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Bony diet

The bony diet is an extreme, but very effective weight loss technique that allows you to get rid of up to 10 kg in just 15 days. Its essence lies in the complete exclusion from the diet of foods containing carbohydrates. Due to strict menu restrictions, the diet is difficult to tolerate by the human body and is classified as dangerous, but it allows you to put your body in order in a short time. As a rule, girls resort to a bony diet in emergency cases before any important event in life – graduation, anniversary, wedding. However, in this situation, it is worth remembering that health may be at the cost of beauty, is it worth the risk?

Nutritionists recommend fighting overweight gradually by means of maintaining an active lifestyle and adhering to a balanced diet. In this case, the body will experience a minimum of stress, and the risk of returning extra pounds will be reduced to no.

Basic principles

The diet of the bony diet is ordinary food, but in scanty amounts. Very modest portions, a meager diet and the use of exclusively low-calorie foods are the main principles of this technique. The main advantages of the diet are high efficiency and quick results, the disadvantage is insecurity. For a short period of time (10 days) you can get a lot of diseases and health problems. In addition, losing weight constantly feels hunger. Due to insufficient nutrition, the body begins to protest, a person experiences weakness, loss of strength, headaches, dizziness, psychological state worsens, all thoughts come down to the desire to eat.

In the diet of the bony food system there is no sweet and fatty food, which allows to achieve more serious results than a couple of kilos dropped.

In order for weight loss to be successful, a prerequisite for a diet is compliance with the water regime. The liquid helps to cleanse the body, leaches toxins from it, toxic substances. The minimum daily water rate is 3 l, the maximum is 4 l.

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Allowed foods must not be fried. Among the acceptable methods of heat treatment of food are: stewing, steaming, cooking. For a day you can eat only 3 times, snacks between meals are not allowed. Increasing the frequency of intake and changing portions (reduce or increase) of food is strictly prohibited. You can eat any fruit except bananas.

An important condition for a bony diet is strict adherence to the sequence of the menu for each day. It is unacceptable to interchange the diet of one day to another.


This method of losing weight has the strongest load on the body, testing its strength. People with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is better to abandon it, otherwise the “bony” diet for 10 days can cause serious damage to health.

Pregnant and lactating women should also review their plans for this diet. Remember, the future mom’s menu should be carefully selected and balanced.

People performing heavy mental or physical work should be postponed with “Kostyavka”, otherwise the breakdown will leave an imprint on the level of efficiency.

Daily diet

First of all, foods containing carbohydrates are excluded from the diet menu: smoked meats, sweets, fruits, alcohol, high-calorie cereals, milk, bread, beans and corn. Emphasis in nutrition is recommended on eggs, chicken breast, lean fish, vegetables, kefir, and beef. All foods are consumed without the addition of spices, oil, salt and sugar in very limited quantities. As a drink, water, green tea, fresh are suitable. At the same time, pomegranate juice should not be drunk in concentrated form. It is diluted with water in the ratio 1: 2.

There are several ways to follow a bony diet. The first involves a choice of three permitted options the most appropriate menu to your own taste, which should be used daily. The second is a carefully planned ration for 10 days.

The advantage of the first method is an increased amount of calories in the diet, due to which “dandy” is more easily tolerated by the human body.

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Variations of the daily menu in the daily volume:

  1. Boiled brisket – 200 g, vinaigrette – 200 g, low-fat kefir – 1 l, fat-free cottage cheese – 200 g, green apples – 0,5 kg, pomegranate juice – 0,8 l, oatmeal – 400 g. After lunch, you can eat exclusively hercules cooked on water .
  2. Lean meat – 200 g, nonfat milk – 1 l, potato “jacket” – 200 g, low-fat cottage cheese – 200 g, small apples – 5 pcs, mineral water – 1 l, pomegranate juice – 0,8 l.
  3. Cottage cheese, fish, boiled potatoes, low-fat meat – 200 g each, yogurt – 200 ml, pomegranate juice – up to 1,5 l, apples – 1 kg, skim milk – 1 l.

Due to the monotony of nutrition, a bony diet is difficult to tolerate. However, over time, the body becomes accustomed to such a menu, it reacts less painfully to hunger.

Ration for 10 days.

Day # 1:

  • breakfast – soft-boiled egg – 1 pcs;
  • lunch – boiled potatoes – 1 pcs;
  • dinner – kefir – 200 ml.

Day number 2, 7:

  • breakfast – boiled chicken breast – 100 g;
  • lunch – chicken – 100 g, fresh vegetables – 100 g;
  • dinner – vegetables – 100

Day # 3:

  • breakfast – boiled diet fish – 200 g;
  • lunch – soft-boiled egg – 1 pcs;
  • dinner – green tea – 200 ml.

Day number 4, 8:

  • each meal (of the three main ones) consists of a salad of vegetables – 150 g and a portion of boiled beef – 100 g.

Day # 5:

  • breakfast – jacket potatoes – 2 pcs;
  • lunch – boiled egg – 1 pcs;
  • dinner – kefir – 100 ml.

Day number 6, 9:

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner consists of a salad of cucumbers and spinach – 100g, boiled brisket – 100

Day # 10:

  • daily menu is limited to 4 l of water and 1 l of low-fat yogurt.

Special attention should be paid to getting out of the diet, because at first the body is under severe stress, first from the strict restriction of the diet, then from returning to the usual menu. Therefore, after obtaining the desired figure on the scales, you should not immediately pounce on food, because in this case the effect of the bony program will be leveled this week. Particular attention should be paid to serving sizes.

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Nutritionists recommend not to overeat, and adhere to the golden rule: to satisfy hunger, the body has enough of that amount of food that can fit in the palm of your hand. It is recommended to completely abandon the fatty, spicy, fried foods, confectionery and flour products.

Immediately after the end of the technique, in the next 2 weeks, a low-calorie diet should be followed, gradually increasing its energy value by expanding the menu. In this case, the stress for the body from changing the diet will be minimized, the process of weight loss will continue.


Bony diet – extreme nutrition aimed at rapid weight loss. The technique excludes high-calorie foods, in particular carbohydrates. Preference is given to protein foods (meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs), which fills the body and muscle tissue with vitamins, minerals, is digested for a long time (up to 4 hours), which ensures long-term saturation of the body. However, one should not assume that Kostlyavka is easily tolerated. Due to constant malnutrition, the person who is losing weight experiences moral and physical discomfort. There is a decrease in performance, dizziness, irritability, insomnia. Often, such symptoms lead to a breakdown of the diet. In this case, to get the fast desired result (minus 10-15 kg in 10 days), it is worth starting all over again.

During the passage of the technique should abandon heavy physical exertion, more rest. Otherwise, the body can reach the stage of exhaustion, which has a negative impact on health.

Remember, a bony diet is a dangerous way to become slimmer, after which digestive disorders are possible, exacerbation of chronic diseases, therefore, before practicing it, you should analyze all the pros and cons and determine whether the result of such a risk is worth it.

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