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Alkaline peels – eliminate pigmentation and acne in two counts

Alkaline peeling is a worthy version of the chemical effect on the skin. The procedure involves an exfoliating effect, reduces inflammation and the development of acne, has an antibacterial effect. After a course of peelings with an alkaline solution, you will notice the lightening of age spots, the self-removal of ugly scars and scars after problem acne, the smoothness of the relief of the skin and the return of a healthy glow.

The essence of peeling

Alkaline peeling guarantees high-quality and gentle cleansing of the skin from dirt and grease particles, from dead cells and keratinized deposits. This significantly improves their “breathing”, accelerates the saturation of cells with nutrients from cosmetics.

The peculiarity of alkaline peels in their increased pH level, in some means for exfoliation, its indicator reaches the 9,5 mark. A scientist in the field of cosmetology proved that exposure to alkaline solutions provides a proteolytic effect and ensures the removal of fat particles. Together, these properties ensure the rapid destruction of dead and non-working keratinocytes (epidermal cells).

After alkaline peeling, a quick and uniform effect is observed, light scars and wrinkles are smoothed out, a decrease in pigmentation and inflammatory processes of the epidermal tissues is noticeable.

alkaline skin

Alkaline peels are an optimal solution for patients with thin and sensitive skin who are not recommended for acid treatments.


Peeling with an alkaline solution is recommended when there are problems on the face, such as:

  • hyperpigmentation, including congestive and age-related age spots;
  • acne, problem acne and frequent acne rashes;
  • skin disorders caused by ultraviolet light;
  • shallow scars and scars on the face;
  • first signs of wilting of the epidermis;
  • photoaging.

Alkaline exfoliation is especially useful for increased skin pigmentation. The fact is that the constituent components of the peeling agent reduce the production of melanin in the skin, even in its deeper layers. After one procedure, you will notice a visual improvement in the situation. Alkaline peeling at the same time prevents the appearance of new age spots and the deepening of old ones, slows down the photoaging process.

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Beauticians strongly recommend postponing the procedure for cleansing with alkaline solutions to patients with a dark complexion, with oriental and subcontinental features. After exfoliation of this type of epidermis, the risk of side effects such as post-inflammatory pigmentation is high.

The restriction to alkaline face cleansing also applies to patients with an allergic reaction to the drug used or its individual components.

application of the composition for peeling on the face

In case of exacerbation of dermatological diseases (acne, psoriasis or various dermatitis), in the presence of ulcers and fresh wounds, abrasions, the cleansing procedure should also be postponed until complete recovery.

Before performing exfoliation, the cosmetologist performs an allergy rapid test. By the reaction of the skin, the cosmetologist judges the possibility of the procedure.

Peeling effect

The procedure for cleansing the face with alkaline solutions guarantees a lasting and confident result. First of all, it is expressed in the following:

  • regeneration of the skin is accelerated, the synthesis of collagen and other key proteins is activated;
  • pores are cleared of sebaceous plugs;
  • there is a tendency to fade acne, acne;
  • the skin tone is evened, the face looks healthy and refreshed;
  • oxygenation and microcirculation of the skin improves, metabolism in cells increases, they become stronger;
  • increased tone of blood vessels;
  • the skin becomes soft and supple;
  • age spots become lighter;
  • the relief of the surface of the face is smoothed out, wrinkles and acne scars are gradually smoothed out;
  • after peeling, patients note a moisturizing effect;
  • the composition of the products used during exfoliation includes components with high antioxidant properties. This is very important to prevent aging and withering of the epidermis, allows you to keep the natural tone and skin turgor longer.
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A full course of alkaline procedures ensures restoration of the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, normalization of its work and improvement of the general condition of the skin.

Cleansing procedure

Alkaline peeling procedures are carried out according to the classical scheme of chemical exfoliation. It involves several stages:

  1. Makeup remover and preliminary cleansing of the face with a cosmetic milk or lotion.
  2. Treatment of the skin with an alkaline agent. The drug is aged on the face according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the specialist’s own observations, and then washed off.
  3. Nutrition and moisturizing – to soothe the skin after chemical exposure, a special mask is applied to the face. Some cosmetic companies after alkaline peeling recommend applying an enzymatic (enzyme) mask. It starts an active update of the epidermis, improves its condition and normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  4. At the end of the cosmetic procedure, the skin is treated with a protective cream with ultraviolet filters to prevent the negative effect of solar ultraviolet radiation on weakened integuments.

Even the most experienced cosmetologist will not be able to guarantee the maximum effect after the first cleansing procedure. This is due to the individual characteristics of the structure and susceptibility of the epidermis of each client.

However, it is worth noting that the skin after exfoliation becomes soft and tender, the pores are clean, and the face looks fresher and younger. In the future, there is a reduction in problem acne and smoothing of facial scars.

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How many procedures will be required

Alkaline peeling is carried out in courses. On average, a full course of cleansing involves 4 peeling with an interval of 10 – 14 days.

facial skin problems

Considering the individual characteristics of the patient, tolerance to the coverings of the peeling composition and the final result after each procedure, the cosmetologist can increase the number of peelings to 8 sessions.

Post-peeling care

In order to delay the post-peeling effect longer and reduce the time to restore the skin after the chemical composition, cosmetologists recommend adhering to such rules in daily skin care:

  • Use cosmetics prescribed by a specialist. They prevent excessive dryness and the appearance of a feeling of tightness of the skin after the exfoliation, accelerate the rate of its recovery and renewal;
  • after dry cleaning, slight peeling may be observed, itching will appear. Therefore, cosmetologists strongly warn that it is impossible to tear, scratch and scrub the treated areas. Failure to do so may result in infection, and spots and scars will remain on the face;
  • tanning and going to the solarium in the first days after peeling are expressly prohibited. To exclude hyperpigmentation, use special cosmetic products with a high degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Alkaline peeling, like any type of chemical exfoliation, can lead to side effects and complications on the face. At the slightest suspicion of this, contact a beautician. Timely assistance provided guarantees quick elimination of unpleasant consequences and prevents residual spots, scars.

Cleansing the skin with alkaline formulations is characterized by a mild and effective action. Therefore, the procedure is indicated for patients with sensitive and thin skin, for those who do not dare to acid exfoliation. Remember, high-quality cleansing is one of the main secrets of healthy and young skin.

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