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Peelings in the treatment of demodicosis – accelerate recovery competently

Peeling with demodicosis is considered a separate, indispensable step in the cure of the disease. In combination with medications and special ointments, timely cleansing of the skin of grease, dust and sweat particles is the key to a successful, quick recovery. However, it is important to consider that the procedure should be performed only by a professional. Mistakes in the choice of cleansing technique and its incorrect implementation can provoke an exacerbation of the disease and worsen the condition of the skin.

A little bit about demodicosis

Demodecosis is a disease caused by the activity of the demodex subcutaneous tick. Favorite habitats of this pathogen are hair follicles and ducts of the sebaceous glands. The subcutaneous tick can even be located inside healthy skin without causing any particular inconvenience. However, with a malfunction of some organs, due to mental disorder and a number of other factors, the tick is activated and very worried.

skin demadecosis disease

Factors associated with the development of the disease:

  • weakening of immunity after prolonged medical treatment or with an exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • psychological trauma, severe stress;
  • taking hormonal drugs;
  • the fact of contact with the carrier of the disease;
  • disturbances in the endocrine system, kidney disease.

In the first stages, demodicosis resembles extensive acne eruptions. In order to accelerate recovery, it is important to identify the ailment in time and direct all efforts to eliminate the pathogen.

Demodecosis affects the skin, regardless of the age of the patient. However, adolescents and pregnant women are more often affected by the disease.

Symptoms of demodicosis are as follows:

  • extensive rashes, ulcers on the face or acne with cloudy contents;
  • itching and discomfort;
  • the formation of ulcers and roughness of the skin;
  • a peculiar, uncharacteristic luster of the skin in the affected area;
  • the appearance of a whitish coating on the eyelids;
  • noticeable fragility and loss of eyelashes;
  • if you do not respond in a timely manner to the development of demodicosis, in the future the face will turn pale gray or, conversely, a bright crimson hue.

Antibiotics, special ointments and some medications prescribed by a dermatologist will help to cope with demodicosis. The importance of high-quality skin cleansing should not be missed, this prevents the development of the disease, its exacerbation.

The role of peeling in the fight against the disease

Peelings have proven their superiority and quality in skin cleansing. A huge selection of acid formulations and hardware techniques offer each patient a solution to the problem with the skin. The cosmetologist carefully studies the problem and features of the skin and prescribes individual peeling programs, with a certain depth of exposure and cleansing technology.

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For a patient with a disease such as demodicosis, peeling is no less important. His merits include the following facts:

  • regular use of acid exfoliations makes the skin acidified, which is very unacceptable for a subcutaneous tick;
  • the demodex tick emits toxins, creates favorable conditions for bacteria and their development, therefore, with the advent of demodicosis, the patient may complain of the development of rosacea and other dermatological diseases. Timely peeling helps get rid of these toxins and prevent deterioration of the skin;
  • peels have a therapeutic effect, they increase the immunity of epidermal cells and their protection against the negative effects of parasites;
  • after cleansing the skin, a drying effect is observed, acne passes faster and does not form ulcers on the face;
  • peeling successfully removes residual traces of demodicosis, smooths tubercles and adjusts skin tone. Your face looks fresh, less painful and repulsive;
  • the procedure reduces the activity of inflammatory processes, normalizes the sebaceous glands.

To make the peeling a faithful assistant, and not an enemy for your skin, adhere to the instructions of a dermatologist. You can not carry out exfoliation at home, but only under the guidance of a specialist.

Hardware Procedures

In choosing a procedure for facial cleansing, trust the professionals. Features of the skin, its structure and stage of the disease are important factors that a specialist should consider. Self-prescribing treatment is prohibited. From this, the risk of a protracted recovery process increases, and at the same time, the chances of worsening the situation increase.

salon peeling procedure

Among the huge arsenal of peelings, cosmetologists note several options for cleansing the skin. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Laser therapy

Laser peeling is very popular among specialists and patients. It does not violate the integrity of the surface layer of the epidermis, but acts on the inner layers. The procedure is painless and does not require rehabilitation, a minimum of side complications and a maximum of benefit.

Problem areas are cauterized by a laser beam. Laser therapy strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves metabolism in cells and accelerates skin renewal. After peeling, you will notice a noticeable improvement in the condition of the integuments and their color, and lightness and elasticity of the tissues will appear.

For laser peeling, high-tech equipment is used. Beautician must be trained to work on it. A separate laser exposure program is created for each patient, taking into account the structure of the epidermis, the required exposure depth and the number of procedures are selected.

Physical peeling or cryotherapy

Cryo-peeling, physical peeling involves cleansing the skin with very low temperatures or dry ice. The main component of cryopilling is liquid nitrogen. When it acts on the skin, its temperature reaches -110оС.

During the procedure, the cosmetologist directs a stream with nitrogen to the problem areas. Such purification is non-contact, so there is no risk of infection from the previous patient. In some cases, nitrogen is applied using a special roller exclusively to problem areas.

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cryotherapy procedure

Liquid nitrogen peeling has a multilateral effect on the patient’s skin:

  • constricts blood vessels;
  • reduces inflammatory processes;
  • has a drying effect;
  • normalizes metabolism in the cells of the skin;
  • qualitatively cleanses the skin from dead cells, sebaceous plugs and comedones;
  • creates uncomfortable conditions for the demodex parasite.

The procedure is very fast, exposure to problem areas with liquid nitrogen does not exceed 5 minutes.

Acid exfoliation for a speedy recovery

To quickly get rid of demodicosis, cosmetologists recommend acid peels. Pyruvic, salicylic, mandelic and glycolic acids are very popular for solving the problems of demodicosis. They have a mild effect, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Glycolic peeling

Glycolic acid exfoliation is one of the most gentle and effective procedures. The acid acts gently, is easily perceived by the skin and rarely causes complications.

The essence of the procedure is the application of concentrated glycolic acid to the surface of the face. The acid ingredient has an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect, accelerates the metabolic processes in the cells of the epidermis, delicately eliminates dust and fat particles, removes toxins. Regular use of glycol cleansing guarantees improved appearance, prevents the development of demodicosis and creates an unfavorable environment for the life of demodex.

Glycolic acid exfoliation is necessary no more than 1 times in 14 days. Self-execution of the procedure threatens burns and unpleasant consequences.

TCA peeling

Peeling trichloroacetic acid (TCA peeling) can hide traces of inflammation after demodecosis. The acidic ingredient smoothes the skin texture, cleanses it qualitatively, has a whitening effect.

Trichloroacetic acid has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. The composition penetrates deeply and guarantees an acid effect on acne of various depths.

TCA peels are superficial, median or deep. The higher the concentration of the main component, the deeper the effect and the more effective the result. In cosmetology, it is customary to use such concentrations of trichloroacetic acid:

  • 15% – used for surface exposure. In addition, other fruit acids, which are part of the exfoliation product, enhance the action of the main ingredient;
  • 20% – used to affect the deeper layers of the skin, for conducting mid peeling. The procedure stimulates the active recovery and renewal of the affected layers of the epidermis, has an immunomodulating effect;
  • 40% – assumes the exact removal of the problem. The composition of the peeling is supplemented with phytic acid and saponites.

The choice of acid for exfoliation largely depends on the condition, sensitivity of the skin and the degree of demodicosis. Only an expert can determine the best option. A cosmetologist-dermatologist will create an individual program for cleansing the integument, recommend leaving cosmetics and explain the intricacies of caring for problem skin to ensure the fastest possible recovery from demodicosis.

Enzyme peeling

Enzyme peeling is ideal for delicate skin cleansing and resistance to subcutaneous mites. As the main active substance, protein molecules (enzymes) are used. They accelerate biochemical reactions in cells, destroy lipid bonds between dead and healthy cells. This allows you to get rid of non-working particles and keratinization, improve the condition of the integument and accelerate their functioning without the use of aggressive acids and the risks of complications.

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Enzymes carefully and efficiently clean the pores and ducts of the sebaceous glands, where the causative agent of demodicosis is located. This undermines his strength, creates a less suitable environment for activity.

Enzyme peeling guarantees the extinction of inflammatory reactions in the epidermis, ensures its purification and normalizes metabolic processes. This type of cleansing is free from side effects and complications, suitable for sensitive skin.

Secrets of a quick recovery

So that the treatment of demodicosis does not drag out and does not lead to an exacerbation of the disease, it is important to adhere to the instructions of the cosmetologist. It is equally important to identify the factor that triggered a surge in the activity of the demodex tick.

demadecosis on the face

To eliminate the ailment, complex treatment is prescribed, it includes taking medications, applying ointments to problem areas and high-quality cleansing of the integument. The patient during the treatment period follows a strict diet, this is necessary to normalize the intestines.

With demodicosis, it is prohibited:

  • attend saunas, baths and thermal procedures that contribute to the expansion of blood vessels;
  • contact with chlorinated water, go to the pool;
  • use warming cosmetics, lotions and masks with honey;
  • take hormonal drugs until the parasite is completely neutralized;
  • self-medication and peeling at home;
  • the use of spicy, spicy dishes, alcoholic beverages.

Beauty Care Rules

Proper cosmetic skin care for demodicosis will ensure a successful cure. No residual marks and scars on the face. To do this, dermatologists insist on the following points:

  • cleanse the skin with soap-free products with a neutral pH of 2-3 once a day;
  • regularly refer to cosmetic procedures (mesotherapy, ozone therapy or cryomassage). They increase the immunity of skin cells, normalize the functioning of the glands and improve the functioning of the skin;
  • periodically conduct enzymatic and acid peels in a beauty salon to ensure cleansing of the deeper layers of the skin;
  • it is additionally recommended to perform alginate masks (also in a beauty salon);
  • direct your forces to additional hydration of the epidermis. To do this, use cosmetic products with hyaluronic acid and urea preparations.

Demodecosis is a complex but solvable skin problem. Direct all your efforts towards its solution – and a quick successful outcome is guaranteed. Do not be upset if the treatment is delayed for several months. This is a normal occurrence. After recovery, take preventative measures to prevent the recurrence of the disease. Be healthy!

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