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Arnold Erett’s Mucus-Free Diet

An incurable disease of the kidneys and the heart pushed the German professor to experiment, which turned into new discoveries in the field of nutrition. Almost a hundred years ago, Arnold Eret turned for help to the best medical luminaries of that time. However, none of the 24 (!) Doctors could help him: attempts to cure him were unsuccessful, and the position of the patient was hopeless.

Desperate to find help in official medicine, Eret began his search in non-traditional areas. He experienced starvation, vegetarianism, nutrition on fruits and water. After the “incurable” diseases disappeared without a trace, the professor decided to share his experiences with the sufferers. According to the German scientist, the main enemy of human health is the mucus that many products form. The brainchild of his observations and personal experiments was the book “The healing system of the mucus-free diet.”

Diet Features

The scientist presented a new look at the main provisions of official medicine. He came to the conclusion that a person is completely unnecessary extra protein, especially animal. The main component of nutrition, according to Eret, should be glucose. The only source of nutrition for the brain should come with fruits, they will also be the main ingredient in the menu.

Equally important is the complete cleansing of the body so that glucose comes in sufficient quantities, properly split and transported through the blood vessels. The obstacle in its path is precisely the mucus, from which you need to get rid of. Mucus plaque on the internal organs and blood vessels occurs due to improper diet.

Any meat scientist refers to the main causes of many diseases. Even a fresh product is at a certain stage of decomposition. In humans, this component causes decay and the formation of the same mucus. Meat and its derivatives should be excluded in any form.

Excluded from the menu are mucous diets and eggs. They also have sticky properties and have the potential to accumulate harmful substances. White flour, according to the scientist, in the human body clogs the entire digestive system. From baking, only bran and rye bread in a dried form is allowed.

The main essence of the diet comes down to what a person must eat to live, and not vice versa. The amount of food at the main stage of the blind program is minimal. Eret, in his attempt to recover, completely refused to eat for 46 days, “eating” only with fresh air and water. Fasting days on the water, according to the doctor, are required. The scientist argued that a person needs a very small amount of food to really get enough.

Mixing different components of the food is not allowed. In his work, the scientist draws a parallel with wild animals. They never mix several types of food at the same time, and they also do not mix hunger and thirst. You should not drink liquids during meals, as hunger and thirst are different concepts and there should be a gap between them. Official medicine agrees with this point, as water dilutes the gastric juice and stretches the stomach wall. Eating on this system or the other, try not to drink food drinks.

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So, the basic tenets of the diet says: you need to eat a little, only vegetable food, do not drink food and once a week spend fasting days on the water. Such methods, according to Eret, will completely cleanse the body of harmful components, free radicals, excess salt and remove mucus. Purified organism, as a unique phenomenon, is able to get rid of inflammation and dangerous diseases.

Contraindications to the method

Silent diet is a method of cleansing the body, which is based on fasting and a strong restriction in the menu. Therefore, it is necessary to approach it with caution. It is best to consult with a specialist about the possibility of such a program.

Resort to the Eret diet should not:

  • with diseases of the endocrine system;
  • if there are diseases of the digestive tract;
  • pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • diabetes;
  • having a failure of any internal organ.

If during the period of adherence to a diet there are severe digestive disorders, frequent dizziness and nausea, the diet should be gradually stopped. To do this, go directly to the stage of exit from the diet.

Eret Nutrition

The whole diet of a healthy person, according to the theory of the professor, should consist of plant food. The menu should include fruits, vegetables (mostly green), greens, leafy salads, nuts. The main part of the diet should be made up of raw and fresh products, it is periodically allowed to substitute them to heat treatment. Frying food can not be allowed only boiling, stewing, steaming or in the oven.

You can make smoothies or smoothies from fruits and berries. It is advisable not to mix several types, but to use only one product for one meal. It is recommended that you add nuts to your diet, as this is almost the only source of healthy fats. Cereals, although they are also vegetable, are not allowed. Sometimes only beans can be cooked.

All other products, according to the doctor, cause mucus formation and rotting processes. It is also impossible to use food additives (salt, sugar), since they are among the ingredients that are unnecessary for the body.

The power scheme is as follows:

  • breakfast – water, juices or decoctions;
  • afternoon tea – vegetable salad, fresh juice;
  • lunch – vegetables, raw or cooked, vegetable broths, crackers;
  • snacks – berries, fruits, nuts;
  • dinner – vegetable salad, crackers, raw or ready vegetables.

A hearty breakfast in a blind diet is excluded. Natural cleansing of the body occurs at night when a person does not eat. The doctor claimed that the person wakes up hard and feels bad in the morning because the body is still trying to get rid of poisons. With the first intake of food, the state of health improves, since the body directs all its forces towards digestion, and not towards purification.

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In the morning the body is not ready for heavy food in large quantities. In addition, when the day begins with eating porridge and sandwiches, the body does not have time to remove mucus and harmful components, as a new batch arrives. Breakfast, in the usual sense, in a slouchy diet is missing. In the morning, you can drink herbal decoction or fresh juice.

For lunch, prepare a vegetable salad of cabbage and grated carrots. The scientist called it a “broom” and consumed it daily. Nowadays, this dish is known as a “brush” and is used in the popular Malysheva diet.

By dinner, you can boil or stew vegetables, baked fruits and the same coleslaw are welcome. From time to time, you can boil the broth from vegetables for lunch and dinner. Rusks and toasts made from dried bread (bran or rye) can be eaten for lunch, lunch and dinner. For snacks, it is allowed to take nuts, fresh berries and fruits.

The scientist himself wrote in his book that it is dangerous for an ordinary person to switch sharply to a blind diet. Before the main stage, you need to undergo a thorough preparation so that the body can tolerate changes.

The transition to a dull diet

At the entrance to the diet will take quite a long time. Phasing out harmful products should take about three months. Modern man is dependent on food, so the exclusion of everything that he likes will require preparation.

First of all, you need to spend 2 weeks without food with harmful additives. This includes semi-finished products, street food, non-natural seasonings, sausages.

At the next stage, it is desirable to completely abandon meat products, i.e. go to vegetarianism. The list of banned includes all derivatives of animal meat: fats, fillets, gelatin, offal. During this period, you can eat dairy products and eggs. Gradually you need to add more plant foods. Fried is also excluded. For the second phase, casseroles, stews, fresh products, cottage cheese, etc. are suitable.

Through the 2-3 week vegetarian menu you need to minimize salt and sugar, exclude eggs and dishes with them. Dairy products, vegetables, fruits, nuts remain. At this stage, you can cook roast without meat, vegetable soups, cereals, there is unsweetened pastries.

After another 2 weeks without meat and eggs, it is necessary to exclude products from white flour and milk. At this stage, cereals remain on the menu, which can be cooked up to 3 once a week. All other nutrition should be based on plant foods. You can cook vegetarian soups, stew vegetables, bake fruits, make smoothies or salads from berries. In the same period, you need to gradually reduce your servings to the size of your palm. It is necessary to adhere to such food for 2 weeks or more.

At the last stage, only greens, vegetables, and fruits should remain in the diet. You can use rye crackers or bran bread. Gradually, more dishes from raw ingredients should be introduced, from vegetables one should choose non-starchy ones. At the end of the first week of a muddy diet, it is necessary to carry out the first unloading on the water, if desired, this can be done in the previous stages. The basic period of the diet should last 2-3 of the month.

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According to the author, already at the first stages, the purified organism will begin to fight with various diseases. Feedback from the followers of the Tern argue that many did not need to observe the main stage, since significant relief comes in the first phases.

Out of the diet

The results of the diet have impressed many blind people. A large part of them consider such a diet as the only correct one and observe it all their lives. The scientist himself set an example and ate according to the presented menu until the end of his life. The exit from this diet, according to the professor, is optional.

Modern nutritionists completely disagree with this statement and call for a balanced diet. Turn gave an example of a cow: we do not give her milk to increase milk yield, we do not feed her meat so that she grows. So with a person, the doctor argued that we absolutely do not need additional proteins, fats and carbohydrates in order to develop normally.

Modern medicine completely refutes this statement: without a normal amount of nutrients, the body is depleted. Silent diet is recommended as an additional measure, if there are no contraindications.

In order to properly exit the diet, you need to go the same way as for the transition to a blind diet. First you need to return dairy products, then cereal, after them eggs and meat. Each product should be added gradually, at intervals of the week in 1-2.

Conclusions about the tactile method

Almost a century ago, Arnold Eret cured himself and healed hundreds of people with the help of a slimy diet and fasting. The two sanatoriums he opened in Switzerland contained thousands of patients rejected by official medicine. But until now, science does not know exactly how this technique works on the human body.

The technique is hard and requires caution from the practitioner. In addition to recovery, reviews indicate weight loss and weight stabilization, improvement of well-being and appearance. Among practitioners, those who were completely dissatisfied with the diet were noted. The refusal of almost all familiar products is rather difficult and is often accompanied by indisposition.

When resorting to such categorical measures, it is imperative to monitor your state of health, and to consult a doctor before entering the diet. Most modern doctors consider this technique as a vegetable diet for detoxification, and not as a panacea for all diseases. If the plans usual weight loss, experts recommend choosing a more balanced and nutritious methods.

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