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The combination of peeling with mesotherapy

Today, a new and confident solution to dryness and early aging of the skin has appeared – a combination of acid peeling and mesotherapy or mesopilling. This approach allows cosmetologists to increase the efficiency of vitamin youth cocktails introduced by injection, activate internal processes in cells and accelerate the rate of skin restoration (renewal) in just one procedure and without traditional puffiness, redness and peeling. Mesopilling was already appreciated by women, and noted a quick and tangible result.

The secret to the effectiveness and dignity of mesopilling

Modern cosmetology is actively developing not only in the direction of creating new techniques for rejuvenating and cleansing the skin, but also successfully combines proven and beloved procedures. Mesopilling is one of the successful and effective combinations of two well-known procedures: surface chemical peeling and mesotherapy.

The combination of peeling and mesotherapy was first proposed by French cosmetologists in 2000, but mesopilling gained mass popularity later, after small changes by Brazilian specialists.

Mesopilling turned all patient’s ideas about chemical peeling, which is usually associated with mild swelling and peeling, redness of the skin and a week-long rehabilitation period. This technique allowed us to get rid of such post-peeling effects, but did not hurt the main advantage of peeling – its high effectiveness in cleaning, updating the skin.

preparation for peeling

The advantages of combined mesotherapy and peeling include the following facts:

  • the mesopilling procedure helps to cope with many skin problems much faster and better than the consistent execution of peeling and mesotherapy;
  • skin renewal proceeds painlessly, without redness and rapid exfoliation of tissues, as in the usual procedure of chemical peeling;
  • during the procedure, the integrity of the surface layers of the epidermis is not violated, so no rehabilitation measures are required, and you can use your favorite masks, scrubs, as before;
  • mesopilling has no time limit of the year, therefore it is performed at a convenient time for you, regardless of solar activity;
  • the procedure does not need a long preparatory stage;
  • The combination of surface peeling and mesotherapy is a universal procedure for improving the condition of the skin. It is available for all ages and has only a few contraindications.

Mesopilling will save you from complex vibrations between mesotherapy or peeling. A vitamin cocktail with the addition of the Queen of Youth and Beauty (hyaluronic acid), due to glycolic acid deeper than with conventional mesotherapy, affects the skin problem and delays its appearance in the future.

Indications for the procedure

The mesopilling procedure is a soft and painless elimination of aesthetic and quality skin imperfections. Beauticians say that mesopilling will be useful for any type of skin:

  • for problematic skin, a combination of superficial peeling and mesotherapy procedures will have a healing effect. It will relieve acne and inflamed acne, reduce irritability of the skin in the future. Mesopilling also smoothes scars and post-acne;
  • dry skin will receive intensive hydration, which will last a long time, annoying tightness and peeling will disappear, in return the face will become surprisingly tender and toned;
  • mesopilling helps to narrow the enlarged pores, eliminates the “goose” skin and ugly sebaceous sheen, so it is ideal for oily and mixed types of epidermis;
  • owners of sensitive skin will be satisfied with effective and very gentle cleansing, comedones and black spots will disappear, the general condition and color of the skin will noticeably improve;
  • the procedure is also done for the purpose of rejuvenation. Mesopilling will smooth the skin texture, relieve stretch marks and shallow wrinkles;
  • for those who can not cope with freckles, various kinds of pigmentation, including age, mesopilling will also be useful.

Mesopilling is a very useful and responsible procedure, therefore it is done only by a professional. At home and in dubious beauty salons, its implementation is unacceptable!

Features of the technique

Mesopilling involves the injection of a special drug deep into the skin at 1-2 mm, as with mesotherapy. The composition of the drug includes 3 active component:

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  1. 1% glycolic acid, which will ensure the destruction of lipid bonds with dead cells, accelerates the division of stem cells and the synthesis of its own collagen, elastin. Glycolic acid is also involved in normalizing the water balance of epidermal cells. It affects the production of melanin and its even distribution in the thickness of the skin, which prevents the appearance of age spots.
  2. Particles of organic silicon, which strengthen collagen and elastin fibers, prevent their destruction, and also activate metabolism in cells.
  3. Procaine acts as an anesthetic. In addition, procaine dilates blood vessels and accelerates the effects of other components on the epidermis.

Amino acids, hyaluronic acid and beauty vitamins will complement this entire “cocktail”. They will ensure the activity of cells in matters of regeneration, fill them with energy and normalize their internal work. Thanks to the acid used, these additives penetrate much deeper, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.

The combination of glycolic peeling and mesotherapy is the most popular, but at the same time, retinoic, lactic or salicylic acid can be used. It depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and the reason for the peeling.

How to prepare for mesopilling

The preparatory stage for mesopilling involves more organizational issues and consists in the following:

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  • Seriously approach the choice of a cosmetologist to perform a cosmetic procedure. Incorrect dosage or insufficient experience of such procedures can play a trick on you, lead to complications and worsening of the skin. Make a worthy, right choice will help you positive feedback from patients in the cosmetology office or the advice of friends.
  • Exacerbation of diseases, especially in the face, can be harmful. Therefore, before proceeding with mesopilling, go through a course of medical procedures. It is better to carry out such procedures when the body gets stronger and recovers from the transferred illness.
  • Be sure to check the skin reaction to the drug used so that it does not cause an allergic reaction in you.


Mesopilling can be safely considered the most versatile and safe cosmetic procedure, but do not miss some restrictions for its implementation. They relate to patients with individual intolerance to the components for injection or patients with hemophilia and diseases associated with blood coagulation.

The procedure should be postponed until complete recovery in the period of exacerbation of health problems, in the presence of rashes (for example, herpes), at elevated temperature and various infectious diseases.

Beauticians say that peeling and mesotherapy in one set will not harm a pregnant or nursing mother. However, no one can guarantee how much more pronounced the effect will be, because the hormonal background of this category of women is slightly changed in connection with their position. Therefore, the final choice: whether or not to do the procedure is up to you.

Briefly about the procedure itself

The protocol for conducting mesopilling does not differ at all from conventional mesotherapy, except for the composition of the drug used. It is introduced on prepared and cleaned skin. Before mesopilling, do not use hard brushes and face peels that can disrupt the integrity of the skin, limit yourself to cleansing milk or lotion.

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The drug is administered subcutaneously at 1 – 2 mm. Traces remain after the injections, but within a few days they drag out. Other visible effects after the procedure, such as swelling, the development of erythema or extensive peeling, do not occur.

mesopilling procedure

Mesopilling alone is not enough to completely correct facial defects, it is recommended to take a course of 3 – 7 procedures with a frequency of 1 times in 7 days, not more often. However, the improvement and uniformity of skin color, a slight lifting effect, you can notice after the first session.

There is no recovery period after mesopilling as such, therefore, additional cosmetics, creams, as with traditional chemical peeling, will not be required. Skin care after the procedure includes the usual cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You can also apply scrubs and masks, perform enzymatic peels and use gel-rollers. In addition, mesopilling can be prescribed as a preparatory stage for median or deep peeling.

Mesopilling is an excellent alternative to chemical and hard peels, but it proceeds without complications and unpleasant symptoms. For a modern woman, this procedure is a great chance to make up for the lack of moisture and vitamins, cleanse and improve the skin, and also take care of stopping unpleasant age-related defects on the face (wrinkles, age-related pigmentation, loss of tone and others). Be always young and charming!

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