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Mitt for home peeling, revealing the secrets of a perfect body

A peeling mitt is the easiest way to remove dead particles, dirt from the surface of the body. With this accessory you can transfer the beauty salon to your home. A special mitten will easily cleanse the skin and give it a beneficial massage. After the procedure, fix the result with vitamin makeup – and your body will thank velvet, tenderness and elasticity.

Composition and use

Mulberry skin peeling mitt – an affordable and easy to use item. With its help, you can easily get rid of keratinized deposits, coarsening.

A mulberry mitten is made of natural silk crepe thread. Special threads are grouped (in 2 – 7 pieces) and twisted tightly left and right. This weaving technique allows you to maintain the rigidity, elasticity of the material, but at the same time, the product is soft and pleasant to the touch.

The size of the mittens is the same. For ease of use, there is a small elastic band on the wrist.

You do not need to use a mitt for peeling every day, 1 – 2 once a week. This is quite enough for the skin to be elastic, toned, smooth and delicate.

Operating principle

Peeling mittens have a multilateral effect on the skin:

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girl in the bath, peeling mitt

  • carefully remove dead cells that have accumulated in the upper layer of the epidermis;
  • remove dirt particles from the pores;
  • normalize the “breathing” of the skin;
  • due to massage, blood flow is increased, metabolism in the epidermis cells is accelerated;
  • increase the tone of the fibers;
  • after cleansing the integument better perceive the beneficial components, vitamins from cosmetics.

Mostly a mitten is used to cleanse the body, rarely for the face.

How to peel

Using the mitten is simple and safe, no pain or discomfort. The tool is always at hand and there is no need for special training. There are no contraindications to the use of this subject. The presence of open wounds, herpes, and various rashes may temporarily limit the use of the product.

The purification procedure is as follows:

  1. Wash away particles of dirt, dust, sweat. To do this, use gel and a soft washcloth, take a shower or wash yourself.
  2. To achieve better results from cleansing, beauticians recommend steaming the integument. Before cleaning the face, use steam inhalation, before deep cleansing the body, it is better to steam in a bath, sauna, take a hot bath.
  3. Apply a scrub cleansing gel to the body (face).
  4. Put on a mitten and massage it with your skin. Strongly rubbing is not necessary, the movements should be light for sensitive areas (face, neck, décolleté) and moderate (legs, abdomen, feet).
  5. After a short massage, take a shower.
  6. After the procedure, the integument may turn red, so moisturize with lotion or cream.

Attention! It is not recommended to use one mitten to all family members. In addition, purchase several products (for the body, face, and feet).

Complement your skin care with a simple but effective peeling mitt for cleaning. Tenderness of the skin, velvety and lightness you will notice after the first application. Try it and you!

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