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Brazilian Diet

The mere mention of the Brazilian diet evokes thoughts of hot countries, overseas fruits and slender tanned beauties in luxurious carnival costumes. In fact, the method of losing weight of Brazilian celebrities has nothing to do with exotic, and everything you need can be purchased in a regular store.

Brazilian diet is another simple way to get rid of a few hated kilograms in a short period of time and not to harm your health. Losing weight with the stars of Brazilian cinema can be a week, two or even a month – the duration of the course depends on the initial weight and the desired result. Reset in this way can be from 4 to 15 extra pounds, following the recommendations of the authors of the diet.

Brazilian diet in general

At the end of the twentieth century in the periodical for women under the sauce of the “revolutionary method of fast weight loss of Brazilian celebrities” an unknown diet was served. The first to experience a new technique, of course, housewives, who confirmed its effectiveness. After that, the popularity of the Brazilian diet has increased dramatically, and women from around the globe began to use it.

Today, the Brazilian weight loss is firmly entrenched in the position of the best fast diets with an emphasis on protein foods, fresh fruits and vegetables.

The rules that must be followed to lose weight in Brazil have not changed in more than 20 years of existence of the diet:

  • under strict prohibition is sweet, fatty, fried foods and appetite stimulating spices;
  • do not give up salt, it is reasonable enough to limit its intake;
  • eliminate from the diet carbonated drinks with sugar substitutes and all types of alcohol;
  • drink more purified and mineral water, green tea and unsweetened natural coffee;
  • supplement the diet program with moderate exercise.

Traditionally, fractional nutrition is recommended during the diet, which contributes to a more effective and comfortable weight loss. Due to the presence of protein in large quantities, special attention should be paid to compliance with the drinking regime. Drinking mineral water during the course is not necessary, but it is desirable, since it improves the intestines and helps to remove toxins from the body.

Anyone who has followed a strict diet at least once should know that it is necessary to gradually abandon the usual food. Severe restrictions can cause stress, which will make losing weight a real nightmare.

Another important feature of the Brazilian diet is the use of coffee. Brazilians are famous connoisseurs of a strong fragrant elixir of vigor, but you need to drink it in moderation. Do not fool yourself with the imaginary benefits of green coffee and abuse a soluble drink that overloads the intestinal tract, nervous system and disrupts cardiac activity. You need to choose only natural coffee, and even better – grind the grains yourself. Making coffee is a ritual, not just a way to start metabolic processes.

Brazilian diet: weekly option

The diet of the Brazilian diet is not very diverse, but making some changes to it according to the individual characteristics of the body is not prohibited. The main meals, which include protein in a mandatory manner, should be at least three. Between breakfast and lunch, it is recommended to have a light snack in order to suppress the feeling of hunger and not to have lunch.

The daily menu of the Brazilian diet is formed according to the following principles:

  • for breakfast, eat boiled eggs or fermented milk product in company with unsweetened fruit and a cup of aromatic coffee;
  • snack during lunch with fruit or fruit juice;
  • at lunch, it is desirable to include meat or fish with fresh vegetables;
  • for dinner you can eat either a meat or fish dish or a vegetable salad with a slice of hard cheese.
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By default, it is assumed that the last meal should take place no later than six hours. If in the evening there is a strong feeling of hunger, you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir before going to bed, but after eight you can’t eat at all.

The original menu on 7 days with three meals a day

Days Morning Dinner Evening
1 and 2 Food for the first and second days of the cycle is the same: for breakfast, lunch and dinner you need to eat one boiled chicken egg and unsweetened apple
3 For all the following days, breakfast should be one boiled chicken egg; on the third day of losing weight is not prohibited to eat two Lean boiled meat with fresh herbs, lettuce and spinach Spinach and green salad with one boiled egg
4 Boiled or steamed sea fish fillets and a couple of medium sized tomatoes A pair of boiled eggs and weak coffee
5 Again, fish fillet cooked in a similar way and one tomato The same portion of boiled fish and cucumber and tomato salad
6 Boiled veal with fresh cucumber Again, boiled meat without additives
7 Chicken fillet, fresh tomato and cucumber Same as lunch, plus a savory apple.

Often, the dinner menu repeats the dinner, which greatly simplifies the process of cooking: it is much more convenient to cook a double portion of meat or fish than to try to cut a piece of 100 of exactly the weight from a raw fillet.

Every morning at breakfast it is recommended to pamper yourself with a cup of strong coffee without additives.

Long Brazilian Diet

Slightly modifying the menu, you can follow the Brazilian diet from two weeks to a month. As a rule, long-term weight loss is tolerated more easily than the fast version of the diet.

The ration for 14 and more days is varied and 5 times a day. The usual five meals are a hearty breakfast, a healthy lunch, lunch, dinner, and a light snack before bed.

Nutrition for the long-term Brazilian diet on weekdays

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dinner
Fish Drink a banana with whole grain toast with freshly squeezed orange juice Citrus fresh to taste No more than 100 of grilled or boiled sea fish and fresh non-starchy vegetables salad The same fish without oil and other additives with cabbage salad
Meat Cook one chicken or two quail eggs and wash with apple smoothie Rye bread toast and sugar-free apple juice A piece of boiled veal no more than 100 g and a pair of jacket potatoes in uniform with salad leaves A little lean meat for lunch and a salad of one egg and green peas
Lactic Rye toast or bread with a glass of low-fat cow’s milk 100 g cottage cheese with fat content 0% with fresh herbs to taste About 100 g of brown or wild unpolished rice with white cabbage salad No more than 100 of low-fat boiled meat with lettuce and greens, apple for dessert
Pineapple Fresh pineapple (100 g) and sugar-free pineapple juice One citrus fruit or juice from it, toast from rye bread 100 of chicken breast with pineapple pulp and a slice of the least fatty hard cheese A pair of medium sized potatoes and a salad of grated carrots
Mango Fresh mango with diet bread or cracker Salad or smoothie from one apple and one orange 100 g boiled fillet of sea fish and salad of boiled or fresh carrots Light soup with vegetable or mushroom broth
Diverse Whole grain toast and a glass of apple juice Grated boiled beets with a little olive oil as desired Soup from any vegetables with croutons from rye bread Stewed Vegetable Stew
Grape A few grapes and a ripe banana A glass of grape juice with diet bread 100 g boiled or baked lean beef in the oven, fresh cabbage salad Low-fat mushroom soup or saltwater fish soup, some fruit
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As a rule, during the Brazilian diet, it is not necessary to take special vitamin complexes separately, and the body receives the necessary substances along with the fruit. Juice for weight loss should be exclusively direct pressing without adding sugar – so the fruit retains its beneficial properties and promotes fat burning.

Every day you need to drink at least two glasses of fresh juice specified in the breakfast and lunch menu:

  • pineapple;
  • orange;
  • grape;
  • grapefruit;
  • mango;
  • apple.

Both juice and smoothies will be much tastier and healthier if you cook them yourself. Today it is not necessary to overload the kitchen with household appliances, it is enough to have a pair of universal appliances. The list of must-have for losing weight includes a blender, with which it will be easier to eat properly, and a glass of fresh fruit will be available at any time.

A standard portion of the main course should not exceed 100 g, and the last meal should be recommended no later than 20: 00. This version of the Brazilian diet allows you to drink before bedtime another glass of juice and eat a slice of baked goods to choose from. It can be wholegrain toast, rye toast, biscuits and other types of dietary bread.

Useful tips for the Brazilian diet

Diet for a week, although it is strict, but at the same time eliminates the need to think about what to buy and how to cook. The second option is more loyal, therefore it is easier to comply with it, but a long program requires a responsible approach to the choice of products and their preparation.

Protein-rich foods should contain a minimum of calories, so dietary dairy products should be purchased in a store where the fat content is indicated on the label. On meat days, you can choose between beef and calf steak and other lean meat, but you can not wrestle and eat chicken breast throughout the entire diet. Fish, unlike meat, can be any, but it is better to give preference to marine species.

Many people think that dieting is choking on salads and tasteless boiled food, but this belief is far from the truth. Modern recipes of dietary dishes without oil and fat allow everyone to show their culinary skills.

  1. You can stew it in water or vegetable broth in a saucepan or in any deep pan with non-stick coating.
  2. The most low-calorie dishes are produced in steamers, which are designed in such a way that excess juice and fat flows in the cooking process.
  3. By the same principle, you can cook a dietary beef steak on the grill or on a regular grill in the oven.
  4. Meat and fish will remain juicy, if you bake them in foil or sleeve.
  5. In a ceramic dish, vegetables remain juicy, and their juice does not evaporate.

Everyone who cares about their weight and health is urged to abandon the use of sunflower oil in cooking. With high calories, vegetable fats do not contain anything useful, and when heated, it becomes carcinogenic. Those who follow the Brazilian diet should temporarily abandon olive oil.

For dietary soups and stews, any vegetables other than potatoes are suitable. You can prepare a light dinner, armed with a deep container and the necessary ingredients:

  • zucchini – 2 pcs;
  • eggplant – 2 pcs;
  • tomatoes – 5 pcs;
  • salad red onion – 1 head;
  • chopped herbs to taste;
  • a little salt.
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Eggplants need to be prepared in advance, peeling and soaking some time in cold water to remove the bitterness. Such a stew is cooked very simply in 30-40 minutes as follows:

  1. Eggplant and zucchini cut into large cubes and simmer in a deep pan or saucepan 20-25 minutes. Water should be salted and slightly cover the vegetables. You can also use vegetable or mushroom broth.
  2. Tomatoes and onions also peel, chop, salt and cook 15-20 minutes in another bowl. If the tomatoes are pre-doused with boiling water, then peeling them off will be much easier. When the vegetables are cooked, the mixture must be passed through a blender to make a homogeneous tomato paste.
  3. Drain excess water from ready-made vegetables, add tomato paste and simmer for another 5 minutes. Before serving, decorate with greens.

Those who do not like to mess around the stove should try stew in ceramic or clay pots. To do this, just load the vegetables into the bowl, cover and send to the oven. Dishes with cauliflower, broccoli, green beans and mushrooms in pots turn out to be especially tasty, because in this way the vegetables are stewed in their own juice.

When cooking for one person seems like a waste of energy, you can buy ready-made vegetable mixes in frozen form and devote your time to yourself. In general, by eliminating harmful components, you can make any popular recipe as a dietary one and eat tasty food even during a diet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Brazilian diet

First of all, you should pay attention to coffee and eggs – important components of a diet that can be consumed by far not all. People who are allergic to chicken eggs can be replaced with quail eggs (the energy value of one chicken egg is two quail eggs). An alternative to coffee can be invigorating chicory drinks or strong green tea.

The Brazilian diet will not be beneficial if it is observed in the presence of heart failure, diseases of the cardiovascular system, renal dysfunction, acute and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous diseases, hyperactivity, puberty, pregnancy and lactation.

Reviews of those who lost weight with the help of the Brazilian diet, mostly positive and leave no doubt about its effectiveness. If you do not violate the basic rules and adhere to the recommended diet, you can reset from 4 to 15 kg, depending on the duration of the course of weight loss. In addition, the benefits of the Brazilian diet compared to other methods are undeniable:

  • due to the presence of a large number of fresh vegetables, fruits and juices from them, the body does not lack vitamins and nutrients;
  • daily protein intake helps to maintain muscle mass and healthy skin elasticity in the process of burning fat;
  • fiber-rich vegetables help detoxify the body and improve digestion;
  • small portions help to acquire new healthy eating habits and not overeat, stretching the stomach;
  • A varied menu of a long version leaves space for culinary fantasy, allowing you to eat with benefit and pleasure.

No matter how loyal the diet is, it remains a diet and implies dietary restrictions. In addition to the feeling of hunger, which visits all losing weight, the Brazilian method has no obvious shortcomings. In the absence of contraindications, a second course of weight loss can be carried out no earlier than one month after the previous one.

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