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Proven recipes for leg peeling at home

Peeling for feet at home is a sure step towards tenderness and perfection of the skin. To carry out the “transformation” procedure, it is not necessary to use store compositions and products; you can prepare an effective alternative yourself. The main plus of home cosmetics is that the prepared product is made of good quality products and will not cause complications when used correctly.

What can be the means for home peeling

Peeling feet at home is a gentle cleansing procedure. Means used for peeling legs, as a rule, are weaker and more tender, do not provoke severe complications even with erroneous actions.

Home peelings of the feet according to the principle of exposure and the order of execution do not differ at all from salon cleaning options. Compositions for peeling feet can conditionally be divided into two types:

peeling heels at home

  • For chemical peeling of the feet – various acids are used, for example, lactic, glycolic or fruit. Such a procedure is more complex and requires careful implementation, compliance with the rules and the order of conduct. In case of violation, burns and prolongation of the period of full recovery are possible;
  • For mechanical peeling – everything is simpler here. As a rule, for mechanical cleaning, compositions with abrasive particles are used (in home cosmetology they are salt, sugar, ground coffee and others) or masks with natural acids that are found in ordinary products.

As for the depth of exposure to the skin, only superficial or median peeling can be performed at home. During the superficial cleansing of the legs, only the horny layer of the epidermis is affected, while the means for median peeling penetrate deeper and act on the prickly layer, inclusive. This is enough to guarantee the skin a well-groomed appearance, softness and elasticity.

Recipes for natural scrubs and foot masks

Homemade scrubs and foot masks are the most loyal peeling products. They gently affect the skin, nourish it and moisturize without complications and pain. Scrub peeling combines a gentle massage and aromatherapy.

Scrubs and masks for peeling feet are so simple that anyone can cook them. From peeling with home scrubs your legs are guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure, and the heels will become tender and elastic. For home peeling at home, recipes for the best remedies will come in handy. We present to your attention the top scrubs and foot masks.

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Kefir Peeling

Kefir contains natural lactic acid. Lactic acid peeling is considered one of the most popular methods that beauty salons use to combat dead skin areas. Lactic acid actively acts, destroys dead cells and stimulates the appearance of new ones. The procedure is painless, it does not cause itching, redness or other side effects. To make a kefir scrub you will need:


  • 0,5 st kefir without additives.
  1. Kefir is heated in a bath to a temperature of 35 – 38С.
  2. Place the feet in plastic bags, where then pour the warm kefir. To prevent the bags from sleeping and the product to spill out, tie the bags and put on warm socks.
  3. Within 2 hours, do what you love, try not to walk.
  4. After the specified time, remove the packages, rinse your feet in water.
  5. Peel the feet with a nourishing foot cream.

Coffee Peeling

Ground coffee scrubs are slightly different from mild kefir peeling. The focus is on abrasive coffee particles. They “tear off” the dead cells, free up space for new and elastic ones. At the same time, ground coffee massage enhances blood microcirculation, activates metabolic processes, and the nutritional composition fills the cells with useful substances and minerals. To make a coffee foot scrub you will need:

coffee grounds, sea salt and olive oil

  • 1 Art. l coffee grounds;
  • 1 tsp medium or fine sea salt;
  • 2 Art. l unrefined olive oil.
  1. Mix salt with coffee.
  2. Add oil extract to bulk ingredients. It can be olive or any basic cosmetic oil.
  3. Spread your feet in the bath.
  4. In massaging movements, distribute the prepared composition in the footsteps.
  5. Perform a light foot massage for 2 – 3 minutes.
  6. You can leave the peeling agent for another 5 – 10 minutes.
  7. Rinse off the scrub with water, and additionally treat problem areas with a pumice stone.
  8. Dry your feet and apply a nourishing cream.

To nourish scrubs to the maximum effect, apply them to cleansed and steamed skin. To do this, before the procedure, take a hot bath or hold your feet in a bath with herbs, sea salt.

Chocolate peeling

Chocolate peeling for legs and body is a favorite salon method of skin cleansing. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, therefore, it actively promotes the elimination of toxins and the neutralization of free radicals. The secret of this effect is hidden in cocoa, and it will be used to make scrub:

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milk, cocoa, granulated sugar

  • 15 g cocoa powder;
  • Xnumx g of granulated sugar;
  • 60 ml whole milk.
  1. Lightly heat the milk in the bath (up to 38С).
  2. Mix all the ingredients to the density of sour cream.
  3. Apply fragrance to cleansed feet.
  4. Stops additionally massage 3 – 5 minutes.
  5. Do not rinse the chocolate product for another 10 – 15 minutes.
  6. Rinse your feet with warm water.
  7. Apply a nourishing foot cream.

Homemade scrubs and foot masks are weaker than chemicals in beauty salons. Therefore, be prepared that the procedure needs to be repeated in time.

Honey peeling

Honey is a piggy bank of vitamins and nutrients, its healing properties have been used in cosmetology for a long time. It favorably affects the metabolism in cells, stimulates the regeneration processes. To prepare the product for honey peeling of the feet you will need:

olive oil, honey and sea salt

  • 1 Art. l liquid honey;
  • 2 tsp salt (preferably sea);
  • 2 Art. l olive or almond oil.
  1. Mix all the ingredients to make the mixture homogeneous.
  2. For greater effectiveness, vegetable oil can be slightly warmed up.
  3. Apply the composition to the feet.
  4. Massage your legs for 3 – 5 minutes.
  5. Do not rinse the honey product for 15 minutes.
  6. Remove scrub remnants with warm water.
  7. Apply foot cream to fix the result.

One home scrub to remove keratinized skin layers may not be enough, so use an additional pumice stone or a special nail file. If you are completely satisfied with the result, you can omit mechanical cleaning. Be sure to apply a nourishing cream at the end of the procedure.

Walnut peeling

Nuts are sources of natural fatty acids. Walnut scrubs perfectly soften problem areas, remove dead cells, fill with a mass of nutrients. Treat the legs with a fragrant peeling with almonds or hazelnuts. To prepare the composition you will need:

honey, oatmeal, hazelnuts and yogurt

  • 7 walnut kernels;
  • 1 Art. l oatmeal;
  • 1 st. l. honey;
  • 5 Art. l yogurt.
  1. It is recommended to use liquid honey; if necessary, melt it to a fluid state.
  2. Grind oatmeal and nuts.
  3. Mix the ingredients until smooth.
  4. Spread the cooked nut scrub over the peeled skin of your feet.
  5. Massage your feet for 3 – 5 minutes.
  6. Leave the product on your feet for 15 minutes.
  7. Rinse off the composition.
  8. Treat your skin with a nourishing cream.
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Homemade peeling socks

When there is no patience and time for a long degeneration of the skin of the feet, peeling socks come to the rescue. The procedure refers to surface chemical peels of the feet. It is very effective and easy to perform, in addition, it has a minimal risk of side effects. In just 7 days, coarse and dry heels will be replaced by young, resilient and elastic ones. It is difficult to believe in this, it remains only to try on yourself.

A similar technique for cleansing the heels came to us from Asian countries, and it is there that world-famous socks for peeling feet are produced. You can recreate no less effective socks at home. For the cleansing procedure you will need:

socks, lactic acid and bag

  • Lactic acid;
  • Cotton socks;
  • 2 plastic bag.
  1. Trim your socks so that they cover only the bottom of the foot (sole and heel).
  2. Dilute lactic acid with water so that its concentration is up to 20%. The higher the concentration, the greater the chance of harming the skin.
  3. Soak cropped socks with an acid solution.
  4. Put the prepared socks on your feet.
  5. Put your feet in bags. Fasten the bags on the foot so that they do not sleep.
  6. Relax and do what you love.
  7. After 2 hours, remove your socks and rinse your feet with water and apply cream.

In the presence of cuts and wounds, expectant and nursing mothers, as well as patients with diabetes mellitus, cannot use socks for chemical peeling. A limitation of the procedure applies to patients with an allergy to lactic acid.

After chemical peeling, it is not necessary to treat the skin with pumice; the acid composition is already active on dead cells. You will notice the first result in 1 – 2 days – the skin will begin to peel off and lag behind. It is impossible to peel off layers of the epidermis that exfoliate. Wait until they themselves fall away and enjoy the soft heels.

So that problem calluses and corns, roughness and coarsening of the heels do not disturb your beautiful legs, you need competent and high-quality care for them. Natural masks and scrubs will help you with this. Such cosmetics will cost a penny, but their composition is a real wealth for the skin of the legs. Please yourself with healthy and soft feet.

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