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Delicate and velvety skin with multi-acid peeling

Multi-acid peeling in cosmetology laid the foundation for a new direction in acidic skin cleansing. A whole complex of acids enters the fight against clogged pores, dead cells and withering of the skin. In addition, such peeling can be performed at home – this indicates the ease and safety of the procedure.

Feature of the procedure

Multi-acid surface peeling is a new procedure in beauty salons. She successfully conquered women with high results and safety exposure. To smooth the face relief, get rid of dead cells and clogged pores, as well as speed up the recovery and renewal of the epidermis are the main tasks of peeling. The chemical cleansing of the face is based on a whole complex of acids (succinic, glycolic and hyaluronic, salicylic and several fruit), which simultaneously concentrate their effect on solving skin problems.

multi-acid peeling procedure

The multi-acid peeling procedure refers to the gentle methods of surface chemical cleaning. It does not cause complications, after peeling, the skin practically does not peel and does not fall to shreds, tissue renewal proceeds gently and gradually.

Multi-acid superficial face peeling can be performed at any age, regardless of skin type. But cosmetologists recommend more for young clients to carry out the procedure, at the first sign of wilting, and in adulthood more effective peels are required (medium and deep exposure).

What is the uniqueness of the peeling composition?

Multi-acid surface peeling gently cleanses and renews tissues, does not cause irritation and does not require a special preparatory period. A high result from the procedure is achieved thanks to the coordinated work of the constituent acids.

The multi-acid peeling product combines the following components:

  • Succinic acid – is responsible for the “awakening” of inactive, weakened cells, breathes energy and strength into them, the epidermis is updated rapidly. A multi-acid peeling with succinic acid will delight you with a progressive result, velvety and surprisingly delicate skin;
  • Glycolic acid – destroys the bonds between dead cells, so their removal is not difficult, starts the active synthesis of collagen fibers, tightens the skin and eliminates small wrinkles;
  • Mandelic acid – gently affects the skin, actively fights bacteria and keratinized layers of the epidermis, rejuvenates and heals the integument;
  • Hyaluronic acid is a source of youthful skin. Over the years, the production of our own hyaluronic acid decreases, which makes tissues lose their natural tone. With the help of multi-acid face peeling, you carefully cleanse the skin and make up for the deficiency of this important component in the epidermis;
  • Salicylic acid – softens keratinized areas, has analgesic and healing properties, relieves ugly greasy shine;
  • Fruit acids (citric, grape and malic) – in addition to cleansing and stimulating the regeneration processes, these components moisturize, soothe the integument and increase their protection from external aggressive factors.
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girl points finger down

A harmonious combination of active acids can reduce irritation and increase their effect on tissues several times. If you decide to have a multi-acid peeling at home, be sure to visit a beautician before cleansing. He will select the most suitable composition for your skin, taking into account the problems and its general condition.

Benefit and visible effect

The multi-acid surface peeling harmoniously combines comfortable cleansing and high efficiency, minimal risk of complications and a decent visible result after cleansing. To the surprise of many, the procedure is not addictive, it can fight skin diseases and can even be used to prevent aging.

The new cleansing technique has proven itself on the good side, its popularity is progressing every day. After one course of peelings, patients note achievements in beauty and transformation on the face:

  • Dryness and peeling of the epidermis disappears, the skin is moisturized and soft;
  • A healthy shade appears due to improved respiration of the cells and their filling with minerals, enzymes and vitamins;
  • The skin relief is smoothed, its tone is increased, thanks to the active production of its own collagen and elastin;
  • The lightness and airiness of the integument is noted, the pores are clean and narrowed;
  • There is a noticeable lightening of pigmentation on the face;
  • Greasy shine disappears;
  • Wrinkles and bags under the eyes disappear;
  • Multi-acid cleansing contributes to the extinction of inflammatory infections and the cure of seborrhea;
  • In general, the skin looks younger and healthier for a long time.

beautiful female face

The frequency of multi-acid peeling depends on the condition of the skin, the troubling problem and the intended goals:

  • The basic course of cleansing and rejuvenation can include up to 10 procedures every 3 – 7 days, but not more than 2 once a year;
  • For the prevention of wilting and photoaging of the epidermis, multi-acid surface peeling is also suitable. In this case, it is enough to perform cleaning once in 1 – 2 months;
  • For seborrhea, limit yourself to one procedure in 10 days.

Remember, to achieve maximum effect and not harm the skin at all, a competent approach is important. This applies to the frequency and duration of the treatment course. Visit a beautician, ask him about the intricacies of the procedure and its symptoms, and even better entrust it to a specialist.


This purification technique, like any chemical exposure, has several limitations. If there is at least one of the contraindications, the procedure will need to be abandoned.

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Contraindications for peeling with a multi-acid composition include:

  • Inflammatory reactions of the skin;
  • Abrasions, scratches and open wounds on the face;
  • Pregnancy at any time;
  • The period of breastfeeding;
  • Complex diseases of various body systems (diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, cardiovascular ailments);
  • Oncological neoplasms;
  • Photosensitivity of the skin and rashes of herpes on the face;
  • Individual allergy to one of the components of the product used.

How everything happens

The multi-acid and mono-acid peeling procedures are very similar, therefore, patients who at least once exposed the skin to chemical effects should not expect anything new. Facial cleansing takes place in the following sequence:

  1. Preparation for peeling – at this stage, with the help of a cleansing toner or milk, particles of makeup, dirt and grease are removed from the face. The cleanser is applied to the face and rubbed into the epidermis with light movements for several minutes. After rinsing off with warm water or removed with moistened cotton pads.
  2. The study of problem areas (mechanical peeling) – the area on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks need additional mechanical cleaning. To do this, a special cream with microabrasive granules is applied to the face. After a light massage, the cream is removed with wet sponges.
  3. Directly peeling – exfoliant is applied to the skin with a uniform layer. It is recommended to distribute the product with a brush in the direction of the massage lines from the forehead to the temples, from the chin to the cheeks. It is necessary to hold the multi-acid composition up to 15 minutes. The necessary duration of the procedure is determined by the cosmetologist, depending on the condition of the integument.
  4. The stage of neutralization or removal of multicacid means – apply a special neutralizer on the skin in the direction of the reverse exfoliant application, after 2 minutes, remove the remaining product with cotton pads. Only then can you use cloths moistened with water.
  5. At the end of the procedure, a lifting mask is placed on the face, it soothes the skin after chemical exposure and additionally stimulates the processes of restoration of the skin. After the mask, the face is treated with a moisturizing cream.

When there is a burning sensation and signs of hyperemia (a sharp rush of blood to the epidermis and overflow of blood vessels), the peeling agent must be immediately removed from the face with a neutralizer, but not with water. Water can cause tissue burns.

The multi-acid cleansing procedure takes up to 1 hours, it is quite simple and does not require special skills, all you need is attention and a sequence of actions. Peeling can be easily done at home. You can buy a special tool on the Internet or at specialized points.

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Important parting words from cosmetologists

In order to avoid chemical burns, deterioration of the skin condition and complications after peeling, specialists of beauty salons give such recommendations:

  • At least 14 days before the scheduled cleansing with multi-acid products, refuse sunbathing and visiting the solarium. It is also undesirable during this period to take hormonal drugs or pain medication;
  • Before exposure to a multi-acid agent on the face, carry out an allergy test. This approach will prevent dangerous consequences;
  • Do not neglect contraindications. This is an important point in any chemical effect on the epidermis;
  • After the multi-acid procedure, for 2-3 weeks, apply moisturizer to your face, and when going out, do not forget about sunscreens;
  • The first 7 – 10 days after peeling, you can observe slight peeling and redness on the face – this is a perfectly acceptable reaction. In this case, only compliance with the recommendations of specialists will help;
  • Until the skin is completely restored, postpone the visit to the pool, sauna or bath. Otherwise, you just drag out the rehabilitation phase at best, and in the worst, bring the infection with serious complications.

Multi-acid facial cleansing can be a real lifesaver for your skin. It will save her from burdensome dead cells and impurities, eliminate greasy shine, improve her condition, tone, and even contribute to the healing of skin ailments. Take care of your skin – and it will thank you with a healthy and radiant look!

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