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Beer diet

Recently, a wide variety of diets have appeared that guarantee getting rid of excess weight in a fairly short period of time. Fashion trends make women and men deny themselves much in order to achieve their goals. Mostly, sweet tooth and alcohol lovers suffer, since the use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all fasting systems. Especially for the first, many different diets based on eating sweets appeared.

Such, for example, as a banana or chocolate diet. But it turns out there is a special diet in which the use of beer is allowed. And not just allowed, but governed by a compiled menu. Such a system for losing weight can be used by both men and women. Testimonials of people who adhered to this technique speak about positive results and even better health. What is a beer diet?

The benefits of beer diet

Whoever is asked, everyone will say that drinking beer is fraught with overweight, threatens with the appearance of a “beer belly” and brutal appetite. Contrary to the common misconceptions, the excess weight is due to the use of food, not this frothy drink, but accompanying it. After all, almost always with beer you can notice high-calorie and fatty foods: fried chicken wings, smoked pork ribs, various chips and nuts, seeds, dry, salted or dried fish.

In fact, a half-liter glass of beer contains approximately 400 kcal, which is less than the same amount of milk per whole 200 kcal. So why not talk about the “milk stomach”? In addition, the foamy drink contains a lot of useful and important vitamins, valuable micro and macro elements necessary for the stable and normal functioning of internal organs and systems. Scientists have proved that a reasonable consumption of beer will not only help saturate the body with useful substances, but also contribute to weight loss. The beneficial properties of a beer diet include:

  • improves the functioning of the digestive tract organs, facilitating the fastest digestion of food;
  • allowed foods are easily absorbed by the body and are not stored as fats;
  • promotes harmonious work of the circulatory system, improving blood flow in the liver, lungs and muscle tissues;
  • cleanses blood vessels, helping to reduce bad cholesterol;
  • beer has a diuretic effect, which is important for losing weight;
  • drinking beer improves the nervous system, contributes to a good mood and vitality;
  • beneficial effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels and accelerates metabolic processes in the body.
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The composition of the foamy drink is represented by various vitamins, among which one can distinguish B vitamins that help strengthen the nervous system and are the prevention of stress and depression. And ascorbic acid, which helps to strengthen the body and protect it from the harmful effects of environmental factors. A sufficient amount of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper can be distinguished in the mineral composition. A large amount of fiber is also present in the malt.

Permitted products

For a diet on beer is characterized by the use of a fairly wide variety of products. All types of vegetables are available, both with and without heat treatment. The exception in this case is fried food. Baking, stewing, steaming will be an excellent substitute for fried dishes.

You can use low-fat meats with a beer diet, such as veal, beef or rabbit meat, as well as poultry – turkey and chicken. Fish and seafood are also allowed, but only low-fat varieties. Of course, you should not use it in dry salty or smoked form.

Low-fat cheeses, cottage cheese, sour-milk products will even be useful in such a diet, and buckwheat is in great demand among cereals with such a system of weight loss. In the daily menu you can include a small amount of whole grain bread and some vegetable oil, which can be used exclusively for dressing salads.

In the list of permitted beverages in the first place, of course, is barley beer, as well as not sweetened freshly brewed herbal or green teas.

It is worth noting that with this technique for weight loss, you need to use a large amount of pure mineral still water.

Strong black teas, freshly brewed natural coffee, fruit drinks, sweet juices and fruit drinks, carbonated drinks, and also any alcohol, with the exception of beer, were banned.

The essence and basic principles of the beer diet

A beer diet prohibits the use of salt and sugar. If you cannot completely exclude them from your diet, then you need to minimize their use. You also need to forget during the diet about sweet and flour dishes, as well as hot spices and sauces.

The basis of this method for losing weight is the daily consumption of beer. But it must necessarily be a natural quality product, a fortress of not more than five percent. According to the diet, the recommended daily amount of this drink is one liter. More should not be consumed, since beer is still a low-alcohol beverage, and its abuse is fraught with dangerous consequences.

It is worth mentioning that a cold drink will act faster on the process of losing weight, since the body will release a large amount of energy for heating, and therefore getting rid of those extra pounds will be more effective. It is necessary to drink beer either half an hour before a meal, or an hour after a meal. Favorable weight loss in this period will be moderate exercise: swimming pool, walking in the fresh air, morning exercises.

Menu beer diet for the week

Beer slimming can begin any day of the week and stick to the 7 diet for days. Some suggest extending such a fasting system to two weeks, using the menu below as the basis.

Menu beer diet for the week

Day one
  • two half-liter glasses of beer;
  • no more 200 grams of buckwheat cereal.
Day two
  • 150 grams of meat baked or cooked in a double boiler;
  • one liter of beer.
Day three
  • two half-liter glasses of frothy drink;
  • various vegetables, raw or processed.
Day Four
  • 150 grams of fish baked or cooked in a double boiler;
  • standard amount of barley drink.
Day five
  • 150 grams of baked or steamed chicken breast;
  • two half-liter glasses of beer.
Sixth day
  • only liquid is allowed, in which you need to include a standard amount of beer (in addition to it, you can drink non-carbonated water or herbal tea).
Seventh day
  • The end of the beer diet was marked by water purification (you only need to drink two liters of pure mineral water all day without gas).

Harm and contraindications of beer diet

The diet of the beer diet is rather poor, so it’s not worth getting involved in it for more than two weeks. In addition, it must be remembered that drinking beer in large doses can cause irreparable harm to the body and lead to beer alcoholism.

You can repeat this diet about three to four months after the previous stage of weight loss.

Contraindications to the beer diet is the period of pregnancy and lactation, childhood and adolescence, and is not recommended for older people. Chronic diseases of the digestive system and gastrointestinal organs can also be exacerbated during the period of such starvation, and cardiovascular problems can cause irreparable harm to the body. Such a diet is contraindicated for people who take drugs that prohibit the simultaneous use of alcohol, as well as drivers of motor vehicles and those whose work requires a high concentration of attention.


Beer diet is very good for those who suffer from edema, because getting rid of extra pounds is due to loss of fluid, provoked by the rejection of salt. Although in this case it is necessary to be careful, since excessive use of this foamy drink can also cause puffiness. Numerous reviews have radically opposite opinions.

Someone says that such a diet allows you to lose a kilogram per week to 4, others say that it is quite difficult to withstand it because of its poor diet. Anyway, if you decide to adhere to such a system for losing weight, you should first consult with your doctor, nutritionist, discard possible risks and then begin to diet.

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