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Salt body peels – spa at your home

Salt body peeling is the easiest, but no less effective option for quick and painless skin cleansing. Salt grains remove keratinized cells, accelerate metabolic processes and blood movement through vessels, and accompany the rapid restoration and renewal of fibers. Many beauty salons offer salt wraps to get rid of cellulite and burn excess fat, as one of the best methods to deal with these problems.

What is the secret of salt peeling

Salt body peeling is a common and popular procedure in spa centers. With its help, it is possible to cleanse and refresh the skin in the shortest possible time, normalize its breathing and the work of the sebaceous glands. All this action does not cause discomfort and pain, does not require special preparation and does not provoke complications, side effects.

Body peeling with salt causes a number of positive changes in the skin:

body salt peeling procedure

  • It eliminates the dead layer of cells, so the skin begins to breathe freely;
  • Cleans pores from sebaceous plugs;
  • It stabilizes the work of the glands, so an ugly oily sheen disappears;
  • It improves blood flow, the skin looks fresh and healthy;
  • Cells make up for the lack of mineral and nutritional components;
  • It activates the restoration and renewal of fibers, the skin becomes elastic and taut;
  • Accelerates the metabolism in cells, strengthens their walls and immunity;
  • It reduces body fat due to the effect on lipolysis processes, therefore it is often used for weight loss;
  • Dries, has an antiseptic effect.

Salt peeling allows you to quickly and competently improve the skin, restore its elasticity and softness. For the procedure, cosmetologists recommend using sea salt. It contains a large number of minerals indispensable for the normal functioning of cells.

Indisputable advantages of salt peeling

Undoubtedly, salt peeling is a cleansing, massage, nutrition, and skin treatment. You can talk about the benefits of salt for a long time, but you should understand its main advantages:

  • the procedure is absolutely harmless
  • only natural ingredients are used to cleanse the body;
  • salt peeling can be done at home;
  • the effect is noticeable immediately;
  • no complications and pain, subject to contraindications and the rules of the procedure;
  • a wide range of effects – in addition to cleansing, salt has a therapeutic effect, can be used to combat excess weight and cellulite.
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types of salt for the procedure

By adjusting the composition of salt scrubs with cosmetic oils, esters and plant extracts, dairy products and fruit juices, you can easily find the most acceptable and effective option for your type of epidermis.

In cosmetology, salt scrubs are widespread. They are used to peel the body, head, face, legs. They are easy to use, easy to apply and do not require preparation, do not limit freedom of action after the procedure and are cheap.


Salt peeling can be used for sensitive and dry skin, for oily or combination skin, but it is absolutely not permissible in the following cases:

  • There are inflammations on the body, ulcers;
  • The client complains of an infectious disease, fever or cold sores in the treated area;
  • Tumors, neoplasms;
  • Severe tan, sore skin;
  • Dermatitis, open wounds, abrasions and burns.

Contraindications to the use of salt peeling for a temporary body. After the complete cure of these ailments, you can try the magic salt scrub on yourself.

For pregnant women, salt peeling is not contraindicated, but be sure to consult your doctor before performing it. He will indicate which parts of the body do not need to be touched during the procedure, which additional ingredients are best not to use, and how to massage properly so as not to harm the child.

Home Peeling Recipes

When it’s not possible to visit a beauty salon, you can easily arrange it at home. To clean the body with salt, special equipment and sophisticated tools are not needed. Peeling scrubs can be prepared from improvised products and cosmetic oils, and nothing is needed to apply it to the body. We bring to your attention several effective and proven recipes for salt peeling.

Peeling with salt and grapefruit

All citrus fruits are filled with antioxidants and vitamins, essential components, so they perfectly soothe the skin, fight aging and sagging. In addition, aromatic salt formulations have a beneficial effect on the patient’s nervous system and reduce anxiety and irritability. To prepare a fragrant scrub you will need:

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sesame oil, sea salt and grapefruit

  • 5 Art. l sea ​​salt;
  • 1 Art. l sesame oil;
  • grapefruit.
  1. Use a whole blender (with a peel) to chop the grapefruit.
  2. Add the cosmetic oil and salt to the citrus mass.
  3. All mix well.
  4. Apply the scrub on a cleaned body in an even layer.
  5. Massage the skin with your hands for 5 – 7 minutes, the movements should be light and pleasant.
  6. Leave the composition for a while.
  7. After 10 minutes, rinse with shower.
  8. Treat your skin with lotion or moisturizer.

If grapefruit was not at hand or if you are allergic to it, it can be replaced with orange or lemon. Similar to sesame oil, add another favorite cosmetic extract instead.

Peeling with salt and oatmeal

Oatmeal scrub is ideal for cleansing sensitive and dry skin. He will give it softness and carefully remove dirt and dead cells, smooth out the relief of the skin. To carry out body cleansing you will need:

milk, oatmeal and salt

  • 1 Art. l sea ​​salt (fine grinding);
  • 4 Art. l oatmeal;
  • whole milk.
  1. Grind oatmeal a little, pour them with hot milk.
  2. Boil the oatmeal a little, so that it is thick.
  3. Cool porridge, add salt.
  4. On the steamed and cleaned body, apply the prepared composition.
  5. Massage 5 – 7 minutes.
  6. Rinse your body with warm water.
  7. Use a cream or lotion with a moisturizing effect.

In salt peeling, it is important that the salt does not dissolve before applying it to the body. Therefore, add it at the very end, before applying the scrub.

Peeling with salt and seaweed

To invigorate the skin, restore its elasticity and velvety, you need a nourishing scrub with seaweed. The composition of this scrub includes ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and substances that can accelerate the synthesis of collagen. To make a scrub you will need:

sea ​​kale, sea salt, olive oil and flaxseed

  • 1 Art. l sea ​​salt;
  • 200 g of seaweed;
  • 1 Art. l flaxseed;
  • 2 Art. l boiling water;
  • 2 Art. l unrefined olive oil;
  • 1 Art. l dry dill.
  1. Prepare a cool decoction of flax. For this, 1 Art. l pour seeds with boiling water and leave for 10 – 15 minutes.
  2. Add warm butter, chopped seaweed and dill to warm flaxseed broth.
  3. Lastly mix in the salt.
  4. Massage the product over the cleaned and steamed body.
  5. It is recommended to wrap the body with plastic wrap and wrap yourself in a warm blanket to create a sauna effect.
  6. After 15 – 25 minutes, rinse off any remaining product with water.
  7. Apply body cream.
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Hot wraps are contraindicated in all stages of pregnancy. For expectant mothers, you need to omit the wrap, just hold the 15 scrub for minutes on the skin, and then wash it off.

We clean without harm to health

Despite the harmlessness of the procedure, cosmetologists advise nevertheless to adhere to the basic rules of home peeling:

  • Pre-cleanse the skin of particles of dirt, grease and sweat;
  • The effectiveness of the cleansing procedure will be higher if carried out after a hot bath, apply a scrub to the steamed body;
  • Observe the proportions of the ingredients when preparing the peeling product. All products must be of high quality, not irritate the skin;
  • A scrub is applied to moisturized skin so as not to damage weakened tissues and not to dry them;
  • During peeling, the composition is distributed on the skin with light, circular movements. It is necessary to do massage 5 – 10 minutes;
  • After cleaning with salt, moisturize the body with cream or a special lotion;
  • Perform the procedure before bedtime, so that the body and you are well relaxed, rested.

The salt cleansing procedure can be carried out at any time of the year, but not after a strong tan. Exposing grains to inflamed skin can cause pain and damage. Carefully study the contraindications before peeling.

Frequency of peeling

After peeling with salt, the skin noticeably transforms, elasticity and freshness returns, the relief and shade of the skin are leveled. However, salt peeling is not a daily procedure.

Beauticians recommend using a similar cleansing method for the oily type of epidermis no more than 1 times in 4 days. For owners of a dry and sensitive type of skin, salt scrubs should be applied to the 1 body once a week, not more often.

It is possible to please the body with a portion of mineral and nutritional components, to invigorate and restore its elasticity with simple and effective methods. One of them is salt peeling. Give your body half an hour of time and see how easy it is to preserve natural beauty without even leaving your home.

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