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What is the uniqueness of Hollywood peeling

Hollywood peeling has long been helping to quickly correct many of the appearance flaws of American and European women. In recent years, this universal and safe rejuvenation technique has also been fixed in the list of services of Russian beauty salons. Stellar exfoliation is appreciated by secular beauties for its accessibility, softness and instant effect from the first procedure. Rehabilitation after peeling in Hollywood lasts only five days, and it is allowed to perform it even in the summer. So the American dream of express beauty became a salvation for women around the world.

Why peeling is valued in Hollywood

Opportunities and uniqueness of Hollywood peeling cosmetologists and their clients have appreciated recently. Like most other anti-aging technologies, this procedure came to the Russian beauty industry from the west. Hollywood peeling became especially popular in the USA – American pop and film stars praised this exfoliation for its versatility, efficiency and speed.

Hollywood peeling can be performed year-round, and the duration of the procedure does not exceed a quarter of an hour. Stellar exfoliation is so simple that today almost all beauty salons offer it, and the safety of peeling makes it accessible even for home use. The combination of these qualities made “peeling of stars” an indispensable beauty tool for public people and business women who should look good and at the same time can not afford a long rehabilitation.

girl before peeling

Chemical peeling in Hollywood is considered superficial. But some cosmetologists attribute the procedure to a mixed surface-median type. This is due to the depth of penetration into the skin of the main components of the peeling product – synthesized and natural acids.

The basis of the cosmetic solution for Hollywood peeling is phytic acid. This organic compound gently dissolves the keratinized epidermis, which interferes with normal respiration and nourishment of the skin. Exfoliation of dead cells refreshes the complexion and evens out the microrelief of the skin. However, phytin is able to remove metal ions from the epidermis, the accumulation of which provokes redness and hyperpigmentation. Sometimes the “cocktail of youth” of Hollywood stars is supplemented with retinoic, succinic, azelaic and kojic acids, as well as vitamin C. These “satellites” of phytic acid in peeling consolidate its effect, and also help wipe out traces of old years, inflammatory rashes, and prolong cell life and alleviate some dermatological diseases.

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Additional advantages of Hollywood rejuvenation:

  • light phytin peeling is allowed for frequent use, thanks to it epidermal cells can be updated regularly;
  • the effectiveness of peeling can be assessed after the first procedure, and through 5 sessions of cleansing, the skin of the face is completely replaced;
  • suitable for any type of skin, including thin and sensitive;
  • phytic acid, which is part of the drug, interacts only with the upper layer of the epidermis, without affecting the dermis, so peeling does not cause pain and the skin heals quickly after it;
  • the procedure helps to clean and narrow pores, get rid of comedones and normalize the production of sebum;
  • the effect of a course of Hollywood peels is comparable to skin lifting after beauty injections;
  • the result of the procedures is stored for 3-6 months.

The optimal age for Hollywood peeling is 35-40 years. Previously, phytin peeling should be handled with caution, mainly to get rid of acne or scars after it. For mature skin, such peeling is not so effective and is recommended only as a supportive care.

Indications and prohibitions for stellar exfoliation

The possibilities of Hollywood peeling should be addressed to those who are worried:

  • dull complexion, loss of skin tone and elasticity;
  • age folds and small facial wrinkles on the face and in the decollete zone;
  • freckles or old age spots from light brown to brown;
  • signs of photoaging of the skin, especially after prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • scars and tuberosity of the skin microrelief remaining after acne and acne;
  • the first signs of age on the face as a prevention of biological aging;
  • comedones, clogged and enlarged pores, increased sebaceous T-zone;
  • vascular mesh on the face (rosacea).


With all the safety and gentle exfoliation of the skin, Hollywood peeling is contraindicated:

  • with individual allergic reactions to the components of the cosmetic product;
  • if the face has scratches, burns, abrasions, cracks or open wounds;
  • during an exacerbation of the herpes virus or the manifestation of skin diseases (vitiligo, eczema, etc.);
  • during the onset of an allergic rash to other irritants;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • diabetes;
  • with oncological diseases.

You can make sure that complex phytine peeling is suitable for you using a simple allergo text. Apply a drop of exfoliation compound to the delicate skin of the back of the hand, behind the ear or under the knee. If during 15-20 minutes this place does not turn red and does not start to itch, peeling will not cause allergies.

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Salon Procedure Protocol

In 95% of cases, Hollywood phytic acid peeling is carried out in a beauty parlor. Salon exfoliation minimizes the risk of side effects: there is no danger of overexposing the composition on the face, getting a chemical burn or complications. The result of using professional cosmetic peeling products will also be more noticeable and longer. In less than an hour, the beautician performs the following actions:

  • make-up removal, during which the face skin is freed from decorative cosmetics and degreased with special means;
  • applying a clean solution of glycolic acid to clean skin, contributing to the “loosening” of the dead epidermis;
  • applying a mask with phytic acid over a glycol film;
  • the exposure time of the peeling agent on the skin varies from 15 minutes to 24 hours (depending on the indications for the procedure, skin sensitivity and the desired effect);
  • at the end of the session, the product is removed from the face with a cotton pad dipped in cosmetic milk. The remains of the composition are washed off with warm water;
  • A moisturizing or soothing mask is applied to clean skin.

The Hollywood peeling procedure causes a slight burning sensation and pinching of the skin. This is a normal reaction that occurs after removal of the acid composition. After a day, under the influence of acids, the face turns red, the skin contracts and begins to exfoliate. The next 5-7 days is the time of rehabilitation, when it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of post-peeling care. A week after chemical peeling, the skin is completely restored: they become silky, elastic, matte, without wrinkles, pigmentation and other aesthetic defects.

The result of Hollywood peelings is fixed by a course of 4-6 identical procedures. The interval between exfoliation sessions must be at least 7 days. You can repeat the courses three times a year.

The rehabilitation period after Hollywood peelings is short, but still requires compliance with some simple rules for caring for acid-injured skin. Within a week after the procedure, you need to use moisturizing and wound healing creams (for example, Bepanten), make masks based on enzymes, and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays with sunscreen lotions with SPF of at least 35.

Incorrectly performed Hollywood peeling can provoke some side effects:

  • excessive redness of the skin (erythema), which does not disappear for more than a week;
  • swelling of the face and eyelids;
  • hyperpigmentation of certain areas of the skin (especially in fair-skinned women);
  • the development of inflammatory processes;
  • aggravation of rosacea (expansion of the capillary network).
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Only strict adherence to the protocol of the procedure will help to avoid complications after a Hollywood peeling.

We carry out a peeling in Hollywood at home

Despite the fact that Hollywood exfoliation is intended for beauty salons, you can perform the procedure at home. The main thing is to follow the recommendations for application and the exposure time of peeling formulations and have minimal cosmetological skills.

Classic Hollywood Recipe

moisturizer, glycolic and phytic acids

  • bottle with glycolic acid solution;
  • bottle with phytic acid solution;
  • makeup remover;
  • moisturizing mask or cream.
  1. with makeup remover, we cleanse the face, removing all decorative cosmetics;
  2. apply a thin layer of glycolic acid to the skin;
  3. apply phytic acid on top of the glycol mask;
  4. leave peeling on the face for 15 minutes;
  5. rinse off with warm water;
  6. moisturize the skin with a mask or creams.

Hollywood Peeling Roller with Calcium Chloride

calcium chloride, soap and cream

  • bottle of 10% calcium chloride solution;
  • a piece of baby soap without flavorings;
  • moisturizing cream.
  1. on a cleansed skin with a cotton pad, apply a solution of calcium chloride;
  2. wait until the liquid on the face begins to dry out (approximately 2 minutes);
  3. repeat the manipulation another 2 times, also “drying” the layers of the peeling agent;
  4. soap pads with baby soap;
  5. we massage the face with a soapy solution, rolling up the remains of calcium chloride;
  6. we act until there are no gray “crumbs” under the fingers;
  7. wash peeling with cool water;
  8. apply a calming cream to the skin.

Hollywood Retino Peeling

moisturizer, glycolic and phytic acids

  • bottle of lotion with glycolic acid;
  • bottle of 15-20% retinoic acid solution;
  • neutralizer;
  • moisturizer (serum, mask, cream).
  1. cleaned face skin with lotion with glycolate;
  2. apply a solution of retinoic acid;
  3. leave peeling on the skin for 15 minutes;
  4. remove the peeling mixture with a special neutralizer;
  5. moisturize your skin with a serum or mask.

The safety and softness of Hollywood exfoliation is not a reason to treat the procedure carelessly and presumptuously. The composition of peeling products, professional and intended for home use, includes fairly aggressive acids. Their action must be controlled and not abuse the aesthetic properties of the compounds. Therefore, it is better to perform chemical peeling in Hollywood at the cosmetology center, and a week after the session feel like a star of a big movie.

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