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Facial peeling and alcohol: is it possible to drink after the procedure?

Is it possible to drink alcohol after peeling, is of interest to many women after an intervention done for a reason. Often, the desire to look perfect at the upcoming celebration, a significant event in life encourages women to conduct cosmetic procedures that would correct existing imperfections and give the face freshness and youth. It’s not always possible to resist a glass of intoxicating drink. How to be in this situation, how dangerous alcohol is for renewed skin, and what should be taken into account when planning a cleansing procedure.

Bans after peeling

The peeling procedure in the beauty salon does not end. For complete restoration and renewal of the skin, time and proper care are necessary. If there were no violations during exfoliation, and the beautician’s instructions before and after the procedure were fully observed, then you will have an amazing and quick result.

The main thing that cosmetologists are trying to convey to the consciousness of their patients, face peeling is a kind of operation that requires attention and proper care. Chemical peeling involves performing an extensive burn, and after mechanical cleaning, a large wound forms on the face. After hardware peeling, damage to the face is less noticeable, in such procedures the inner layers of the epidermis are involved.

doctor with notes

What do cosmetologists require from patients during the recovery period:

  • refuse scrubs and cosmetics with aggressive components in the composition, use only soft tonics and ointments;
  • timely apply ointments and preparations recommended by a doctor;
  • avoid sunlight and do not sunbathe;
  • refuse salty and spicy foods;
  • forget about baths, saunas and active sports for a while;
  • Do not drink alcohol, drinks even with a minimum alcohol content.
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Many patients neglected the last point of post-peeling care, referring to the fact that “I don’t drink much,” “only a drop of champagne or a glass of wine.” What can result in such negligence for the patient’s health and condition of the integument?

How does alcohol affect the skin after cleansing?

In matters of whether it is possible to drink alcohol after peelings, cosmetologists categorically refuse. This is due not to the whims of professionals, to the struggle for a healthy lifestyle for the patient, but to the negative impact of alcohol on the result, the increased risk of complications and prolonged recovery from exfoliation.

Why the use of alcohol, alcohol, even in minimal doses is unacceptable:

  • stimulate vasodilation, accelerated circulation. In most cases, this can lead to increased erythema on the face and provoke swelling. Ignoring the warnings of a cosmetologist is reflected in the form of edema in the eyes and activation of inflammatory processes;
  • depending on the composition chosen for exfoliation, alcohol can enhance the effect of the acid that remains after peeling in the epidermal cells. Such an increase threatens an additional burn, cause an allergic reaction and irritation;
  • cosmetic procedures using hyaluronic acid will not cause the expected effect. The result of hyaluronic peeling will be zero at best;
  • alcohol may have potential complications due to malfunctioning of the patient’s organs, in particular, the liver. The accumulation of toxins provokes vomiting and intoxication;
  • when performing mesopilling in addition to edema, hematomas and bruises form in the injection sites of the drug. Such a defect applies to any injection procedure;
  • alcohol reduces the benefits of vitamins and nutrients, is fatal to them.
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Cosmetologists cannot say about guaranteed alcoholic “effects” on the face, each organism reacts differently. Thoughtless pleasure can very badly affect the beauty of the face.

Regardless of the selected peeling, the intake of alcoholic beverages adversely affects the condition of the patient and his integument. Customers suffer more after chemical peeling.

Alcohol before peeling

Not only after peeling it is forbidden to take alcohol. Alcohol is no less dangerous before the intended procedure. Small amounts of alcohol are allowed, provided that he has time to leave the blood before being cleansed. As a rule, this will require 3 or more than a day, it all depends on the body.

So that the face does not swell, and the effect is expected, cosmetologists recommend that we approach the peeling procedure with responsibility, in preparation for it. Do not risk your own beauty and health, limit the intake of alcohol-containing drinks a week before cleaning.

crossed out red wine glass and bottle

I would also like to add that the opinion about additional analgesia with alcohol is wrong. If anesthesia is really necessary, the cosmetologist will prescribe more effective and safer drugs than alcohol.

Lack of sufficient knowledge, ignoring the recommendations of cosmetologists increase the risk of complications after peeling. Please note that in this situation, not all drugs for their elimination may suit you, the risk of entering into reaction with alcohol will also be added.

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How much alcohol can be used after peeling

The ban on alcohol does not last forever. After complete restoration of the skin, you can safely use strong drinks. But keep in mind, recovery does not end after passing the visible side effects. Even after complete exfoliation of the skin, the renewal process continues.

The highest risks of swelling and complications after taking alcohol relate to the first days. To minimize these risks, cosmetologists do not recommend drinking between treatments and at least 1 a month after peeling. For a deep type of exfoliation, this period significantly increases.

You must understand that only a beautician can announce the exact time limit. He will analyze the speed of restoration of the integument, take into account the features of the structure of the skin.

What to do if the face is already swollen, redness has intensified? – Contact a beautician immediately. Only he will determine what measures to take, will prescribe the appropriate treatment. It is impossible to prescribe medications and funds on your own, this can worsen the situation.

Retinoic, glycolic, any acid, hardware and mechanical peels and alcohol are incompatible. Therefore, carefully plan the procedure or restrain yourself from drinking alcohol, otherwise instead of perfect skin, you will get complications and a long rehabilitation period.

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