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Professional face peeling cosmetics

Professional cosmetics for face peeling is an opportunity to cleanse the skin, restore its strength and energy. Many cosmetic products from this series are suitable not only for salon procedures, but can be used at home. Professional cosmetics is distinguished by a harmoniously selected composition, ease of use and high results.

The importance of peeling for the skin

Peeling is a fighter for the youth and perfection of our skin. From the English word peel (“strongly scrape”), the procedure is aimed at deep cleansing the integument not only of particles of dirt, sweat and fat, but also of dead cells, which accumulate over the years, clog pores, slow down intracellular processes and prevent skin from breathing.

In youth, the skin is able to independently cope with such accumulations. However, with age, it is not possible to maintain the previous rhythms of renewal, and dead cells form keratinized layers. To support weakened covers, you can use special cosmetics for peeling.

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Regular deep cleansing of the skin ensures a lasting and pronounced effect. After one course of peelings, the following changes await you:

  • complexion is leveled, freshness and healthy radiance appear;
  • pore cleansing from sebaceous plugs occurs, their narrowing is planned;
  • there is a tendency to reduce inflammatory processes, the appearance of acne;
  • the unevenness of the skin relief is corrected, wrinkles, scars and post-acne are smoothed out;
  • blood microcirculation is established, metabolic processes in cells and regeneration of integuments are accelerated;
  • the work of the sebaceous glands stabilizes, the skin becomes less oily and less likely to suffer irritation, acne eruptions;
  • intense hydration and nutrition of the epidermis occurs;
  • the skin becomes soft and tender;
  • tissue tone increases, the pace of aging of the integument slows down;
  • the procedure has a brightening effect on the integument, which helps in the fight against age spots and stagnant spots;
  • active synthesis of natural collagen, elastin is launched, the fibers become resilient and elastic.

Provide a noticeable improvement in the condition of the skin can only correct and regular peeling. As a rule, the procedure is carried out in courses, this guarantees a lasting effect and deep cleansing.

Types of cosmetic products for cleansing

Professional cosmetics for face peeling can be divided into several types:

  1. Means for enzymatic facial peeling – these compounds are filled with enzymes obtained from plants, animal fibers or as a result of bacterial fermentation. Enzymatic cosmetics are distinguished by their mild effects, can be used for sensitive skin. With the help of enzymes, only superficial cleansing is performed, cosmetics has a minimum of contraindications and restrictions for use.
  2. Products for chemical (acid) peeling – cosmetics contain one or more concentrated acids. The deeper the exposure is needed, the higher the concentration of the main acidic ingredient. Acid peels are divided into 3 main types: superficial, median and deep. Median and deep peels require special, clinical conditions, so they are not used at home, only in a beauty parlor.
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You can refresh and transform the surface of the face at home. To do this, it is enough to purchase special cosmetics and, following the recommendations of specialists, perform a cleansing. In this article, all attention will be paid specifically to chemical peeling.

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Each peeling preparation has detailed instructions for use. It is important to study it before cleansing, conduct an allergy test. These are mandatory measures to avoid post-peeling complications, various unpleasant consequences and residual scars.

Active cosmetics

The composition of preparations for chemical peeling of the face includes two types of acids: alpha-hydroxide acids or AHA-acids and beta-hydroxide acids (BHA-acids). Let us consider in more detail the properties of these ingredients and the benefits for the face.

Alpha-hydroxy acids are recommended for superficial and median cleansing of the skin, for filling them with life-giving energy, nutrients and moisture. This group of ingredients includes glycolic, lactic, pyruvic, malic and a number of other acids. ANA acids gently affect the problem and are suitable for all types of epidermis.

AHA acid peels may contain one or more ingredients. Multifruit peels provide a complex effect on the integument, refresh the face and normalize the work of glands and epidermal cells.

Beta hydroxyacids (BHA acids) are more aggressive in fiber exposure. They penetrate deeper and more difficult to perceive by the skin. This group includes salicylic, trichloroacetic, retinoic acid. BHA acids are suitable for oily and problem type of integument. They have a drying, antimicrobial effect, so they will be relevant for the fight against acne, inflammation on the face.

Regardless of the selected group of ingredients, cosmetologists recommend performing the procedure in the period November – February. At this time of the year, the risk of developing skin pigmentation is reduced due to the low solar activity.

A review of decent peeling cosmetics

Holy Land, Mene & Moy, MD Forte, Dermaceutic and Agera RX, Jan Marini, Cosmedix, LA Peel and others remain popular brands of professional cosmetics for peeling. They offer a wide range of tools for peeling in salon and home.

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We offer a small selection of professional cosmetics for face peeling, which has already been loved by many women and positions itself as a high-quality, effective product:

  1. Holy Land Peeling Cream Lactolan exfoliating cream – a cosmetic product presented by the famous Israeli company Holy Land. The cream has successfully combined the action of enzymes and lactic acid, is easy to apply and guarantees a gentle surface cleansing of the integument. Cream-gommage is very simple to use: the product is evenly, thinly distributed on the cleaned surface of the face under a warm compress. After 10 minutes, the particles of the composition roll down with the fingertips, movements should be soft, not stretching, along the massage lines.
  2. Holy Land Rapid Exfoliator Alpha Complex Peeling – concentrated multi-acid peeling guarantees a gentle and high-quality cleansing. The composition of the drug includes citric, salicylic, lactic and ascorbic acids, plant extracts and citrus fruits. Suitable product for salon and home procedures. After regular use, the skin becomes soft, velvety and toned. At home, it is recommended to clean 1 integuments once every 7 – 10 days.
  3. Holy Land Super-Lift Age Control – the multi-component acid composition of the product provides deep cleansing, softens the skin and replenishes lost elasticity and tone. Recommended for aging skin. The drug should not be used more often 1 once a week, and after the procedure you need to use sunscreens to prevent skin pigmentation.
  4. Christina Peeling Gommage with Vitamin E is another unique remedy from Israeli scientists. Ideal for home use, does not irritate the skin. The softness of the effect, the composition rich in vitamins, intensive moisturizing, high-quality cleansing and a light whitening effect – all these qualities are combined in one drug. The product is applied to the cleansed face, and after completely drying it rolls off with your fingers. A light facial massage will enhance the effect of the product and provide high results.
  5. Gigi Snc Multiple Peeling for all skin types is a unique product from a well-known cosmetic brand. The composition of the product includes urea, lactic and salicylic acid, plankton extract and phenol. The multicomponent preparation promises high-quality, deep cleansing of the skin from dead cells and dirt particles that have settled in the pores. The tool improves the immunity of epidermal cells, corrects unevenness of the skin and evens out skin tone. It is convenient to use even at home. The cosmetic product is suitable for all types of epidermis and can be used in summer.
  6. Peel Therapy Glycolic Acid Complex from BeautyMed is a French product used for surface chemical peeling. The total concentration of the constituent acids reaches 10% and guarantees deep penetration, softening of the skin and the rapid removal of dead cells, keratinization and dirt particles. The drug additionally increases the firmness and elasticity of the fibers, smoothes the surface relief of the face and enhances the immunity of epidermal cells. The composition of the product is filled with various acids (hyaluronic, glycolic, citric, malic, tartaric) and a number of useful plant extracts. Ideal product for dry and mature skin. The drug has a pronounced therapeutic effect and perfectly shaves with pigmentation of the epidermis.
  7. Peel Therapy Salicylic Acid Complex from BeautyMed is another version of the chemical 10-percent peeling, only salicylic acid is taken as the basis. The tool is recommended for owners of a fatty and problematic type of epidermis. The acid composition easily removes cover from keratinized deposits, frees pores from sebaceous plugs, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Beauticians note an excellent drying and healing effect. After the course of procedures, you will notice significant changes, acne rashes and acne will disappear, the oily sheen will disappear, the skin tone will improve and even out.
  8. Medical Collagene 3d Enzyme Peel Sensi Skin Enzyme Peeling for Dry and Sensitive Skin is a worthy option for painless and high-quality cleansing of weakened tissues. The Russian company took care of women by creating a series of enzyme peels for various skin types. All of them maintain an optimal level of moisture in the fibers, regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands and gently eliminate problematic layers from dead cells, block aging processes, and make the face surface smooth, clean and refreshed. Women will appreciate the affordable pricing of the brand of professional cosmetics.
  9. Peeling scrub with lactic acid and allantoin Peeling scrub with lactic acid, allantoin from New Line is an excellent cleanser that combines the mechanical and chemical methods of treating dead cells. To use such cosmetics there are no restrictions on age and type of integument. The product so delicately eliminates the skin problem, cleanses and tightens pores, gives it velvety and healthy glow.
  10. Peeling with ANA 8% of Premium – a complex of gel-based ANA acids, in addition to cleansing, has pronounced healing properties. The product is used to treat seborrhea, acne, and also to correct age-related deficiencies on the face. Citric, glycolic, malic, and lactic acids gently cleanse the skin, fill the epidermis cells with energy and life-giving moisture, slow down aging and aging, whiten the skin and prevent the appearance of pigmentation in the future. Cosmetics of this brand has quite reasonable prices and gives pleasure from the application.
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It is worth noting that cosmetic brands offer a wide, selected assortment of professional face cosmetics: peeling, vitamin serums, cleansing lotions, tonics, multifunctional creams.

Beauticians recommend using products from the same series, one brand, to ensure a lasting and pronounced result. The manufacturer has already harmoniously selected the components of the products so that they complement each other and in no way irritate the skin.

Before applying any cosmetic product for the first time, it is necessary to conduct an allergy test. To do this, apply a small amount of the product on the wrist, behind the ear or on the inner bend of the elbow. After 10 – 15 minutes, evaluate the skin condition: irritation, itching, pain, burning and swelling indicate a negative reaction, you can not use such a drug.

Remember, only quality products can guarantee a solution to skin problems. Professional cosmetics is an opportunity to arrange a beauty salon at home, to restore radiance and health to the skin without pain and irritation. With proven cosmetic brands that professionals have already rated, you will always look perfect!

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