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Enzymatic peels: delicate skin without harm to health

Enzymatic peeling refers to a separate group of cosmetic procedures for cleansing and restoring the skin. Its peculiarity is in enzymes (enzymes), which do not have such an aggressive effect as a laser, acids or brushes with diamond dusting. Penetrating deep into the epidermis, enzymes stimulate the natural processes of skin renewal, normalize the functioning of cells, the synthesis of their own collagen and elastin.

The essence of the technique

Peeling is a responsible and very important stage in skin care. For thin and sensitive skin, modern cosmetology offers one of the most gentle procedures – enzymatic peeling. Cleansing the skin and improving its condition is provided to the enzymes.

What are enzymes? Enzymes or enzymes act as catalysts for intracellular processes; they gently break down dead layers and dirt particles. The action of enzymes is so delicate that it is suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin. In addition, enzymatic peels can be carried out at home, without the risk of burning or injuring the integument.

assorted exotic fruits

Enzymes for peeling are obtained from the fruit of papaya, pomegranate, grapes, pineapple and other plants, from bone and mucous tissues of animal origin. There are also bacterial enzymes. The choice of the type of the main ingredient of the peeling agent depends on the degree of the problem and the necessary depth of exposure to the skin.

Recently, enzymatic peeling with papain has been especially popular.

Advantages of the procedure

Enzymatic peeling will be useful for any skin type. This type of purification has a lot of advantages, I would like to highlight the following among them:

  • gently and effectively cleans pores from sebaceous secretions, dead cells, infection and dirt;
  • not only eliminates the problem of acne, but also blocks its reappearance;
  • the procedure is absolutely painless;
  • can be used on the face and in especially sensitive areas of the body (for example, in the neckline, bikini);
  • does not cause burns, does not violate the integrity of the integument;
  • the result is noticeable immediately and lasts a long time, thanks to the internal normalization of the work of cells and glands;
  • does not cause irritation, redness and peeling, as with exfoliation with acids;
  • Affects an extensive list of issues
  • no post-peeling phenomena, clients are not disturbed by peeling, erythema, only freshness and tenderness of the skin;
  • peeling compound is safe even for home use.

So that time and money for the procedure are not wasted, it is recommended to consult a cosmetologist before peeling. He will help you choose the best composition and preparation for your cleaning, explain the important points and nuances of the technique.

Indications for peeling

Enzymatic cleansing stands out with a wide range of indications. It is better to conduct it at the first sign of skin problems or for prevention.

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girl in front of the mirror, skin problem

Enzyme cleansing can eliminate the following epidermal imperfections:

  • acne, acne, and skin irritation;
  • small scars, wrinkles;
  • clogged and enlarged pores;
  • comedones, black dots on the face;
  • unusual gray skin;
  • age spots, freckles;
  • photoaging of the skin;
  • decreased soft tissue tone.

Many cosmetologists recommend an enzymatic procedure as a preparation before surgery, laser resurfacing.

Enzymatic peels will help to look absolutely any skin, regardless of structure and shade. After them, there is no demarcated line on the face, so the technique is also suitable for customers with a dark skin type.

The effect of cleaning enzymes

Enzymes for the body are natural components that do not cause rejection, irritation of the skin. What to expect effect?

  • Enzymatic procedures provide high-quality, soft and deep cleansing without pain, rehabilitation and side effects.
  • Enzymes have a healing effect on problem skin. Peeling contributes to the extinction of inflammatory processes, eliminates acne and acne, but, most importantly, prevents their reappearance.
  • Owners of oily type of integument note a decrease in sebaceous secretions, normalization of the glands. After a course of procedures, the face looks refreshed, without an ugly oily sheen.
  • The product is filled with nutrients and enzymes, which accelerates the internal metabolic processes in the cells, strengthens them from the inside. At the same time, the synthesis of collagen, elastin is activated, skin elasticity and elasticity increase, face relief is corrected, small wrinkles, scars, and post-acne are smoothed out.
  • Plant extracts, the nutritional components of the peeling product guarantee the filling of cells with vitamins, mineral components and moisture. After cleansing, the skin shines with health, the face looks younger.
  • The action of enzymes allows you to even out the shade of the surface of the face, reduce pigmentation. In some cases, a slight whitening effect is observed.
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In general, enzyme peels can be compared with surface acid cleansing in effectiveness, only without a rehabilitation period and pain.

Peeling products

To date, the market for cosmetic products is characterized by a variety of peeling formulations. Nevertheless, preference is given to two products for enzymatic peeling at home – these are the preparations of the cosmetic company Cora and Mirra.

papaya and cream

Peeling means from Mirra is equipped with a spray, which facilitates its use. The spray allows you to evenly and economically distribute the composition on the skin, all 2-3 pressing. The drug itself has a gel-like texture, with a special aroma. It gives papain, which is part of it. Customers note possible tingling and redness of the integument after application, but after half an hour, all the effects of peeling disappear without a trace.

Enzymatic peels from Bark are another popular home cleansing product. Composition, unlike its predecessor, supplemented with caffeine and green tea leaf extract. The absence of a sprayer, a thicker texture affect the consumption of the product, it is difficult to call it economical.

Do not rush to choose the drug yourself. Popularity and brand do not guarantee a pronounced effect for you. Consult a beautician about the composition to achieve maximum results.


Before peeling with enzymes, be sure to study the contraindications, in addition, the procedure has few of them:

  • allergy to certain ingredients of the drug;
  • complex diseases of a dermatological nature;
  • there are wounds, cuts on the face;
  • hormonal disruptions, taking hormonal medications;
  • diabetes;
  • blood diseases.

Cleansing the skin with enzymes is possible even during pregnancy and lactation. It is allowed to carry out such cleanings with rosacea and increased sensitivity of the integument without risking damage to their health and appearance.

How is cleaning

For cleansing and healing the skin with enzymes, preliminary preparation is not required. Peeling does not need to be planned, because it can be performed at any time of the year. The only and mandatory condition before cleaning is a test for an allergic reaction.

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When allergies to the drug are not detected, the cosmetologist proceeds to the procedure:

  1. Removes particles of grease, powder, dust and cosmetics from the surface. To do this, use cleansing milk, tonic, selected taking into account the patient’s skin type.
  2. Applies an enzyme composition to the face. Please note that some manufacturers strongly advise against treating areas near the eyes and mouth. The order in which the product is applied also matters: first the forehead and cheeks, then the chin, nose, neck and décolleté.
  3. During 10 – 30 minutes, the mixture is not washed off. Again, the duration of the exposure depends on the chosen manufacturer. To enhance the effectiveness of the drug, it is recommended to cover your face with plastic wrap or a thick towel soaked in warm water first.
  4. Then the beautician neutralizes the effect of the drug. Basically, warm, purified water is used for this, but there are cases when acids are included in the composition. Such tools will require an alkaline converter.
  5. To quickly eliminate skin problems, a mask is applied. The cleaned pores and integuments are ready to absorb all the beneficial components, and the effect of the product will increase markedly.
  6. After removing the mask, the beautician applies sunscreen.

Please note that not all peeling preparations are ready for use, some require preliminary dilution. Mix the ingredients of the product immediately before application. Early preparation and storage of the composition are not allowed!

The frequency of the procedure

Enzymatic peels involve courses. As a rule, the course includes up to 8 procedures with an interval of 3 – 7 days.

Professional products may include acids, so it’s enough to follow the 1 procedure in 1 – 1,5 weeks. In total, such procedures will be required before 10.

Enzymatic peels are a gentle and painless cleansing. Half an hour after this procedure, you can do your favorite things and enjoy soft and delicate skin without flaws.

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