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Acting diet

For obvious reasons, the actors often need a diet that helps them quickly get in shape before the next shootings or the new theatrical season. Naturally, there is no universal method of losing weight for all servants of Melpomene, but still the so-called actor’s diet is quite common in the actor’s environment. For slimming “in actor’s way,” there are several options that differ in the length of stay on a diet. The most popular of these are the three, four, five, and twelve-day diets.

Principles of weight loss

Losing weight with this diet occurs due to a sharp restriction of calorie content, the scarcity of the diet and the removal of excess fluid. In fact, an actor’s diet is an alternation of different mono-diets (protein, milk, fruit and alcohol).

Short options (on 3 and 4 of the day) imply a sharp restriction on the amount of food and its caloric content. Long-term weight loss (for 12 days) consists of four three-day monodiets that replace each other.

For weight loss, you must strictly adhere to dietary rules. First, you need to completely abandon salt. Salt holds water in the body, so you can not use it during the diet. You should only eat meals on the menu. The volume of servings is not limited, but it is recommended that they be reduced to 250-300 g. As a result, the size of the stomach will decrease, which will be useful after losing weight.

Advantages and disadvantages

The acting way of losing weight has many advantages over other methods:

  • no need to count calories;
  • no pronounced feeling of hunger (food volume is not limited);
  • there is a natural cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins (vegetable food and alcohol accelerates intestinal peristalsis);
  • swelling of subcutaneous fat is reduced;
  • the diet contains a sufficient amount of protein (the calorie restriction of the menu is not due to proteins, but due to easily digestible carbohydrates and fats. As a result, even with a long diet, losing weight does not experience muscle weakness);
  • the presence of alcohol in the menu is well perceived losing weight;
  • for weight loss does not require exhausting workouts.

This method provides effective weight loss in record time: depending on the length, you can lose from 3 to 12 kg.

With all the advantages, this method of losing excess weight also has several disadvantages. The first disadvantage is the unstable result of losing weight. Since weight loss is mainly due to the removal of fluid from the body, a return to normal diet leads to the return of the same weight.

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The diet menu is not balanced, so long lose weight with this diet is not worth it. In order to avoid a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, during weight loss you need to take the tablet form of these substances.

Contraindications for weight loss

Slimming with an actor’s diet is prohibited during pregnancy and lactating mothers. Weakening of the immune system against the background of limited intake of vitamins and minerals can lead to infectious diseases. If you want to lose weight chronic diseases of the digestive system, it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist so as not to cause their exacerbations.

The diet is poor in iron, so with anemia or heavy menstrual bleeding, it is not recommended to lose weight with it.

You shouldn’t lose weight by acting method longer than 12 days: this is a dangerously pronounced lack of minerals and vitamins in the body, which can lead to metabolic upset. Repeat weight loss with it can be no earlier than six months after the previous one.

Diet on 3 of the day

This diet is best used in the summer, as the diet includes summer seasonal products that are difficult to afford in winter. The highlight of the diet is the presence in the diet of grapes, which is prohibited in most well-known diets.

The menu of the actor’s diet for three days is strictly defined. Change the diet of different days, add or exclude foods and dishes can not be. Eating is necessary four times a day. Snacks between meals should not be.

First day:

  • breakfast – rice on the water, cooked without salt, spices and oil (150 g);
  • lunch – a portion of boiled lean fish;
  • afternoon snack – kefir 1% fat (250 ml);
  • dinner – grapes (small bunch).

Second day:

  • breakfast – 2 small apples;
  • lunch – boiled shrimp (150 g);
  • afternoon snack – 2 slices of watermelon;
  • Dinner – nonfat kefir (2 glass).

The third day:

  • breakfast – rice on the water, cooked without salt, spices and oil (150 g);
  • lunch – boiled beef (150 g);
  • afternoon tea – 2 small apples;
  • Dinner – nonfat kefir (1-2 cup).

The three-day method is good for those who have no willpower and cannot withstand a long food restriction. This is a short-term diet, after a three-day stay on which, according to reviews, you can lose up to 3 kg.

Four-day diet

For four days, you can lose weight on 4-5 kg. Such a varied menu, as with a three-day, four-day diet does not have. Every day of this version of losing weight is a kind of one-day mono-diet:

  1. The first day is rice and tomato juice. Boil rice without salt, spices or other additives. The night before, the rice should be soaked, and in the morning drain the water and boil it in clean water. Tomato juice of industrial production for weight loss is not suitable, because it contains salt and preservatives. For a diet you need freshly squeezed juice from tomatoes. The amount of rice and tomato juice that can be consumed per day is not limited.
  2. The second day – low-fat cottage cheese and kefir. The lower the fat content of these fermented milk products, the better for weight loss. The amount of cottage cheese and kefir is not limited.
  3. The third day – chicken or turkey fillet and green tea in unlimited quantities. Fillet should be boiled without skin. Salt or spices are not added to the broth. For a diet you need green tea (it is better to prefer large-leaf tea) without additives, sugar, honey or other sweeteners.
  4. The fourth day is dry red wine. During the day, when there is a desire to eat, you need to drink a glass of wine. It is only necessary to give preference to a quality drink. Packaged powdered wines for weight loss are not suitable. If there are contraindications for drinking wine, it can be replaced with orange juice. Juice for the fourth diet day should be freshly squeezed.
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As with other variants of the actor’s diet, it is impossible to salt the consumed food. Under the ban is also sugar for drinks.

Diet on 5 days

The menu for weight loss for 5 days differs little from a four-day diet. The diet of the first four days repeats the four-day menu, and during the fifth day they eat apples in unlimited quantities. Reviews of supporters of this version of weight loss argue that in 5 days you can reset to 5 kg.

12 day diet

This is a very strict, but effective, slimming option. For 12 days of stay on this diet, you can lose weight on 7-12 kg. The menu of the twelve-day method is divided into four blocks of three days. The amount of food per day is not limited, but the diet is very poor and uniform.

From the first to the third day, inclusive, it is necessary to use only one-day low-fat kefir. The choice of kefir for the first block of the 12-day diet should be treated very carefully. For weight loss is suitable only one-day kefir. This is due to the fact that only daily kefir has the ability to weaken. Diets are often complicated by constipation, which is associated with a sharp restriction on the amount of food consumed and its qualitative composition. Mature kefir lash, therefore, may cause constipation.

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One-day kefir is not always available at the store. To be sure of the shelf life of this fermented milk drink, you need to prepare it yourself. To make homemade kefir, you need fermentation from sour-milk bacteria and fresh low-fat milk. Fermented milk to 40 ° is made with leaven, put in a warm place overnight, and in the morning they get ready one-day kefir.

From the fourth to the sixth day, only apples are eaten. Preference should be apples green varieties: they are less calories.

In the next three days – from the seventh to the ninth day – only chicken or turkey fillet should be eaten daily. Fillet can be boiled, steamed, grilled, stewed, baked in the oven. Chicken fillet should be without skin, because the skin contains a lot of fat, and extra calories during the diet are not needed.

In the last three days, only drinks are drunk – orange fresh or dry red wine. A glass of beverage can be snack 30 g of hard cheese with the lowest possible fat content. On the day you can drink no more than one bottle of wine. Orange juice for weight loss should be fresh and sugar-free. Only such juice will be dietary.

Actor’s diet – effective way to lose weight. For the convenience of losing weight, you can choose any convenient dietary option. To maintain the result of weight loss, after a diet it is recommended to reduce the amount of salt consumed per day and limit the amount of servings. If in addition to this add regular dosed physical loads, then keep a slender figure will be able to for a long time.

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