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Carbohydrate diet

How can you eat and lose weight at the same time? To the delight of all lovers of tasty, men and women, dancers and bodybuilders, a carbohydrate diet has been developed. We understand, competently consume and lose weight.

Carbohydrates: what can and can not

Carbohydrates (sugars) or cargo are special organic compounds necessary for the life of people, animals and plants. In the process of photosynthesis of the latter, the planet receives this important component.

For humans, carbohydrates perform a lot of irreplaceable functions. Among the most important are plastic and energy. As part of more complex molecules, cargoes are involved in the construction of DNA. But most of all, these compounds are known as the main source of energy for the body. Once inside, they are oxidized, while generating energy. When 1 grams of carbohydrates break down, 4,1 kcal and 0,4 g of water are released.

Sugars consist of special structural units. Depending on the number of these units, they distinguish: monosaccharides (1 unit), disaccharides (2 units), oligosaccharides and the most complex ones – polysaccharides. Just the same, the latter are the savior in the carbohydrate diet.

All simple carbohydrates contain a high glycemic index (sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose). Once in the stomach, they are quickly absorbed and converted into sugar. The “cunning” human body is very complicated and it is not so easy to carry it out. In order to prevent the appearance of hyperglycemia, it simply transforms sugar into fat. Such a process, from the “point of view” of the human body, is very useful, since stored fat is a guarantee of an energy source for a rainy day. This is the trap for all obese people, with a sharp drop in glucose in the blood, a feeling of hunger appears. Therefore, when a person eats sweets, he continues to want to eat.

Complex carbohydrates are another matter. This is, first of all, glycogen, starch and cellulose. These components are composed of many structural units. Therefore, their digestion and processing takes more time and, most importantly, energy.

The essence of the carbohydrate diet

There is an opinion that carbohydrates are the main culprits of mass obesity. Against the background of total eating fast food, low-quality products and fast food – this may seem true. But such a misconception is based on a misunderstanding of the glycemic index of carbohydrates themselves.

The glycemic index is, quite simply, the very speed at which cargoes are processed. In simple carbohydrates, it is high, and in complex carbohydrates it is low. The complete exclusion of them from the diet, of course, will lead to the loss of several kilograms. But, soon the body will “revenge” for this lack of the appearance of a mass of health problems and with the same weight.

A carbohydrate diet is built on the principle: burn what you have accumulated and prevent a new reserve of fat. At the same time, fast carbohydrates are not excluded, in order not to reduce the sugar content to a crisis minimum. Not only representatives of the weaker sex, but also professional athletes for so-called drying resort to it. Nutritionists have developed some general helpful tips for effective weight loss:

  • need to drink at least 1,5 liters of purified water per day;
  • one serving of food should be 100 g, liquid – 150 ml;
  • food should be separate (5-6 meals);
  • 3 hours before sleep can not be eaten;
  • exclude fried, sweet soda, alcohol;
  • physical exertion should gradually increase.
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This diet includes fiber and starch and some simple carbohydrates. Among the required purchases will be: cereals, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, dairy products. Unlike other diets, this one boasts a bright and varied menu. Only sugar and flour will have to be completely abandoned. The amount of protein (meat, eggs, flour products) is also reduced.

The whole course takes two weeks. The first seven days are accompanied by a more stringent regime and a small amount of incoming calories. During this period, it goes from 6 to 7 kilograms of excess weight. If we are talking about morbid obesity, the weight loss will be even greater. Men on a carbohydrate diet lose weight a little harder than women. The next stage is intended to consolidate the result. Losing weight in the second week is slower, but dropped kilograms take a long time. According to reviews of those who have already completed the entire course of the carbohydrate diet, 0,5-1 kg may return in recent days. You should not be afraid of it, with proper nutrition and moderate loads, the weight stabilizes.

In addition to the main two-week option, a carbohydrate diet for one week has been developed. It has a more stringent mode, rapid weight loss and is recommended in emergency situations.

Carbohydrate menu

In the first seven days, the diet will contain more dairy products and vegetables. One serving should be no more than 100 gr. You can make your own menu, excluding prohibited foods: potatoes, sweets, soda, sugar, flour products.

A sample menu for the first week may consist of:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal, fruit, cottage cheese, black coffee without sugar or tea.
  2. Lunch: 150 ml of kefir, natural yogurt or fermented baked milk.
  3. Lunch: baked fish, steamed or steamed vegetables, beans, lentils.
  4. Snack: 150 ml of kefir, natural yogurt or ryazhenka.
  5. Dinner: vegetable salads, stewed cabbage, boiled chicken breast.

Over the next seven days, servings are increased to 200 g of food and 250 g of liquid. Throughout the course, before eating, it is recommended to drink a decoction of calendula, to maintain digestion.

A sample menu for the second week may consist of:

  1. Breakfast: natural yoghurt with fruit, cereal, cottage cheese, boiled egg (no more than 2 once a week).
  2. Lunch: 250 gr kefir or a handful of nuts.
  3. Lunch: meat or fish with a side dish of vegetables.
  4. Snack: 250 gr kefir or ryazhenka.
  5. Dinner: boiled rice with vegetables, salads seasoned with lemon juice, fish.

Calendula decoction for carbohydrate diet

Have to take:

  • Calendula – 1 Art. l;
  • St. John’s Wort – 1 Art. l;
  • Daisy – 1 Art. l
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All ingredients are sold at the pharmacy in the form of dried fees. The necessary ingredients should be poured with one glass of boiling water, cover tightly and hold until the water cools. Then pass through a fine sieve and keep in a glass dish in a cool place. Ready broth to take 50 ml before meals.

Mathematical carbohydrate diet

One of the variants of the carbohydrate diet is based on counting the amount of cargo consumed. Calculate them in the so-called carbograms (KBG), which are the same grams in essence. Each product contains a certain amount of carbohydrates, from 0 to 100. A day on this diet can be used 120-150 KBG. Table for carbohydrate diet contains the main products from the usual diet.

Product (100 gr) Carbohydrates (kgb)
Bread, wheat 50,15
Rye bread 41,82
bagel sdobnaya 56,80
Buckwheat (kernels) 68,0
Semolina 73,3
Oatmeal 65,4
rice 73,7
“Hercules” 65,7
beans 8,3
Peas 53,3
beans 54,5
Lentil 53,7
Soy 26,5
Oil (corn, olive, sunflower)
White mushrooms 3,40
Chicken 0,6
Salad leaves 0,7
Celery 1,1
Spinach 0,6
Apples 11,80
grapefruit 10,30
Orange 10,30
White cabbage 5,4
Potatoes 19,7
Beetroot 10,8
Carrots 7,0
Parsley 8,1
Green peas 13,3
Cucumber 3,0
Radish 4,1
Tomatoes 4,2
Garlic 21,2
cow milk 5,16
Butter 0,80
Grain coffee 15,0
Black tea 15,0
Cocoa 3,50

Celery Mushroom Cream Soup

A recipe suitable for almost any type of carbohydrate diet.

In one portion: calories – 343, proteins – 4,1, carbohydrates – 4,9 KBG.

Need to take:

  • petioled celery – 200 gr;
  • champignons – 200 gr;
  • carrots – 120 gr;
  • purified water – 500 ml.

All ingredients are cleaned of excess and washed thoroughly. Everything is cut in large cubes and cooked under the lid until cooked without salt. Then the finished broth is brought to the state of the cream using a blender. When serving, you can sprinkle with a pinch of dill or green celery.

Strict carbohydrate diet

A tighter version of the carbohydrate diet for the week is recommended in extreme cases. As a rule, it is resorted to before holidays, competitions, or as prescribed by a doctor. Repeating this mode can be no more than 2 once a year.

Feature mode in a clear schedule of meals and a very limited menu. Occasional snacks are completely excluded. All the prescribed products are evenly distributed throughout the day. Total 6 techniques in: 7: 00, 10: 00, 12: 00, 14: 00, 16: 00, 19: 00. Following the rules you can lose up to 7 kilograms of weight per week.

The menu of a strict carbohydrate diet for a week

Day One: 400 gr of baked potatoes and 0,5 l of low-fat yogurt.

Day two: 400 g low-fat cottage cheese and 0,5 l low-fat yogurt.

Day Three: 400 gr of fruit (except grapes and bananas) and 0,5 l of low-fat kefir.

Fourth day: 400 gr of boiled chicken breast and 0,5 l of low-fat kefir.

Fifth day: 400 gr of fruit (except grapes and bananas) and 0,5 l of kefir.

Day Six: Discharge (water only)

Seventh day: 400 gr fruit and 0,5 l low-fat yogurt.

At the same time it is necessary to completely eliminate salt and sugar. Leaving such a diet should be gradually, returning the usual products and increasing portions.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Most diets are aimed at a sharp decrease in body weight. Many who want to lose weight can not resist the temptation to get rid of the hated “interlayers” quickly, easily and permanently. But, as a rule, such express diets are associated with stress for the body. Exclusion from the diet of the necessary components, minerals and vitamins has a bad effect on the health and condition of the skin and hair. The most aggressive weight loss methods often lead to the return of lost kilograms.

A carbohydrate diet is accompanied by a constant supply of the body with the necessary energy. Does not completely exclude proteins, which allows you to maintain muscle tone. Doing sports, while not difficult. Unlike many other modes, at the same time – there is no fatigue, there is no loss of strength. The stomach and intestines remain in order due to the constant supply of food in small portions. Prescribed products contain everything necessary for proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Among the shortcomings, mainly according to the slimming reviews, are fasting days. In the case of a strict carbohydrate diet, it is very difficult to control yourself and not eat something tasty. The first three to four days is a difficult period, the body will rebuild and adapt. But from the fourth – everything will become much easier.

At the end of the second week, some of the weight lost may return. However, if proper nutrition becomes part of life, they will surely disappear. The main thing to remember is that the basis is not diet, but proper nutrition. The refusal of alcohol, nicotine, sugar and fat has not hurt anyone.

The exclusion of sugar from the diet becomes a problem for most sweet teeth. In this case, it is worthwhile to follow the rule: “Everything is good in moderation”. An hour walk in the park will cover one eaten piece of cake. And if you run – you can sweeten the seagulls.

Carbohydrate diet: what the doctor will say

Doctors often prescribe a strict carbohydrate diet to people suffering from diseases of the stomach and digestive tract: ulcers, gastritis, and cardiovascular diseases. But in the case of self-treatment, it is worth being very careful and even with excellent state of health, consult a doctor.

With proper adherence to this diet, in addition to the cherished weight loss, doctors note the cleansing of the body and the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract. But warn of the need for a break. So, if the diet lasted a month, the same time should rest. In the case of a hard regime (one week), return to the usual diet will take two weeks. It is also not necessary to completely eliminate fats. Some nuts or vegetable oil only benefit.

As a result of such efforts, the body comes to cherished ideals, losing up to 7 kg of excess weight. The body, however, is not under stress. Attempts to lose weight do not entail a deterioration of health. And the appearance is only improving.

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