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Chemistry of beauty – we perform median peeling at home

The transience of female beauty will help stop median peeling at home. This procedure is a real lifesaver for women after 35 years. At this age, even skillfully made makeup does not hide the aesthetic imperfections of the skin of the face. For example, wrinkles of facial wrinkles, pigmentation or roughness of the skin after acne. To solve these problems without leaving your home, you can use the composition for the middle peeling. The main thing is to choose the right drug, and strictly follow the instructions.

Is median peeling possible at home

The single principle of action of all median peels is based on the complete destruction of the cells of the upper dead layer of the epidermis, which results in serious cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin of the face. The concept of “median peeling” is multifaceted: it combines the physical and chemical methods of exfoliating the skin. At the same time, the depth of artificial trauma to the skin does not exceed 0,5 millimeters: the active substances contact the keratinized dermis, but do not affect the basement membrane of the epithelium.

If superficial face peeling, being the most gentle technique, is able to correct only minor cosmetic defects, then peeling of a medium effect helps a woman not only to ennoble her face, but also visually lose a couple of years. Unlike radical deep peeling, which involves anesthesia and hospital conditions, superficial and median cleansing can be done at home. But safe superficial exfoliation is the choice of cosmetologists for young skin with the first facial wrinkles or slight pigmentation, and the middle one is a proven tool to eliminate obvious signs of photoaging, age, acne scars and extensive age spots.

Initially, the median peeling technique was developed only for aesthetic medicine clinics and multidisciplinary beauty salons. Later, cosmeceutical companies launched drugs on the market to independently perform median exfoliation procedures. The concentration of active ingredients in them is significantly lower than in professional formulations. When all the instructions are followed, their home use has an effect comparable to that of a salon.

According to the method of influencing the skin, median peeling is divided into physical and chemical. The first category includes such hardware techniques as microcrystalline dermabrasion and laser peeling. Microdermabrasion involves the painless treatment of the skin with a special diamond tip or a brush with a diamond coating. Laser peeling starts the process of soft tissue regeneration under the influence of laser beams with a certain short wavelength. It is impossible to apply hardware techniques at home. But you can turn to another category of median peels – chemical exfoliation.

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The basis of median chemical procedures is the treatment of the face with low-percentage acid formulations. Upon contact with the skin, the acid agent causes a slight chemical burn of the upper layer. The cells of damaged tissues, striving for regeneration, begin the active production of anti-inflammatory elements, collagen and elastin fibers. New skin grows, thickens and stretches, hiding past defects. Ready-made peeling kits can be purchased at the pharmacy, or mix the product yourself.

The effect of a correctly performed median peeling at home can live up to any expectation. The result of the course from 3-5 procedures will be:

beautiful female face after the procedure

  • professional release of the skin from a perennial layer of keratinized scales;
  • correction of age-related changes in facial skin, including deep facial wrinkles;
  • increased turgor (elasticity) of the skin;
  • brightening bright pigment spots, smoothing skin tone;
  • elimination of “earthy” and dull complexion;
  • photo aging prevention;
  • reduction of comedones and manifestations of acne;
  • contraction of the expanded pore network;
  • smoothing of skin tuberosity after acne, scars, scars after injuries.

Contraindications to the home procedure

Despite the fact that face peeling at home is carried out with slightly aggressive formulations and is unable to significantly injure the skin, the procedure has several contraindications. Before you apply the means for median exfoliation on your face yourself, make sure that your life does not have the following risk factors.

  • rosacea of ​​the skin of the face – a pronounced network of capillaries;
  • exacerbation of acne;
  • inflammatory processes on the face: pustules, redness, boils;
  • eczema and other dermatological diseases;
  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • skin prone to allergies to acid solutions;
  • increased body temperature against the background of a current infection;
  • skin injuries in the area of ​​the drug: scratches, abrasions, cracks;
  • chronic diseases of the endocrine system of the body;
  • herpes rashes on the lips;
  • hormonal disbalance.


In addition to biological, there are seasonal contraindications for median skin cleansing with chemical agents. Beauticians advise to refrain from carrying out procedures in late spring and summer. At this time, the sun is especially active and can burn delicate skin after peeling. The effect of the sessions will disappear, and hard pigmentation will remain on the face. Keep this in mind when planning your course.

Getting ready for the middle peeling

It doesn’t matter where you will perform the median peeling procedure: at home or in a beauty salon, you need to prepare for it correctly. Early preparation will soften the skin and help it better perceive the effect of aqueous acid solutions. You need to start preparing for the middle peeling at least 14 days before the first intended session:

  • to the stages of daily care we add the application of a cream, the use of a gel for washing or tonic, which contains fruit or salicylic acid in 3-4% concentration;
  • we use 1 preparation tool once a day, in the evening before bedtime;
  • daily apply sunscreen to the face with a minimum ultraviolet filter (marking SPF 15);
  • 2 days before peeling, stop using fatty nourishing cream;
  • we select a soothing mask according to the type of skin: it will come in handy immediately after the completion of the peeling procedure.
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Pre-peeling preparation will make the upper layer of the epidermis much thinner and reduce its sensitivity.

General Rules of Home Procedure

Whatever the middle peeling, there is a general protocol of the procedure to be followed. Especially for beginners.

  • thoroughly wipe your hands with a disinfectant solution or alcohol wipes for injection;
  • rinse off your makeup, pat your skin with a soft towel;
  • lubricate the area around the eyes and lips with petroleum jelly – such a greasy barrier will protect thin skin from contact with acid;
  • mix the peeling composition and spread it over the skin with a wide brush, first on the nose, then on the chin, gradually rising to the cheeks and forehead;
  • Do not remove the composition within 4-10 minutes. For the first session, the time interval should be minimal;
  • at the first sign of anxiety, remove the peeling mixture;
  • a home remedy for acid peeling must be removed with a neutralizer or distilled water;
  • moisturize and soothe the skin with a special serum or mask, for example, with aloe vera extract.

We prepare the composition for peeling at home

It is not necessary to purchase a factory peeling product in pharmacy chains. Buy only its components and mix the composition for median exfoliation yourself at home.

Calcium Chloride Peeling

calcium chloride and cosmetic milk

  • 1 ampoule 5% calcium chloride solution;
  • 1 tsp cosmetic milk.
  1. a thin layer of milk is applied to the face;
  2. wait for the complete absorption of the product, remove excess with a cotton pad or sponge;
  3. with a cotton swab, apply calcium chloride to the face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips;
  4. wait for the first layer to dry for 3-5 minutes;
  5. apply the second – fourth layer of the solution also waiting for each previous to dry;
  6. for the first session, 4 layers of calcium chloride will be enough, gradually applying the solution can be increased to a maximum of 8 times;
  7. lather the fingertips with a baby cleanser and gently apply it to the face;
  8. roll up dried layers of calcium chloride with soap and particles of keratinized epidermis;
  9. wash with warm water.

Camphor and glycerin peeling

camphor and glycerin peeling ingredients

  • 30-35 ml. camphor alcohol;
  • 30-35 ml. glycerol solution;
  • 10-15 ml. 10% ammonia;
  • 10-15 ml. boric alcohol;
  • 30-35 ml. hydrogen peroxide;
  • 1 small baby soap;
  • 1 ampoule 10% calcium chloride.
  1. camphor alcohol, glycerin, ammonia and boric alcohol, a solution of hydrogen peroxide are successively mixed in one bowl to a homogeneous consistency;
  2. a small piece of any baby soap is rubbed into another bowl on a fine grater;
  3. an alcohol mixture is gradually added to the soap shavings and brought to the consistency of thick sour cream;
  4. the finished peeling agent is applied to the face for 15 minutes;
  5. dried composition is neutralized with a solution of calcium chloride;
  6. then you need to wash your face with warm water and pat it with a soft towel.
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Body peeling and hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide and badiaga powder

  • 4 tsp dry powder of an artifact;
  • 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
  1. hydrogen peroxide slowly add hydrogen peroxide to the body powder, constantly mixing the composition, until a foam forms;
  2. bring the mixture to the texture of the cream and wait for the end of the chemical reaction;
  3. apply petroleum jelly on the eyebrows to avoid lightening the hair;
  4. put on rubber gloves and apply peeling on the face;
  5. rinse with water after 20 minutes.

Facial skin rehabilitation

Median face peeling does not end with cleansing procedures alone. Subsequent skin care significantly affects its outcome. The more carefully you treat skin injured with acidic compounds, the faster they will regain their attractiveness.

  • on the day of peeling try not to touch the face, do not wash and do not wipe it with a towel. Remove the oily shine with a soft cloth or rice paper;
  • the next day, repeat the application of a soothing or moisturizing mask;
  • during the first couple of days after the procedure, refrain from makeup. From the third day after the middle peeling, you can apply mineral powder;
  • when going out, do not forget about applying sunscreens and lotions with SPF not lower than 35;
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, refuse tanning in the solarium.

Home median peeling course can consist of 5-8 procedures with a break between each minimum of 14 days. Only 1 course treatment can be performed per year.

Home Chemistry: Pros and Cons

Among women who regularly look after themselves, there are many brave fans of home procedures. Even such as chemical peeling of moderate exposure. In their own way, they are right, because any skin renewal, performed correctly and independently, has a whole list of advantages:

  • the ability to perform the procedure at any convenient time;
  • saving money on the services of a cosmetologist;
  • own control over the peeling process;
  • obtaining an effect not inferior to salon;
  • the possibility of using both finished pharmacy preparations and self-prepared formulations based on natural ingredients.

At the same time, the other half of women prefer not to appoint peels without professional medical advice, fearing:

  • unpredictable reactions from the skin: irritations, redness, severe burns;
  • contraindications to the procedure;
  • improper execution of pre-peeling preparation;
  • low-quality finished compounds.

Median peeling is one of those cosmetic procedures that can be performed at home. And do not be afraid of its chemical component. In this case, chemistry works for the benefit of beauty, and not contrary to it. Do not exceed the permissible concentration of active ingredients, prepare the skin for exfoliation in advance, and follow the procedure according to the instructions for the drug. Here are three simple rules, compliance with which will make the procedure safe and effective.

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