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Cellulite diet

In 1973, the Nicole Ronsard article on cellulite and the urgent need to fight it was published in the fashion magazine Vogue. From this point on, all popular anti-cellulite techniques are counting. What was previously not considered a problem at all, is now a leading obstacle to a beautiful body.

Today, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine successfully exploit the universal mania of getting rid of the “orange peel”. Creams and massagers from the TV shop have long proved their helplessness in solving this problem. Get rid of the unsightly bumps and depressions on the body is quite possible and it does not require special equipment. Only an integrated approach will help, not the last place in which the anti-cellulite diet takes.

Reality vs myths about cellulite

In order to solve a problem, it is important to examine it. If you understand what cellulite is, it will be easier to get rid of it and circumvent myths. Before Ronsard’s publication, cellulitis was called subcutaneous purulent formations, that is, a full-fledged disease. After the publication of the article, and after it also the book “How to defeat cellulite,” this term began to define hillocks and hollows, that is, just a cosmetic defect.

Today, official medicine applies the term “gynoid lipodystrophy” to this phenomenon. Those who are concerned about the problem of “orange peel” suffer from lipodystrophy, and not cellulite. By the way, doctors do not categorize this problem as a disease. From the point of view of physiology, this is absolutely normal, especially for women.

Those most disgusting tubercles appear due to circulatory disorders. Lymph and blood play an important role in supplying cells with nutrients. By circulating in the body, they also cleanse the body of the products of cellular activity. Improper diet and sedentary lifestyle leads to disruptions in these processes. Cells accumulate fat, and concurrently everything that is ingested – harmful toxins, excess fluid, waste, and so on. As a result, the same thing happens with them as with a person – the cells grow fat and increase in size, protruding outwards in the form of depressions and protuberances.

In our understanding, cellulite is not just an extra fatty layer. It can be in obese people and skinny models. In the fight against this unsightly problem will only help a set of measures: proper nutrition, sports, massages. It is impossible to get rid of it completely, since the fat layer must be present in any case. It can be made less noticeable or imperceptible at all.

Food against cellulite

The causes of the appearance of cellulite are many. These include ecology, heredity, lifestyle, the presence of disease, bad habits. Dubious quality products – the scourge of the modern population in any country. Soda, food additives, fatty and fast food products – all these ingredients are on the menu of most people. It is the harmful components that most quickly seek to be deposited on their legs and bottom in the form of an unpleasant crust. And frequent overeating without stopping provides fatty cells with building material.

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Nutrition – not the main, but the main cause of the appearance of most diseases and problems with the figure. To minimize obesity and the appearance of lipodystrophy, you need to radically reconsider their gastronomic habits.

The first thing you need to pay attention to those products that contribute to cell obesity, the accumulation of fluid and salt.

For health and beauty you need to exclude.

Fast food and convenience foods

They greatly facilitate the life of the modern man, who is often in a hurry, saving time or just lazy. It is more difficult to refuse them than it seems at first glance, but it’s worth it. Firstly, homemade food is healthier (E 123 is definitely not there), secondly, it is much cheaper. This includes not only burgers from a snack bar, but also cheap sausages, frozen finished products, sauces, etc.

Pastry and sugar

This is a combination of the same semi-finished products (if we are talking about ready-made cakes and pastries), excess calories and unhealthy fats. Besides the fact that sugar increases the risk of obesity and lipodystrophy, it significantly reduces the elasticity of muscles and skin.

Greasy food

We are talking about saturated animal fats, especially if they are fried. These fats are not only found in meat and fat, they are found in fatty dairy products, cream, and butter.

Baking and flour products

Here there is everything to grow “excellent” cellulite: sugar, fat, mass of calories. Do not go dietary biscuits, oatmeal cookies, fresh pastries, but their number should be limited.

Pickles and pickles

Excessive salt intake leads to the familiar “orange peel”, kidney and liver problems. Passion for pure salt threatens the appearance of edema, which is the first sign of circulatory problems.

Carbonated drinks

They trap water in the body. If we talk about sweet soda, we will not find a single advantage of these products. They are not even suitable for quenching thirst, because after some time the desire to drink intensifies even more.

Teabags and instant coffee

One serving of natural coffee will only help in the fight against body fat, instant coffee will do nothing but harm. Since the cells grow from the accumulation of all “evil spirits,” freeze-dried coffee and garbage tea bags must be excluded.

Often, those who decide to fight cellulite and extra pounds allow themselves to get tasty, hoping to burn it in the gym later. When the cell was “fed” with waste and fat, it is almost impossible to clean it. Therefore, even among the tasty and forbidden it is better to choose the most natural products. It is important not to forget that the refusal of harmful additives is a requirement aimed at recovery, and not only at the correction of the figure.

For beauty and health you need to enter the menu.

Rye flour bread

Yes, despite the fact that this is baking, a couple of slices of such coarse bread will improve digestion and cleanse the intestines. In addition, it contains few calories.

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Viscous porridge helps especially well, for taste you can add dry or fresh fruits, a little honey. Porridge is rich in slow carbohydrates and vegetable protein, they saturate for a long time and also improve digestion. Semolina and white rice are best eliminated, but barley, corn, millet and buckwheat are suitable. The latter is even used in a separate anti-cellulite buckwheat diet.

Low Fat Dairy Products

Fat-free kefir, natural yogurt, milk, cottage cheese are suitable. Lipotropic substances in the composition of these components slow down the accumulation of fats in the internal organs.

Fish and seafood

You can use any non-fatty fish, the best sea. It is necessary to exclude smoked and salted fish, caviar. Besides the fact that it is tasty, the gifts of the seas and rivers perfectly tighten the skin and tone the muscles.

Vegetables and fruits

This also includes berries and greens, in a word, all plant foods. Limit should potatoes, carrots and beets. Perfectly contribute to weight loss celery and pineapple. In the first, a huge amount of dietary fiber, and pineapple contains a fat-burning component – bromelain, which is why it is used in an exotic pineapple diet.

Water without gas

The accumulation of fluid in the body is one of the causes of cellulite. However, drinking plenty of fluids only works on the hand, it cleanses the body, in particular the cells, from harmful components and water.


How not surprising. It’s not about heavy drinks, but about red natural wine. Nutritionists recommend drinking it periodically at 200 ml per day. This product cleanses cells and improves blood circulation. The main thing is not to get involved.

Having a list of products, you can independently create a menu. Emphasis is placed on raw plant foods. Food according to this scheme is very similar to a vegan diet or raw food diet. For those who do not have enough roots and greens, you can boil or bake fish and seafood, eat cereals and soups.

In fact, any low-calorie diet can be considered anti-cellulite, if you add to it sports and massages. Among the individual anti-cellulite methods popular diet on 10 days.

10 anti-cellulite days

The authorship of this technique belongs to the same Madame Ronsard, who so carelessly treated with the term “cellulite”. However, reviews from losing weight, this technique has received mostly positive. The author of the diet was a cosmetologist by training, possibly because she was against any irregularities on the female skin and struggled with this phenomenon en masse.

Anti-cellulite diet Ronsard is based on a special diet. On 10 days, you need to completely abandon everything that was listed above in the “delete” category. Meals will consist mainly of raw vegetables, plenty of water and cereals. The diet changes on even and odd days.

Menu for odd days (I, III, V, VII, IX days)

For breakfast: you need to eat a portion of raw fruits or berries, you can mix them in the form of a salad, but without dressing.

For lunch: salad again, but from vegetables. It is allowed to add seeds or some nuts, you can season with vegetable oil and lemon juice.

For dinner: you need to choose only one product that can be eaten raw. Suitable vegetables or fruits, berries.

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In just a day you can eat up to 2.5 kg of plant food. During breaks, a large amount of drink is necessarily shown: water, decoctions, green tea.

Menu for even days (II, IV, VI, VIII, X days)

For breakfast: fresh fruit in general form or in salads, you can drink green tea or a cup of natural coffee.

At lunch: you can optionally cook boiled or baked vegetables, or a portion of porridge with vegetable salad.

For dinner: you need to combine cooked vegetable food and raw. Stew and salad are suitable, boiled or steamed vegetables with the addition of raw.

Sometimes this diet from cellulite is diluted with low-fat cottage cheese and kefir, which is suitable for snacking. To adhere to this technique can be longer than a decade, if the body normally tolerates such a diet. Be sure to diet must be supported by additional measures to combat cellulite.

Additional measures

Massage can be done in salons or at home. Of course, the salon procedure with the help of special devices will be the most effective. However, numerous reviews and recommendations make it possible to choose a proven home method.

Among the massages that are easy to do at home, lead silicone jars and ordinary honey. Honey massage has recently become extremely popular and is gaining more and more fans. For this procedure, only natural honey is needed, the heated product is applied to the area of ​​the legs and buttocks and massaged with patting movements. Massage procedures improve blood circulation and lymph circulation, which means that the fat cells are cleansed and reduced in volume.

The skin elasticity plays an equally important role; on saggy and flabby epithelium, cellulite is more active and more noticeable. Natural oils can increase skin tone, you can use olive or cosmetic. Anti-cellulite creams are just the move of enterprising marketers. No cream is able to penetrate the fat layer, much less to perform some actions there.

Sports are one of the main components in the formula of a beautiful body. Charging in the morning or professional classes will help solve several problems at once: cellulite will disappear, excess weight will go away, the whole body will return to normal. It is best to fight with the “orange peel” fit stretching and regular jumping rope.

The fight against cellulite: conclusions

To get rid of cellulite do not need a miracle cream, pull-up underwear (the same marketing ploy) or nutritional supplements. The rules for getting rid of this scourge are typical of a normal healthy lifestyle. We need to get rid of littering food, fatty and sweet. The above-described ten-day diet is suitable for starting against cellulite.

All temporary techniques, even in combination, do not give an eternal result. Hillocks and hollows will return to their former place as soon as the massages stop, and the menu gets cakes and fried potatoes.

To permanently get rid of this problem, you need to constantly monitor the condition of your body. Periodic massages will help prevent lipodystrophy. It is better to add lean meat and beans to the list of foods, eat enough, without overeating and hunger, drink water half an hour before meals and engage in physical activity.

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