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In the bath after peeling: what is the danger of thermal baths after cleaning

In the bath after peeling is one of the most gross and irreparable errors in the post-peeling period. Can a healing Russian bathhouse become the culprit of complications and deformities on the face? Just sit down, visit the bath, sauna and even the pool – this is a taboo for the skin, weakened by cleansing the face.

What happens to the skin after peeling

Peelings are a kind of skin surgery to remove dead cells, layers, dirt particles, which are deep in the pores. Often, the peeling procedure involves the continuous removal of the surface layers of the epidermis with their further renewal.

After mechanical, hardware or chemical intervention, the skin is deprived of the previous protection, and the body’s forces are aimed at regeneration, restoration of lost tissue. Peeling is stress for the skin, therefore, in order to smooth it and contribute to the rapid strengthening of the integument, competent, high-quality care is required.

face of a girl in a pink bathrobe divided into two parts

The severity and intensity of exposure to the acid composition, laser, or other means of peeling depends on the severity and duration of the period of restoration of the integument:

  • After a superficial facial cleansing (for example, yellow peeling), the rehabilitation phase lasts from 3 to 7 days. Violation of the integument is insignificant, therefore, their restoration does not take a long time.
  • After the middle peeling, the situation is more complicated and full recovery will take up to 14 days.
  • Deep peeling is the most difficult cleansing procedure. Its effect in some aspects is compared with the operation. The recovery process is long and requires frequent monitoring by a cosmetologist. The slightest deviation from the prescribed care can cause complication. The rehabilitation period at best ends in 3 weeks, and in the worst, 3 months or more can drag on.
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In most cases, after peeling, active peeling, crusting and redness are observed on the face. As a rule, by the end of the recovery period they finally pass. However, this is not a reason to “curtail” proper facial care. The processes of restoration of the covers continue for 1 – 2 months, only the risk of complications is significantly reduced.

The role of the bath for skin health

Hiking in the bathhouse gives not only pleasure, but also heals the skin. Elevated temperature and humidity contribute to the rapid opening of pores. These conditions stimulate the increased work of the sebaceous glands, you sweat, and with the particles of sweat the toxins accumulated by the cells of the epidermis leave harmful substances.

two girls are sitting in the bathhouse on the shelves

Modern cosmetology welcomes the application of nutritious natural masks in front of the bath, in order to ultimately increase their effectiveness. Or vice versa, applying medical cosmetics to a steamed and cleaned face when the epidermis susceptibility is high. However, cosmetology absolutely prohibits going to the bath after the peeling, regardless of whether it is yellow peeling or dermabrasion.

Please note that if you use masks or cosmetics before going to the bathhouse, sauna, make sure that they are natural. Elevated temperature contributes to the decomposition of chemical compounds, the rapid absorption of their cells. The effect can be quite the opposite.

Why you can’t go to the bath

You can’t go to the bathhouse throughout the entire period of skin rehabilitation after chemical, mechanical, retinoic or other peels. The restrictions do not end there; visiting such procedures is undesirable after 1 – 2 months after the restoration phase.

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Just imagine, chemical peeling is an extensive burn on the face, and mechanical cleaning involves the formation of a continuous wound. Cells are unprotected, plus an increased risk of introducing infection into the integument.

broom, towel, ladle, hat and other bath accessories

Why you can not go to the bath after peeling:

  • high humidity and air temperature – this is a comfortable environment for the development of bacteria and infections. At the slightest contact with them, irritation, inflammatory processes are inevitable;
  • increased sweating in the bath is inevitable, so the body adapts to external conditions, spontaneously cools. With then the body leaves toxins, dirt. If sweat particles get on a post-peeling “wound” (burn), you are threatened with infection of the integument, their severe irritation and even suppuration;
  • increased humidity accompanies deoxidation, softening of the surface layers of the epidermis. This delays the healing of injured fibers, leads to their breakdown – as a result, you get a scar;
  • high temperature causes vasodilation, acceleration of microcirculation. This fact can affect the development of rosacea and fragility of blood vessels, weakened by chemical exposure, enhance redness of the skin and even provoke. As a result – the appearance of bruises, bruising, persistent erythema and swollen face;
  • after acid peeling, particles of the chemical ingredient remain inside the epidermis. An increase in temperature causes their activity, respectively, repeated acid exposure occurs, only the fibers are already weakened. Possible even greater tissue burn, the development of an allergic reaction.

How much you follow the rules of post-peeling rehabilitation, how you sleep and eat, how many times you apply cosmetics, and what the outcome of the cleansing procedure depends on in many ways.

What other prohibitions are there after peeling?

Beauticians unequivocally declare that after any peeling it is forbidden to go to the bathhouse. In order to avoid complications in the period after peeling and to quickly restore the skin without residual scars, ugly dark and light age spots, additional precautions relate to:

  • going to the pool is chlorine and can provoke a burn and excessive dryness of the skin, as well as a high risk of infection of damaged fibers;
  • ignoring sunscreen cosmetics – apply creams with SPF filters every day, regardless of the weather outside, for 2 – 6 months after peeling. With increased solar activity, the highest security indicator (SPF 50 and higher) is used, and the number of applications increases. Otherwise, dark pigment spots appear on the face from daylight;
  • visits to tanning salons and sunbathing – a violation of this condition threatens with hyperpigmentation of the integument, inflammatory processes, severe burns and even the development of oncology;
  • playing sports – active, strength exercises and loads provoke increased sweating. Because of this, the risk of infection by sweat particles and suppuration of wounds increases several times.
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Despite the fact that these restrictions apply to the rehabilitation period, you should refrain from visiting the pool, bathhouse or solarium for 1,5 – 2 months. Only in this way will you be able to achieve perfect skin without additional complications in the shortest possible time.

shelves in the bath, ladle, towel and bucket

Each type of purification has its own subtleties. After some exfoliations, even any contact with water is not allowed, for example, deep exposure to phenolic acid. But, the yellow peeling is washed off only after 3 – 6 hours after application. Therefore, find out any terms, nuances in care from your beautician.

Peeling causes significant changes inside the skin, enhances regeneration, but weakens its protection. Consider the slightest mistake, erroneous actions can greatly harm and lead to unpleasant consequences.

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