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What are median peels, indications and an overview of the best

Median peeling does fine with wrinkles and skin problems. After it, you are guaranteed to be younger, the shade of the covers and relief will be leveled, stretch marks (striae), scars and post-acne will literally melt. The procedure starts the active renewal of epidermal cells, therefore it will delay age-related changes on the face. However, such peelings require a more scrupulous approach, because the risk of side effects and complications is also high.

About the procedure

The peeling procedure helps to cleanse the skin of dirt and dead cells, which impede the normal functioning of other healthy particles of the epidermis, and prevent them from filling with oxygen and nutrients. In addition, peeling is an excellent option for starting the skin regeneration processes and achieving a rejuvenating effect.

The further result depends on how deep the cleaning is performed. In particular, superficial peels only refresh and correct only minor problems, while deep cleansing is comparable in effectiveness to facial plasticity, however, they are difficult to tolerate by the body and are often accompanied by complications and side effects. In cosmetology, there is the concept of median peels, what it is, what effect to expect, we will consider further.

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Medium or medium peels are a type of cosmetic procedure, the main task of which is to eliminate problems, imperfections of the skin, rid it of dead cells, seals and clogged pores. During cleansing, all layers of the epidermis are involved, up to the basement membrane. The procedure is much easier to tolerate by the body, in comparison with deep cleansing, and is several times more effective than superficial ones.

Middle peeling of the face is the best option for those who decide to deeply cleanse the skin and correct age-related problems on the face (wrinkles, sagging, dryness and others). After this procedure, patients clearly note the lifting effect, the skin becomes smooth and toned, like 5 – 7 years ago.

In beauty salons, median peels have gained particular popularity. They can permanently fix significant problems, skin defects, stabilize the sebaceous and sweat glands, rejuvenate the skin. And most importantly, this is achieved with minimal threats to the health of the client.

Classification of median peels

There are several classifications of the procedure: according to the mechanism and depth of exposure. By the mechanism of action on the integument, these types of median peeling are distinguished:

  • Mechanical – keratinized and weakened cells are eliminated mechanically. To do this, use brushes, special abrasive nozzles, scrubs and masks, providing deep penetration into the covers.
  • Hardware – in this case, high-precision equipment is used. Laser techniques are especially popular for such a deep cleansing of the epidermis: fractional photothermolysis, laser peeling, and others.
  • Chemical – concentrated acids and alkaline solutions are used to correct the condition of integuments. The effect of the procedure is very high, but the slightest violation of the execution technique is dangerous with an uncontrolled burn of tissues. Affordable pricing and good results after chemical peeling determine the leadership of this type of cleansing among clients of beauty salons and specialized clinics.
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There is a conditional classification in terms of exposure, it is more about chemical peels. They are divided into surface-median peels and mid-deep. In the first case, glycolic and a number of other alpha-hydroxide (fruit) acids are used, and in the second case, the improvement of the condition and quality of the integument is achieved with acetic, trichloroacetic, and salicylic acids. The last row of procedures also include retinoic facial peeling.

What results to expect

The middle peeling procedure guarantees a noticeable improvement in the quality of the skin, which will make the face more expressive, fresh and younger.

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With this purification, the following changes await you:

  • small wrinkles are smoothed out, and deep ones are partially corrected, become less noticeable;
  • increased tissue elasticity;
  • there is a lifting effect, the contours of the face become clear, pronounced;
  • the skin becomes incredibly tender, soft to the touch, without dryness and peeling;
  • the shade of the integuments is leveled, they brighten, pigment spots of a different nature disappear (freckles, stagnant spots and age-related pigmentation);
  • oily skin is reduced due to the stabilization of the sebaceous glands;
  • the pores are cleaned and narrowed, the problem of “goose bumps” disappears;
  • improving microcirculation in the blood vessels of the skin, filling the cells with useful substances ensures a healthy radiance of the face and the elimination of problematic acne;
  • deep cleansing guarantees getting rid of comedones and black dots;
  • normalization of internal processes in the cells of the epidermis, their improvement helps to get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Median peeling is an opportunity, without a significant risk of complications of the situation, to quickly correct the accumulated imperfections with the skin, to prevent the increase in the rate of skin aging, to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and other unpleasant age-related changes on the face. However, you should bear in mind that median peeling guarantees exposure to rather deep layers of the skin and improper care, neglect of preparation for the procedure, as well as violation of the technology of peeling can be negatively reflected.

Due to the considerable risk of complications after peeling, it is not recommended to perform such cleansing at home, it is better to contact a professional. The cosmetologist will provide the necessary conditions, take advantage of high-quality cosmetic products and, of course, will direct all his professionalism and experience to the most delicate elimination of the problem.


Conducting surface-median and median peeling is performed only if there is evidence. For preventive purposes, cosmetologists do not consider median cleansing appropriate.

young girl acne on her forehead

Indications for mid peeling of the skin:

  • hyperpigmentation of the skin, freckles;
  • dull, unhealthy skin tone;
  • sagging, decreased tone and elasticity of the fibers;
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • post-acne, scars and scars, in particular hypertrophic and keloid;
  • stretch marks (striae), facial and age wrinkles;
  • warts, papillomas;
  • pronounced signs of aging of the integument.

Before the procedure, be sure to discuss all the problems with the beautician. Only a detailed analysis will help to solve the problem and avoid low results, in comparison with the expected result.


The list of contraindications for conducting mid-face cleansing may vary slightly, depending on the chosen technique. The restriction applies to patients with such features of the body and skin condition:

  • inflamed skin, ulcers on the face;
  • SARS, flu and other infectious ailments;
  • poor blood coagulation, other diseases of the circulatory system;
  • tendency to scarring of soft tissues;
  • chronic diseases, in particular diabetes mellitus, epilepsy;
  • oncology;
  • wounds, abrasions and any damage to the integrity of the integument in the affected area of ​​the face;
  • fever and poor health of the client;
  • individual intolerance of used cosmetic products;
  • skin sensitivity;
  • fresh tan;
  • some dermatological diseases;
  • after the previous peeling, the integument did not completely recover;
  • recent surgery on the face;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

Caution should be approached by clients whose peeling procedure causes complications; there has already been a negative experience in peeling facial skin.

Contraindications to the procedure also include the use of certain drugs, especially retinoids. They can enhance the effect of chemical compounds and lead to uncontrolled skin burns.

Attention! It is not recommended to carry out peelings during menstruation and when taking hormonal drugs, contraceptives. A change in the hormonal background can provoke complications or, conversely, reduce the effectiveness of the drugs used.

Popular hardware middle peels

Modern cosmetology offers to perform median peeling using special high-tech equipment. The most popular options for hardware cleaning and restoration of the former tone of the fibers include laser exposure.

peeling in the salon, facial apparatus

Laser peels are a procedure for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin; various types of lasers are used to achieve high results. Laser exposure is targeted and provides deep peeling. After it starts the active natural process of skin regeneration, the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin fibers. Results can please customers up to 5 years. Another advantage of the technique – during the procedure, the integrity of the integument is not violated, all attention is paid to the deeper layers. This shortens the rehabilitation period and reduces the risk of complications in comparison with chemical median or mid-surface peeling of the face.

For mature skin, cosmetologists recommend fractional photothermolysis. It is also a type of laser exposure, only guarantees an increased lifting effect. The laser beam inside the integument creates favorable conditions for the activation of natural synthesis of valuable proteins (collagen and elastin), and also accelerates intracellular processes.

It is necessary to conduct hardware peelings exclusively in the cosmetology cabinet, under the guidance of an experienced specialist who has undergone training and practice according to the chosen technique.

The procedure is quite expensive, because the cost includes waste for specialized equipment.

Overview of Chemical Purification Techniques

Median chemical peeling is the best option to improve the performance of the skin, smooth the relief and even out the complexion. A full recovery will take 2-3 weeks. Chemical exfoliation is very popular due to its high result and affordable price.

Exfoliation with trichloroacetic acid (TCA peeling) and Jessner’s middle peeling remain in demand on the market of cosmetic services.

The procedure is short-lived and involves the following phased actions:

  1. The skin is prepared for applying a peeling agent. To do this, using mild facial cleansers, makeup residues, accumulated dust and grease particles are removed.
  2. The peeling composition is applied to the cleaned and degreased surface in a uniform layer. The number of layers may be several, depending on the chosen technique.
  3. After some time, the beautician neutralizes the acid and applies soothing cosmetics.

It is equally important to guarantee proper care after such cleansing. The efficiency of the performed exfoliation largely depends on it. After the procedure, the cosmetologist will tell you about the rules of facial care in the post-peeling period, what can and should not be done.

To achieve significant changes, the cosmetologist prescribes a course of chemical peels. On average, their number varies within 3 – 5 procedures with an interval of 10 – 14 days. The schedule can be adjusted by a specialist taking into account the individual characteristics and condition of the client’s integument.

Be prepared that after chemical peeling your face turns red, it begins to peel off strongly, even slight swelling is possible. Observing the instructions of the cosmetologist during rehabilitation, these side effects will disappear on their own.

Median peeling is an opportunity to look refreshed and refreshed, get rid of skin problems and slow down its aging. Leave wrinkles and scars on your face in the past!

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