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Celery diet

Celery diet – this is the cherished way to quickly lose weight without much effort. The extremely popular technique for the modern rhythm of life is gaining more and more fans and admirers. To get in shape in a short time, exclusive products, special additives and titanic willpower are no longer needed. Only celery and the desire to become more beautiful.

Why precisely celery

This root crop was considered a magical plant long before our era. People believed that celery gives youth and special appeal. Modern science fully confirms the guesses of our ancestors. More truly, their observations. The fact is that it contains a large number of many vitamins of groups B, E, PP and C. In addition, there are a lot of mineral components: zinc, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and many others. The use of these elements improves skin tone, tightens it and inhibits the aging process.

Regarding attractiveness in ancient times, too, were not mistaken. It is proved that in the stems of this plant contains the male hormone androsterone. It helps to increase potency and acts as prophylaxis against prostatitis. And when it stands out with sweat, its special little perceptible odor acts as a natural aphrodisiac for women. By the way, and the beautiful half can adopt celery seeds. Infusion of them prevents menstrual cramps and helps with menopause. A dish of stems, herbs and root are widely used in the fight against all types of obesity.

Eating celery restores the digestive tract. In some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vitamin U, which is part of it, stops inflammation and reduces pain. In addition, a number of trace elements improves the state of the nervous system, eliminates hypertension, atherosclerosis. This plant is very useful for strengthening blood vessels and general immunity. It is given to children for the prevention of hypovitaminosis.

Recent studies have concluded that the result of the celery diet is the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia. The special substance luteolin does not allow the development of inflammatory processes in the human brain. The younger generation is advised to stalks of this root for improving memory and concentration.

Both men and women massively resort to a diet with celery for weight loss. With the help of a special diet, thousands of people have already improved their health and shape.

Principles of the celery diet

As a basis for a “weight loss” diet, this plant was chosen due to its unique properties. A sufficient amount of all useful components allows you to cut the usual menu and not harm your health. A huge amount of fiber, which is contained in the root crop, quickly and for a long time saturates and muffles the feeling of hunger. But the main selection criterion for combating overweight is its extremely low calorie content. At the same time, in order to digest and break down hard fibers, the body needs more energy than is contained in one serving of celery. To do this, he needs to use the accumulated “fuel”, that is, fat. This is how the celery diet gives the result of losing excess weight.

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There are two types of this diet. An emergency way to lose excess kilograms is a mono-diet on celery, when only this plant and water are eaten. A more balanced diet with diet foods is mixed celery diets. The first option is recommended to be considered only as a last resort. The use of only one root crop causes stress to the body. Actually, that’s why he loses unnecessary “ballast”. As a rule, ladies are most often favorable to him, especially a few days before the catwalk in a new dress or other “outings”. Adhering to such a course is advisable no more than 3 of the day. During this time, according to reviews from the celery diet, you can lose 3,5-4 kg.

One of the most famous and common methods of healing and restoration of the body is a diet that includes celery soup. The recipes of this first dish, recently a great variety. There are even with the use of sauces, meats and seasonings. All these formulations are invented to improve the taste and with this diet have little in common.

Celery diet soup

The recipe for this soup was developed by no cooks or experienced housewives. He appeared in America and was created specifically for the rapid loss of body fat. In the States, the problem of mass obesity is very acute. Cardiologists faced it when operations became impossible in most cases due to the weight of the patients. Then the doctors from the Rochester Mayo Clinic developed this author’s diet for rapid weight loss.

Celery soup recipe contains:

  • 200 gr celery root;
  • 300 gr celery stalks;
  • 600 gr of cabbage (Peking or young white);
  • 650 gr tomatoes;
  • 2-3 pcs of red bell pepper;
  • 300 gr asparagus beans;
  • 500 gr onions (5 pcs);
  • 250 gr carrots.

The root, carrots and two onions are chopped and boiled in purified water (approximately 1,5 l). At this time, cabbage, remaining onions and peppers are chopped. After 15 minutes have elapsed, you can add everything except tomatoes and cabbage. Peeled tomatoes need to be beaten with a blender to the state of tomato juice. 15-20 minutes before ready, cabbage and juice are placed in the soup. Cook until cooked over low heat.

According to the rules of the diet, the menu will include only this dish and raw celery. But the number and volume of servings are not controlled. You can eat as much as you like and lose weight at the same time. Drink only clean water and some green tea without sugar. The program lasts 3 days. It should be repeated no earlier than 2 weeks after the stomach rests.

Mixed celery diet and withdrawal

The celery diet for 7 days is designed for effective weight loss and long-term preservation of results. In this case, the diet will consist of the same soup, vegetables, fruits and lean meat. Such a regime is not accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger, since it is fairly balanced and nutritious. Each day will consist of a first course and, in turn, a single product. As an additional factor for weight loss proposed juice from the stalks and green celery.

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In order not to cause damage to health, there should be at least three meals per day. There are after 18: 00 is possible, but only a raw root vegetable, the same stalks or smoothies from them. Throughout the program, sports, fitness or other physical activities are allowed. The main thing is to focus on the state and needs of your own body. If during training and exercises there are: frequent dizziness, severe weakness in muscles, tinnitus and nausea – active activities should be stopped before the end of the gastronomic course.

The celery diet menu for 7 days will consist of:

  1. The first day is soup and fruit. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can eat an unlimited amount of soup, and as a snack, any fruit suitable for the season, except bananas, dried fruits, grapes and figs. Drinking water is allowed, tea without sugar, natural juices. Dairy products are completely excluded, except for the fourth day.
  2. The second day – soup + vegetables. The next day, the program is completely repeated, with the exception of fruits, they are replaced with fresh and boiled vegetables without peel.
  3. The third day – soup, vegetables and berries. Exclude all legumes and potatoes. You can drink only water and celery juice.
  4. The fourth day – soup and natural yogurt. All kinds of fruits and vegetables are prohibited at this stage. Unsweetened bifidoyogurt is prescribed for breakfast and during snacks in 150 ml.
  5. Day Five – soup, tomatoes and meat. To make up for the proper protein level, 150-200 gr boiled lean beef is allowed. The main thing is not at one time, but to divide it into at least two parts in the morning. Of vegetables – only ripe tomatoes.
  6. Day Six – soup, spinach and lettuce. From this moment, fasting days begin. The first dish can only be eaten three times a day, and for salads, leafy salads seasoned with one teaspoon of vegetable oil are suitable. All other plant and animal products are not allowed.
  7. Seventh day – soup + wild rice. A portion of rice and one raw vegetable are allowed for breakfast in the last phase of the diet. All other meals should consist of soup. Drinking regimen consists of water and several glasses of freshly squeezed juice.

For the week of the celery diet it will take up to a kilogram of 7, separating from the standards of beauty. Depending on the initial weight, the “loss” may increase. No matter how positive the results and reviews about the diet with celery are, this course cannot be repeated earlier than in 15 days.

During 3 days after the program itself, you can gradually introduce more fruits, berries, dairy products, eggs, and nuts. Fried foods, legumes, all types of ready-made cooking and semi-finished products, alcohol will remain under the ban. To overweight did not return it is useful to use for dinner any salad with celery.

One of the popular celery salads consists of:

  • 150 g celery stalks;
  • 4 eggs (preferably 8 pcs – quail);
  • average carrots;
  • ground cucumber.

Boil carrots and eggs, cool and peel. Cut all the components into cubes or cubes. Season the finished dish with low-fat sour cream, kefir or unsweetened yogurt.

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Celery diet from all sides. Contraindications and cons

Contained in the leaves and stem of this plant, apiol is very dangerous for pregnant women. Since this component causes a reduction in the endometrium, eating celery can lead to premature birth. And at nursing mothers milk can disappear.

A number of diseases are categorically incompatible with this diet, among them:

  • epilepsy (provokes an attack);
  • anemia;
  • urolithiasis (stimulates the movement of stones);
  • diseases of the gallbladder and pancreas;
  • ulcer, acute gastritis.

In any case, a consultation with a doctor will be a guarantee of peace and a successful menu selection. Disrupted metabolism can also resist attempts to lose weight, and in various experiments, even shake health. Before the beginning of the program it is better to go through examinations and pass tests.

Among the disadvantages of this treatment course, the main thing is that celery itself has a rather unusual taste. Therefore, in addition to medical contraindications, he will not go to those who absolutely do not like this plant. Also, not many people manage to stick to a very monotonous menu for a long time. The same dish quickly becomes boring, this is the main reason for the frequent breakdown of losing weight.

A small amount of sweet fruits and berries can lead to the development of hypoglycemia. One or two teaspoons of honey will help to avoid this. Especially if the diet on celery is accompanied by sports. If you experience nausea, fainting, or frequent constipation, you should immediately stop the program.

Why is it worth it

Among the positive aspects of the considered diet, the first is the absence of a manic feeling of hunger, as is the case in many other diets. You can eat in unlimited quantities, because the negative caloric content of this product does not threaten to gain weight.

It is convenient to adhere to such a course at any time of the year, as celery is easy to find on the shelves both in summer and in winter. All supplementary products with a celery diet on 7 or 3 of the day are familiar and affordable. This power system does not require large financial costs. Recipes and dishes are very simple, so the time it takes the diet takes very little.

Young people, it will help in dealing with skin problems. Cleansing the body prevents the appearance of rashes, irritations and inflammations.

At the end of the treatment system, the weight will be reduced to unnecessary kilograms by 5-7. Results will depend on the duration of the course and the initial mass. So, the celery diet for 7 days has earned more positive reviews. In addition, to improve the functioning of all organs, especially digestion. The metabolism accelerates, excess liquid and harmful substances leave.

Periodic diet will make a proper contribution to future health and appearance. Useful components will keep the epithelium in tone and will prevent the appearance of wrinkles for a long time. And celery vitamins, trace elements and minerals prevent the development of cancer cells and brain disease in old age.

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