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Activated Carbon Diet

The activated carbon diet has long been popular among those who want to get rid of hated kilograms. Its main advantage is that it is easy to use and the drug is relatively inexpensive. Activated carbon – a tool that has been tested over the years and time. Diet based on minerals has not been new for a long time, so the use of this product for weight loss is an understandable fact. It is worth noting that the coal diet is very popular among pop stars and show business, but to lose weight in this way, it is absolutely not necessary to be a famous person. The diet is available to anyone who wants to put their body in order.

Properties of activated carbon

Activated black coal is mined by carbonization of materials of organic origin. This happens only at temperatures from 800 to 850 degrees and without air access. For these purposes, wood is used poplar, beech, birch. Also, nutshell, fruit bones and bones of large horned animals are used in production (this option has lost popularity today). The resulting substance is used in industry and medicine, in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestines and allergies. Activated carbon has a highly porous structure that easily absorbs all toxins and toxins, various allergens and excess fluid. Inside the body, coal absorbs harmful elements and is excreted. This process takes from 7 to 10 hours.

Activated carbon for weight loss

Activated carbon is an excellent drug for weight loss, because it is an adsorbent that actively absorbs the liquid. In addition, coal activates the work of the intestines, due to which weight loss occurs. The drug absorbs fat, thereby improving metabolism and cleansing the liver.

Really noticeable results and the effect of the drug is possible only in the joint use of coal and diet. This option greatly increases the chances of losing weight.

In homeopathy, the use of activated charcoal has been used for a long time to remove excess fluid. It helps to improve digestion and removal of puffiness.

Activated Carbon Diets

There are many different ways and methods of weight loss using activated carbon. It is considered an indispensable tool for various detox diets, that is, for diets that involve the limited use of high-calorie foods and cleansing the body with coal. If a person has never used activated charcoal in order to lose weight, you need to take a short course that will help you understand whether this option is suitable for losing weight and how easily the diet is tolerated by the body. In addition, before applying a diet, both coal and any other, you need to consult a dietitian. The reason for this is that even such an innocuous remedy has a number of contraindications that can adversely affect the vital system of the human body.

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Three days of weight loss with activated carbon

The first day of the coal diet is kefir. Kefir should be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Half an hour before meals, you need to drink activated charcoal with a glass of water. Usually the number of tablets is calculated according to this principle: 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of a person’s weight.

On the second day of the diet you need to eat apples. This fruit is known to everyone and it has established itself as an excellent product in the business of losing weight. In this case, for 3 meal you need to eat 3 apples, half an hour before drinking coal with a glass of water.

The third day of the diet on activated carbon – vegetable. He implies eating steamed vegetables or vegetable salad with vegetable oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Half an hour before a meal should drink coal, washed down with a glass of water.

It is very important to understand that if the 3 day of such a diet is easily transferred by a person, it is absolutely impossible to abuse it. Be sure to after a coal diet should be a break. If desired, the diet can be continued, but without the use of an adsorbent. The fact is that apart from toxic substances, coal removes from the body and good, so the re-use of the diet is possible no earlier than after 10-14 days of rest. In addition, after a diet it is recommended to drink multivitamins, which will restore the balance of essential nutrients in the body.

Diet with activated carbon

There is a diet option that is built on the principle:

  • 1 tablet on 10 kilograms of weight;
  • 10 tablets with increasing dosage;
  • 6 tablets.

Each option is effective and helps to achieve the desired results. The difference lies only in the amount of funds and time of use.

If the first option is used, then you need to drink coal on the 3 course, each for 7 days, with a weekly break between each course.

The calculation of coal for the second method is more complicated. After the first day of taking the drug, you need to add 2 tablets. You should stop when the score reaches the 30 tablets at one time. The course lasts 12 days, after which the body needs a mandatory rest. This option is quite dangerous, and the application without the advice of a specialist is not recommended.

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In the third method, the dosage is calculated for all equally. Anyone who wants to lose weight should drink 6 tablets before meals, regardless of weight. Course duration – 1 week, after which you need to take a two-week break.

If a person has a goal not only to lose weight, but also to make sure that the weight does not return immediately after the diet back, you need to combine the use of coal with a diet.

One of the effective diets is a diet that includes apple cider vinegar and charcoal. This method allows you to lose 4-6 kilograms. Meals remain the same, but before meals you need to drink activated charcoal according to one of the above schemes, and after meals drink a glass of water diluted with vinegar. The calculation of water and vinegar is as follows: for every 30 kilograms, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 250 grams of water. The duration of such a coal diet – 1 week, after which you need to take a break.

It is known that fruit acid actively burns fat and helps get rid of cellulite deposits.

As an example, a diet with grapes and activated carbon. The principle is simple: in the morning on an empty stomach you need to drink activated charcoal (6 tablets), then have breakfast, and after eating eat a bunch of grapes. The same pattern applies to dinner.

If necessary, this diet can last up to a month, but the results of losing weight will be visible after a week.

Diet with activated charcoal, buckwheat and kefir

There is a strict version of the diet on the tablets, which is shared by the singer Valeria. Such a weekly menu allows you to lose weight in 7 days per kilogram 5.


Breakfast: on an empty stomach, drink activated charcoal (10 tablets), tea or coffee without sugar, a slice of bread, cheese (low-fat).

Lunch: buckwheat porridge without seasoning, a glass of orange juice.

Supper: kefir.


Breakfast: activated carbon, green tea, 1 boiled egg.

Lunch: steamed vegetables, buckwheat and coffee.

Dinner: kefir and a slice of boiled chicken.


Breakfast: fasting drink 10 tablets, black tea or coffee (without additives), a slice of bread, low-fat cheese.

Lunch: chicken fillet (boiled), buckwheat, orange juice or grapefruit juice.

Dinner: boiled potatoes (2 pcs.) With garlic, kefir.

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Breakfast: coal, sandwich with cheese.

Lunch: boiled lean fish, buckwheat.

Supper: kefir.


Breakfast: fasting drink 10 tablets, black tea or coffee (without additives), a slice of bread, cheese with a small proportion of fat.

Lunch: buckwheat (without additives), a glass of orange juice.

Dinner: kefir or herbal tea.


Breakfast: coal, any porridge with a little oil.

Lunch: buckwheat, a salad of any vegetables with olive oil.

Dinner: kefir or yogurt.


Breakfast: tablets, cheese, a slice of bread, black tea or coffee (no additives, you can use sweetener or honey).

Lunch: steamed vegetables, buckwheat.

Dinner: kefir and a piece of bread.

It is important to remember that a diet based on activated carbon is not only a great way to lose weight, but also a lot of stress for the body. Therefore, before taking the pills, you should consult with your doctor.

Advantages and disadvantages of a coal diet

The main advantage of a diet with coal is that it does not require a complete ban on your favorite food. Therefore, you can lose weight without deny yourself a favorite delicacies. There is also a huge advantage that after a few days of using the drug, metabolic processes start to activate, peristalsis and digestion work improve, which contributes to both weight loss and well-being in general.

The disadvantage of the diet is that with prolonged use of this tool, the removal of not only harmful substances from the body, but also minerals useful and important for health begins. Also, taking the drug for a long time can cause many side effects: diarrhea, constipation and vomiting. An allergic reaction is not excluded.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

Modern and trendy diet with activated carbon is contraindicated in many. First of all, to those people who have chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the gastric mucosa, peptic ulcers and bleeding. Also, this method of weight loss is not suitable for people with low acidity of the stomach and gastritis. Do not use coal with antitoxic agents.

Experts recommend sticking to a coal diet only in combination with diets that will saturate the body with essential vitamins and trace elements. Do not use a diet for pregnant women, children up to 18 years and the elderly.

Whether to conduct such an experiment on your own organism is an individual decision. Reading the reviews of many supporters of the coal diet, you can make sure that it really helps. The main thing is not to overdo it with the dosage and take your health seriously. Under these conditions, you can achieve the desired results, get a beautiful body without harming your own body.

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