckles, and then hyperpigmentation;
  • pregnancy or a change in hormone levels while taking contraceptives. In the first case, a change in skin color can disappear without a trace after childbirth, in the second – not only a cosmetologist, but also a treating gynecologist will help to solve the problem;
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland, the result of which will be a general hormonal imbalance;
  • Independent manual cleaning of the face from comedones, blackheads and the effects of acne, carried out by non-sterile instruments. Contaminations that can be entered into the pores of the skin with dirty hands can result in the appearance of age spots;
  • non-compliance with the rules of post-peeling care after a recent exfoliation, in particular – exposure to the sun without a special sunscreen for the face;
  • metabolic disease;
  • stress;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Most women suffering from a defect such as pigmentation prefer to solve the problem with the help of professional salon techniques – chemical or physical peels. Those who worry about the unpredictable reaction of the skin to cosmetic cleansing, get rid of age spots on the face with the help of natural home remedies.

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Peeling is a fairly effective way to forget about pigmentation for a long time. The basis of any exfoliation – superficial or median – is exfoliation of the upper layer of the keratinized epidermis and artificial stimulation of rejuvenation processes. As a result of the procedures, the dead skin integrates “dissolves” or is sanded together with all cosmetic defects, including pigmentation. Fading skin with an uneven shade is replaced by an even tone, a tightened oval of the face and rosy cheeks.

beautiful female face

Choosing a peeling from age spots for yourself, you need to consider the following important points:

  • the current state of the body’s health, the presence of chronic diseases, allergic reactions, changes in the hormonal background;
  • planned or onset of pregnancy;
  • the reasons why pigmentation appeared right now;
  • possible contraindications for the procedure of chemical or physical exfoliation;
  • the budget that you are willing to spend on a course of cosmetic manipulations;
  • season.

Several acid and hardware methods for skin renewal are effective against pigmentation. For some, lightening age spots refers to direct purposes, for others – to related ones. It is advisable to entrust any face peeling using serious active ingredients to a professional. And before you independently prepare the compositions for home procedures – consult with a specialist about the possible consequences.

Rating of acid peels for whitening

Exposure to pigmented skin with chemicals has also proven to be an effective way to brighten the face. Acid peeling against age spots can be median and superficial. The first is suitable for a radical solution to the problem and its subsequent prevention, the second is for young skin, on which pigmentation appeared after excessive sun bathing.

According to the majority of cosmetologists, retinol peeling helps the best in the fight against pigment disorders, the second place is due to the median peeling of TCA, the list is completed – glycolic, almond, milk and a variety of fruit compositions. After acid peels, age spots become red, after a few days they decrease and disappear completely within a week.

Common to all chemical peelings during pigmentation is that you need to plan brightening procedures for the winter. At this time, exposure to ultraviolet radiation is minimal and recovery will take place without stress for the renewed skin.

Retinol peeling. This chemical peeling is called “yellow” because of its main active ingredient, retinol, which precedes vitamin A. Peeling based on retinolic acid has a pronounced lifting effect, improves and evens out skin color, reduces the appearance of acne, scars and age-related pigment disorders.

TCA peeling. Median exfoliation using trichloroacetic acid should be carried out only in the cabin. This chemical peeling, along with the removal of pigmentation, evens out the microrelief of the skin, smoothes age folds and “emotional” wrinkles, eliminates scars and lumps after acne.

And also against hyperpigmentation:

  • glycolic peeling;
  • milk peeling;
  • pyruvic peeling;
  • almond peeling;
  • fruit acid peels.

Best Hardware Techniques

On the question of which peels are better from age spots, when it comes to mechanical exfoliation, cosmetologists are unanimous. The best hardware technique to combat hyperpigmentation is deservedly considered median laser cleaning. The second place behind the innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine is carbon peeling. Lastly, experts recommend radio wave exfoliation. Due to the relatively inexpensive equipment, it is available even in economy class beauty salons. The cost of the radio wave procedure is also the most loyal.

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  • Laser peeling. To date, the best: effective and fast, a way to get rid of brown areas on the face. Exfoliation using laser radiation in the depth of penetration of the beam is divided into median and deep. In the fight against pigmentation, cosmetologists turn to the first option, during which only the keratinized epidermis and the second layer of the skin, the dermis, are exposed. Deep laser exfoliation, which is called resurfacing in the list of cosmetic procedures, is rarely used only to remove pigmentation. The main function of laser peeling, artificially triggering deep rejuvenation processes in the dermis, is irreversible age-related changes on the face.

Properly performed by a qualified craftsman, the laser peeling procedure works in two directions at once. On the one hand, light waves destroy the layer of cells where accumulation of melanocytes is observed. As a result of the laser session, the pigmented spot brightens, and eventually disappears completely. On the other hand, the rays of the erbium laser during the peeling process destroy the dark pigment so much that the pigmentation in this zone no longer appears. Also, undoubted advantages of laser exfoliation include its speed, painlessness and minimal risks of complications.

laser peeling procedure

Laser peeling from pigmentation has certain contraindications. Before signing up for this procedure, make sure that you do not have chronic diseases of the pancreas and gall bladder, allergic rashes, epilepsy, exacerbation of the herpes virus, diabetes mellitus. And also that you are not pregnant and at the moment do not breast-feed a baby.

  • Carbon peeling. This type of exfoliation is a relatively new word in cosmetology, but it already has only positive reviews about effectiveness. The name of this type of facial cleansing comes from the English term “carbon” or “carbon”.

The technique combines the simultaneous chemical and laser effects on the epidermis. The first stage of peeling involves applying to the skin a special gel-like mask containing micron particles of carbon dioxide. At the second stage of the procedure, the dried nano-gel is treated with a laser beam that “breaks” its molecules from the inside.

Such artificial “microexplosion” on the skin contributes to the destruction of the old epidermis and the long-term elimination of defects, which include hyperpigmentation. Therefore, age spots are a direct indication for carbon peeling sessions. Carbon photorejuvenation refers to gentle median exfoliation. This laser technique does not affect the granular layer of the dermis and has a minimum of side effects. Contraindications for carbon peeling are the same as for laser exfoliation.

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“Radio peeling” refers to the treatment of the skin using high-frequency radio wave radiation. Such exfoliation can be performed only in the cabin, but due to the low cost, the procedure will not be expensive. Radio wave peeling for the face belongs to the class of superficial. High-frequency rays destroy the dark spots of melanocytes, contribute to the equalization of the overall skin tone and are an excellent prevention of hyperpigmentation. The procedure has practically no contraindications, but before using it, it is better to consult a specialist.

Getting rid of pigmentation at home

Lightening pigmentation at home will require 2 times more time and sessions than solving a problem in salon conditions. You can remove blackouts from your face with the help of natural cosmetics, which you can easily prepare yourself from what you buy in a store or pharmacy. Another way is to purchase ready-made factory kits for chemical peels in a specialized market or pharmacy. Such funds, which usually includes a peeling composition, a neutralizer and instructions, must be used with great care. The reaction of the skin to “self-appointed” whitening peels can be unpredictable, and the consequences of the sessions can be sad. It is better to get rid of age spots at home with organic compounds.

Peeling with badagi and hydrogen peroxide

powder of badyagi and hydrogen peroxide

  • 2 tbsp dry powder of badiagi;
  • 2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide.
  1. peeling components are mixed in the proportion of 1: 1;
  2. rub the resulting product into clean skin;
  3. leave for exposure for 10 minutes;
  4. remove the composition with the help of textile strips or disks from cotton;
  5. at the end of the procedure, nourish the skin with cream.

Milk peeling with almonds and oatmeal

almonds, oatmeal and milk powder

  • 1 tbsp crushed almonds;
  • 1 S.L. “Hercules”;
  • ½ tbsp skimmed milk powder.
  1. mix the components of the product to the consistency of a thick cream, if necessary add boiled water;
  2. the resulting product is distributed on the face in a circular motion;
  3. leave for 20 minutes;
  4. wash off with warm water.

Fruit peeling with honey

pineapple, papaya and honey

  • 2 / 3 peeled pineapple;
  • ½ peeled papaya;
  • 1 tbsp liquid honey.
  1. mix pieces of fruit;
  2. add liquid honey to the fruit mass;
  3. beat the peeling agent in the mixer;
  4. apply fruit and honey peeling on the face;
  5. leave no more than 7-10 minutes to avoid burns with fruit acids!
  6. wash with warm water.

A woman can get rid of pigmented blotches on her face with the help of chemical and physical methods. If pigmentation has caused excessive tanning or hormonal changes, it can be lightened in several sessions of professional exfoliation. But if the appearance of brown and difficult to remove spots on the face is due to improper care of the injured peeling skin, bleaching them will be problematic. Post-peeling pigmentation due to violation of the requirements of the regeneration period gives young ladies a lot of inconvenience, both aesthetic and financial.

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