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Ultrasonic Peeling Home Appliances

The peeling device opened a new stage for women in home care for face and body. Buying a device and several cosmetics is much cheaper than regular trips to beauty salons for ultrasonic peeling. With portable devices, ultrasonic skin cleansing is now possible at home. You only need to purchase a special device and carefully study the technique, the rules for its use.

Ultrasound in skin cleansing

Ultrasonic peeling is a type of hardware skin cleansing, as well as the ability to get rid of blackheads, comedones, acne and frequent acne rashes, whiten and refresh the face, correct wrinkles, scars and other skin imperfections. The procedure does not cause the patient pain, burning sensation, does not need long-term rehabilitation and special preparation of the skin for peeling.

Regular ultrasonic cleaning provides a lasting, noticeable result without the risk of complications and deterioration of the condition of the integument. The technique is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

face of a young girl, hand in the face

Another plus of skin peeling with ultrasound is the delicacy of the effect on the integument. Ultrasonic waves destroy the bonds between healthy and dead cells, without violating the integrity of the epidermis. At the same time, sound vibrations accompany skin massage. This enhances blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes in the epidermal cells, improves and strengthens the skin, and activates the production of natural collagen.

Skin excellence is even closer! With home peeling machines, you will need no more than 30 – 40 minutes per week to look no worse than women who regularly visit beauty salons.


Despite the delicacy of the action, patients with the following body features and health problems are not allowed to perform ultrasonic cleaning:

  • there are oncological neoplasms of a different nature;
  • with mental disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • in the presence of purulent rashes, irritation and inflammation in the treated area;
  • there is couperose mesh, wounds, cuts, some skin diseases;
  • with hypertension;
  • there is a pacemaker and problems with the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • at any stage of pregnancy.

It is not recommended to carry out ultrasonic peeling during menstruation, taking hormonal drugs. The changed hormonal background may affect the final result of the procedure.

If you cannot determine whether or not ultrasonic cleaning is permitted, consult a cosmetologist for advice. Neglect of contraindications is dangerous deepening skin problems, the deterioration of the patient’s health.

Home Peeling Machine Requirements

Of all the variety of equipment for ultrasonic peeling of facial skin at home, it is recommended to use devices with a maximum wave frequency of 24 kHz. Devices that produce a high frequency are not suitable for home use and require special training.

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beautician near the device, compendium

When choosing an apparatus for ultrasonic peeling, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Power. The intensity (depth) of the effect on the integument depends on this parameter. For home procedures, devices with a power of 0,36 – 2,0 W / cm2 are used. It is optimal to choose devices with the ability to adjust this parameter yourself. So you can adjust the depth of penetration of ultrasound depending on the sensitivity of the skin.
  2. Dimensions and weight. These parameters do not affect the effectiveness of the procedure, but for convenience it is better to choose compact, lightweight devices. Keep in mind that during the cleaning process you must hold the device at an angle of 45оС to the work surface. If the device is bulky, uncomfortable and heavy, then your hand will quickly get tired, the procedure will remain incomplete.
  3. Additional features. Many manufacturers equip peeling devices with various functions. With their help, you cleanse the epidermis of dirt, dead cells and sebaceous plugs, and also get additional ionization options, micromassage with a lifting effect, phonophoresis. It is convenient to use devices with a timer. With it, controlling the duration of exposure will become very easy.
  4. Manufacturer and cost. Give preference to well-known, proven brands, but their cost will be somewhat overstated. As a rule, such manufacturing companies give a guarantee on the life of the device. This does not mean that the device should be as expensive as possible. Pay attention not to design, but to convenience, ease of use and equipment functionality.
  5. Environmental Safety. Make sure that the device is made of quality material and is also certified.

Beauticians recommend buying devices for home peeling from dealers of the company directly or in a pharmacy. Buying in an online store in most cases upsets with the fragility of service, low quality of the raw materials from which the device is made.

Browse popular models

There are many brands of manufacturers of skin peeling devices in the modern market. Everyone will be able to choose the device that is most suitable for design, power, functional features and cost. However, we will consider some of the most popular models for ultrasonic cleaning at home.

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Gezatone HS 2307i

The Gezatone HS 2307i is designed for professional skin care at home. The device promises deep cleansing, healing and rejuvenation of the face with proper, regular use. It does not require special training, education.

ultrasonic cleaning

The Gezatone HS 2307i model has 3 operating modes:

  • Peeling is a regime of deep cleansing of the integument from dead cells, keratinized deposits, sebaceous plugs and accumulations of dust in the pores. Cleansing takes place without pain and further redness. After the procedure, the skin increases the susceptibility of nutrients from facial cosmetics. The skin “breathes”, the face looks refreshed, a healthy glow appears.
  • Lifting massage – sound vibrations delicately affect the epidermis, enhance the synthesis of collagen fibers, strengthen the integument at the cellular level, enhance the circulation of lymph and blood in the inner layers of the skin. After such actions, a slight lifting effect is observed, the skin retains its natural firmness, elasticity.
  • Phonophoresis – a mode of transportation of nutrient, useful components deep into the integument. Under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, important trace elements, minerals, vitamins and moisture particles penetrate the epidermis, healing and strengthening the skin from the inside.

The use of these modes in home care will quickly eliminate visible violations, prevent earlier withering of the integument. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to use a professional line of cosmetics, selected taking into account the type and characteristics of the client’s skin, during the peeling procedure.


The compact LW-006 ultrasonic cleaner is a true helper in home skin care. The device is easy to use, and for greater convenience, the manufacturer equipped it with a small screen. It reflects the time, the intensity of the impact, the selected mode.

In total, the LW-006 has 4 modes, which correspond to the buttons on the front panel:

  • peeling (peel);
  • Toning
  • cleaning
  • lift or lifting.

The model is very light, weighs only 200 gr, easy to use. The device comes with a manipulator (nozzle in the form of a flat blade). Ultrasonic scrubber will please with affordable pricing.

BioSonic 2000 KUS-2K

Another model from the famous manufacturer Gezatone. The device is easy to use, does not injure the integument and does not cause complications, side effects. To increase the effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaning procedure, it is recommended to use high-quality cosmetics from the professional segment. The funds should be water-based, other bases prevent the rapid penetration of ultrasonic waves into deeper layers of the epidermis.

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The peculiarity of this model is in the impact intensity regulator. There are 2 power modes, which vary depending on the degree of problem and the sensitivity of the treated area.

beautician near special equipment

The BioSonic 2000 KUS-2K comes with a portable device, charger and instructions for use. Before using the device, be sure to study the contraindications, peeling rules, and application tips from the manufacturer.

Note! At the beginning of 2017, Gezatone replaced this model with a more advanced BioSonic 800 ultrasound skin cleanser.

Tips and rules for using the device

Special portable devices – this is an opportunity to carry out professional cleansing at home without risk of causing irreparable harm to the skin. It’s easy to use, and the procedure is no different from salon cleaning.

  1. Remove any makeup residue, dust particles or sweat from your face. To do this, use the usual cosmetics for makeup remover.
  2. For owners of oily type of integument, it is recommended to additionally wipe the face with alcohol lotion. It will remove accumulated particles of grease from the surface.
  3. With a thick layer, evenly apply a special gel for ultrasonic peeling. Do not touch the area around the eyes, lips.
  4. Turn on the appliance, slowly work out the entire face with a spatula. Work on problem areas, wrinkles, roughnesses in the epidermis in more detail, 2 – 3 times. Hold the device strictly at an angle in 45оС. The movements should be light, directed towards the central part of the face.
  5. After exposure to ultrasound, wash with warm water.
  6. Apply a nourishing, moisturizing cream to your face.

After each procedure, disinfect the nozzle of the device with a disinfectant.

Do not perform ultrasound more than twice a week. To solve complex problems, contact a specialist.

Do not forget to adhere to some subtleties of post-peeling care:

  • Do not use decorative cosmetics during the day after peeling with ultrasound.
  • Before going out, treat your face with sunscreen with maximum protection.

Be mindful of yourself and your skin. Regular procedures using ultrasonic peeling machines are a chance to correct skin problems at an early stage, to prevent their deepening in the future.

Only the correct use of the device guarantees high, lasting results. Carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer to see the effect after the first use. Hardware cosmetology is characterized by an increasing effect, so with each session the result will please you more and more.

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