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How to use the socks for the feet: revealing the secrets of perfect heels

How to use the socks for the feet so that the heels become soft and tender. This question is relevant at any time of the year. Roughness of the heels, the appearance of cracks and painful sensations when walking significantly spoil the mood of their owners. To prevent such disappointments, special peeling socks will help.

Briefly about the product and its advantages

Socks for peeling feet in the cosmetology market are very popular. Outwardly, these are hermetic plastic bags, inside of which there is a special acid composition. When you put on your socks, the acid composition penetrates deep into the skin and causes active removal of dead cells and keratinized layers.

This is the best option for eliminating corns, rudeness and roughness of the feet. Such socks relieve cracks, corns and subcutaneous seals.

thumb on the heel, corn

Socks for peeling combined all the wishes of users:

  • lightning-fast result – after a single use, the situation with the feet will change significantly, they will become soft, moisturized, pleasant to the touch;
  • ease of use – it’s easy to use the product even without special skills in cosmetology;
  • safety – despite the acid composition used for peeling, the risk of complications and side effects is minimal;
  • availability, a large assortment – on the market, in a specialized store you will find a large selection of products for peeling feet from manufacturers in Korea, China and other countries. It is worth noting that the most popular are Korean Sosu and Footfit peeling socks from China;
  • no need to spend time going to the salon, the procedure is easily carried out at home;
  • democratic price – the cost of socks is quite affordable for each user;
  • universality – socks are suitable for any age, type of skin.

Be sure with foot peeling socks, foot care will turn into a real pleasure and will not take you much time.

Instructions for use

To rejuvenate the feet using special socks is not difficult. The manufacturer thought through all the details to the smallest detail, made the task as easy as possible.

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Let’s consider in detail how to use Sosu socks or other brands to clean your feet yourself:

  1. Prepare the legs for peeling: remove the varnish from the nails, and wash your feet well, but scrub with a pumice, a nail file is not necessary. Dry your feet.
  2. Now take the peeling socks. Cut along the line marked by the manufacturer.
  3. If the peeling agent comes separately with socks, pour it into each sock. There are socks with an already soaked napkin inside, so there will be no liquid.
  4. Put the bags on the feet, fix them with stickers and smooth. This will prevent the liquid from spilling out. Make sure that the acid composition inside them evenly covers the feet.
  5. For convenience, put up simple cotton socks.
  6. With bags on the feet, you need to spend about 2 hours, as the manufacturer recommends. At this time, do not limit yourself to movement and walking.
  7. Take off your socks after the time recommended by the manufacturer. To neutralize the acid composition, wash the feet with soap.
  8. Dry with a towel.

On this, the exfoliation with socks of Sosu and other well-known brands is completed, it remains to wait for the result.

How to care for your feet after peeling

The positive effect of the procedure is not immediately noticeable. Somewhere on the third day, the skin on the feet will sparkle with an unusual gloss, will become coarse and peel. Outwardly, this does not look the most pleasant way, so peeling with socks is rarely performed in the summer.

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Be patient, expect when the skin is completely renewed. Do not tear off hanging films. This threatens the appearance of wounds and infection. In addition, after this “acceleration” there are scars.

magnified toes with a magnifying glass

In order for the skin after peeling to recover quickly, without any troubles, cosmetologists recommend that you adhere to the following rules:

  1. The first 5 days do without baths, lengthy water procedures, so that the skin on the feet does not steam.
  2. Do not try to accelerate the renewal of the skin of the feet with ointments, creams, baths. Wait until the process completes naturally.
  3. Put moisturizing, nourishing foot creams until peeling is complete.

Safety measures

To achieve the perfect softness of the heels of socks from Sosu and another manufacturer is a feasible dream. To exclude disappointments, troubles, check out the frequent mistakes that are made during exfoliation:

  • Before peeling perform rough cleaning of the heels. To do this, pumice, pebbles or a nail file are used. You can’t do this! You violate the integrity of the integument, this will cause a burning sensation, unpleasant consequences are possible.
  • Each package of socks (Sosu, Almea Baby Foot, Braphy and others) contains instructions for use and manufacturer’s recommendations for peeling. Listen to them in order to avoid misunderstandings, disappointments.
  • During exfoliation, the feet are exposed to direct sunlight.
  • An allergic reaction test is not performed before the procedure. This error threatens serious trouble if the user is allergic to the drug.
  • Burning, itching is an abnormal reaction. If you feel uncomfortable, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water.
  • The peeling composition should cover the foot over the entire area, affect the entire sole.
  • When buying peeling socks, pay attention to the expiration date, the tightness of the package. Violation of these facts is a danger to the health of the user.
  • The procedure is not recommended in the summer. When exfoliating old skin, your feet will not look aesthetically pleasing, you will have to wear closed shoes or not go outside until the tissue is updated.
  • Do not peel if there are contraindications.
  • Until the covers are completely restored after exfoliation, do not wear heels or tight shoes.

Strictly adhere to the timing of peeling feet. The interval between procedures is allowed for at least 2 months.


Peeling with special socks has a short list of restrictions:

  • women at any stage of pregnancy;
  • when breastfeeding;
  • there are wounds, damage to the skin of the feet;
  • allergy to the components of the product used;
  • excessive dryness of the skin;
  • age to 12 years.

With extreme caution, only after prior consultation with your doctor, peeling can be performed for patients with diabetes and various chronic diseases.

To look beautiful, young legs help high-quality and constant care. Peeling socks are a sure step in the quick, painless cleansing of the feet, getting rid of coarsening and calluses. There is nothing complicated in using socks for peeling feet, and the price does not exceed simple salon procedures for feet. Take care of the beauty, the health of the heels with special socks – and enjoy the victory over the corns, the roughness of the integument for a long time!

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