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Cream after peeling: which one to choose and how to apply

After peeling cream is a real salvation and medicine for the skin, which has undergone acid, hardware or mechanical effects. In the first week after peeling, maximum skin activity, cell division, and the formation of new fibers are observed. Your task is to fill the cells with moisture and useful components that will contribute to the rapid healing of the resulting wounds and voids, as well as fill the fibers weakened by cleaning with strength and energy, prevent tightness and soothe inflammatory processes.

Important milestones in post-peeling care

The chemical peeling procedure does not end in the beauty salon. After a visit to the cosmetologist, the skin expects a complex and painstaking recovery process, even complications are possible.

red cheek with cream cross

In the first week after chemical peeling, visible changes occur on the face:

  • Skin redness (erythema) of varying degrees. The duration and intensity of redness is affected by the type of cleansing and its depth. A red face can be observed from several hours to several days.
  • Peeling. Its intensity also depends on the cleansing technique used. For example, after glycolic peeling, peeling is pronounced, it appears on 3 day after exfoliation and lasts up to 7 days. And after peeling with lactic acid, strong peeling is not observed, the recovery process proceeds gradually, without the formation of a film and crusts on the face.
  • Swelling of the soft tissues. This defect is inherent to owners of a very sensitive skin type. Edema often appears in the neck and decollete, under the eyes, where the integument is thinner and sensitively react to aggressive acid exposure.
  • Skin pigmentation. One of the side effects after median and deep peeling with acids is darkening of the skin. With the completion of peeling, the problem will resolve itself.
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These side effects are quite expected. In order for the rehabilitation period to be limited only to them, it is recommended to adhere to the instructions of the cosmetologist for skin care after exfoliation, use special cosmetics with moisturizing, bactericidal and wound healing properties.

Is it possible to cream after peeling

Extensive damage to the integument, removal of the stratum corneum of the epidermis causes tissue dehydration, you feel a strong sense of tightness and discomfort. To eliminate and smooth this phenomenon, it is important to ensure maximum skin hydration. To do this, use a moisturizer or serum based on natural ingredients.

Be careful, to eliminate dryness and tightness of the skin after peeling, it is not recommended to use the usual creams. These should be special, hypoallergenic and completely natural products, preferably from a professional line. The cosmetologist himself prescribes them for skin care during the rehabilitation period.

You can apply a regular face cream after eliminating the visible post-peeling phenomena and complications.

Choosing the right cream

Moisturizing and soothing creams are an important part of the obligatory skin care after peeling. The speed of restoration of the skin and the relief of uncomfortable sensations largely depend on their choice.

finger with cream in the face

When choosing moisturizers for post-peeling care, adhere to the following recommendations of cosmetologists:

  1. The composition should soothe and intensively moisturize the skin, and not irritate it with chemical components. Track the naturalness and hypoallergenicity of the product.
  2. Choose creams by skin type.
  3. You can use several products from the same series, they will complement each other and provide a comprehensive effect on weakened integuments.
  4. Use cosmetics from the professional segment or medical cosmetics. Products from the mass market can only do harm.
  5. Skin care after exfoliation is characterized by the use of soft cosmetic products filled with vitamins and nutrients. During this period, scrubs and mixtures with abrasive particles are excluded.
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Post-peeling moisturizers should include 3 groups of components:

  • substances that contribute to the rapid restoration of the skin barrier;
  • components guaranteeing rapid healing of wounds and activating fiber regeneration;
  • antioxidants.

You can only use creams and various cosmetic products after consulting your beautician. It is also important to conduct an allergy test before using the product.

Top creams for post-peeling care

High-quality and effective cosmetics, deprived of aggressive ingredients, chemicals and fragrances, will help to care for the covers weakened by chemical exposure. We bring to your attention several worthy options for creams useful in a difficult period for the skin:

  1. Holy Land cosmetics Probiotic Balancing cream is a product from the professional segment of cosmetics that perfectly soothes inflamed areas, enhances the regeneration and protection of cells from the aggressive effects of external factors. Its composition is filled with probiotics. Use the product in the evening after washing. The cost of the drug from 1700 rub. In addition, you can purchase a moisturizer from this series (PROBIOTIC Hydrating Cream). Just keep in mind that milk protein and lactose are included.
  2. Kanebo Sensai Silk Soothing Cream – a silk complex filled with mineral enzymes, kakiyoku and white lupine extract soften, moisturize and nourish the weakened areas of the epidermis, fill them with vital energy. The product is characterized by fluid ease, is quickly absorbed and does not burden the covers. Will cost a purchase within 1200 – 1500 rub.
  3. Sisley Confort Extreme Night Skin Care – an elite French cosmetics, will provide high-quality care after the peeling procedure. Using the drug, you will eliminate the unpleasant consequences of cleansing in the shortest possible time. The products are expensive, but the result according to customer reviews is also excellent.
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girl holds a cream and dips a finger at him

For those who can not afford expensive cosmetics, you can use therapeutic ointments. They cost less, but effectively act on the problem and do not cause irritation. These products include:

  1. Panthenol ointment, spray and cream is a budget option. Using the tool, you will ease the discomfort, eliminate dryness of the integument, accelerate the regeneration and healing of damaged tissues. The price of the drug in different pharmacies can vary within 37 – 585 rub. The value of the form and dosage of the drug also affects this.
  2. Bepanten cream or ointment fills the cells with vitamins. The tool is recommended for the treatment of abrasions, cracks and burns. Apply the drug up to 5 once a day in a dense layer. Some patients complain that the ointment is not absorbed. Despite this drawback, the product has a significant effect on weakened fibers, stimulates regeneration and intensively moisturizes the skin.

Proper care after chemical peeling is the key to the success of a cosmetic procedure and the rapid restoration of integuments. Which cream to use, in what quantity and how often, the cosmetologist will tell. Follow his directions implicitly to achieve the desired results.

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