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All about gas-liquid scalp peeling

Modern cosmetology allows even without contact to eliminate skin problems, delicately cleanse and improve it. The scalp and hair are no less than the face require such procedures. Gas-liquid peeling of the scalp comes to the rescue. This technique will easily eliminate pollution, relieve dandruff and blackheads, and accelerate hair growth.

Indications for the procedure

Gas-liquid head peeling is a modern method of non-contact cleaning of the skin under the hair with the help of particles of the healing fluid and gas flow. The fact is that at home, hair interferes with carefully and deeply cleansing the integument. From here, acne, acne, dandruff can appear. These problems require an immediate solution. Even if in the early stages they are not noticeable externally, but the discomfort and feeling of insecurity is growing every day.

The gas-liquid procedure of the scalp allows you to delicately and without complications get rid of such troubles:

application of gas-liquid peeling against dandruff

  • Acne, acne;
  • Acne and ulcers;
  • Dandruff;
  • Intense hair loss;
  • Weakening, dullness of the scalp;
  • Excessive fat due to improper functioning of the sebaceous glands.

In addition to solving these problems, you get accelerated growth, strengthening follicles and Hollywood silkiness, smoothness of hair.

The method of gas-liquid peeling is so effective that to achieve an excellent result, just one course of treatment is enough.

Peeling effect

Gas-liquid therapy is an effective and very useful procedure for the skin and hair. Its holding noticeably transforms the hair and guarantees:

  • Gentle disposal of pollution;
  • Removal of dandruff and dead particles from the head;
  • Filling with skin components of the scalp;
  • Strengthening the structure of hair and follicles;
  • Decreased rate of hair loss;
  • Enhanced growth, hair becomes long and thick;
  • Normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, without excessive secretions;
  • Moisturizing the scalp, getting rid of dryness;
  • Acceleration of metabolism and blood circulation in the scalp;
  • Improving the skin – a gas-liquid procedure resembles lymphatic drainage massage. It is known for its magical effect on the outflow of lymph, venous blood and the flow of arterial oxygen-rich.
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Peeling the skin with a stream of gas and liquid is so delicate that there is a separate procedure for the face, including the sensitive area near the eyes. Varying the intensity of the jet, the specialist solves skin problems of any complexity and neglect.

The effect of gas-liquid peeling is very impressive and worthy of attention. And most importantly, the procedure is absolutely painless, no complications and side effects will arise after it.

Pros and Cons of the procedure

pros and cons of the procedure

The gas-liquid technique is devoid of negative sides, only pluses. And the main ones are as follows:

  • Delicate effect – peeling passes gently and does not injure the skin;
  • Painless – a gas-liquid procedure does not cause pain;
  • The absence of a rehabilitation period – burns, wounds, redness, all sorts of complications and side effects are absent;
  • There is no risk of infection by infection from the equipment; peeling takes place without contact with the skin;
  • High efficiency – medications purposefully affect problem areas, actively nourish cells. At the same time, a skin massage occurs. It enhances blood flow and stimulates internal processes at the cellular level;
  • Universality – the gas-liquid procedure has no age restrictions. It can be carried out at any convenient time, in winter and summer;
  • Wide range of application – gas-liquid peeling is carried out not only for the scalp, but also for the face and body. It is especially useful for mature skin, when, in addition to cleansing, tissue tightening occurs and the synthesis of its own collagen is activated.

The effect after gas-liquid peeling persists for a long time, the hair begins to grow intensely, become soft and obedient, smooth and silky.


Thanks to such peeling, you will get rid of troubles with hair in the shortest possible time, significantly improve their condition and appearance. However, note that not everyone can perform peeling.

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Contraindications for gas-liquid therapy include:

  • Pregnancy at any time;
  • The period of breastfeeding;
  • Oncological education;
  • Fresh wounds, abrasions on the scalp;
  • Herpes, dermatitis and fungal diseases of the skin;
  • High body temperature;
  • Hypertension;
  • Violation of blood flow in the brain, psychopathy.

Do not neglect contraindications to performing gas-liquid head peeling. Not only the success of the procedure depends on this, but also your health.

Order of conduct


Gas-liquid peeling of the scalp involves the simultaneous exposure to a liquid enriched with nutrients and gas (a mixture of oxygen with carbon dioxide). The principle of therapy is as follows:

  1. Using special equipment, a specialist acts with a stream of gas and liquid on the scalp. The flow rate is regulated depending on the problem and the desired result;
  2. Oxygen molecules penetrate deep into the skin, activate cell respiration and stimulate important processes;
  3. Particles of the treatment solution under pressure directly enter the inner layers of the skin, fill them with useful minerals and elements;
  4. In addition to nutrition, the epidermis is massaged and the dead cells, sebaceous plugs in the pores are removed.
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Such an effect does not cause discomfort, pain. Peeling takes place under the supervision of a specialist who individually selects the program and duration of exposure, and takes 10 – 25 minutes. The course of peeling sessions varies from 3 to 20, it all depends on the degree of problem. After the gas-liquid procedure, you feel incredible lightness.

Delight your hair with a life-giving dose – and they will thank you with a magnificent healthy shine, luxurious density and strength. The result after gas-liquid head peeling will not leave you indifferent and will delight you for a long time.

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