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Chitosan diets

High-calorie and fatty foods often become the subject of dreams during hard diets and attempts to lose weight. When you want to eat tasty and satisfying, the dream of a miraculous pill becomes a real need. Demand creates supply, such pills can be counted with a hundred.

Most of them contain the substance chitosan, which is called a “fat blocker” by manufacturers. In recent years, a drug with a concentrated content of this substance and the same name has become increasingly popular. Chitosan diets – a new word in nutrition and dietary supplements. Now we learn all about him.

What is it and for what

Chitosan is available in the form of capsules and tablets, is one of the biologically active additives. Recommended by the manufacturer for weight loss and body cleansing. The composition of the drug includes only two components, which distinguishes it from analogues. The first is the polymer chitosan, which performs the main function in reducing body weight, it is obtained from chitin, which in turn is obtained from the external skeleton of zooplankton and shellfish. This dietary supplement came to the market under the “slogan” of a sorbent, immunomodulating, lipotropic drug.

He really confirmed all these statements in the course of research, but to a lesser extent than the manufacturers promise. The lipotropic function is performed due to the fact that chitin binds fat molecules and removes them from the body before they are deposited in unsightly folds. He does the same with heavy metal ions, toxins and other harmful substances, which performs a sorbing effect. Immunity increases due to the fact that chitosan improves the absorption of vitamins, folic acid, promotes the growth of bifidobacteria.

The second component of this drug is microcrystalline cellulose. Its beneficial properties boil down to improving intestinal motility and reducing appetite. Easy control over food intake is what reviews of chitosan diets confirm.

The principle of action for weight loss

In order to understand how it works and how it can help, you need to understand the process of accumulating fat. Those who have long been struggling with the problem of excess weight, this course of anatomy should be well known.

When food enters the stomach, it is only partially digested. The main part of this process occurs in the intestine under the influence of enzymes secreted by the pancreas. There, fat is broken down to glycerol, water and fatty acids, which are absorbed through the intestinal wall. If a person is actively spending energy, playing sports or hard physical work, these components are used as a “fuel” for life.

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If there are no active occupations, fatty acids enter adipocytes – fat cells, where acids are stored as a reserve. Adipocytes can increase in volume tenfold: the more fatty acids are not used for energy, the greater is the increase in fat reserves and, accordingly, the weight of a person.

The effect of chitosan diets is directly related to the process of fat absorption. At the cleavage stage, the active substances of the preparation combine the fatty acids with each other. As a result of this synthesis, a too large molecule is obtained which cannot be absorbed into the blood and leaves the body naturally.

It turns out that the fat enters the digestive tract and leaves it without a trace, not being delayed in the form of cellulite and folds.

Since the body does not receive the right amount of calories during a diet, it is forced to use energy reserves. Thus, the accumulated fat is burned, and the new one is not put off.

How to take it

In the instructions for the drug manufacturers indicate that before applying this dietary supplement is better to consult a doctor. This is necessary in order to know exactly about the state of health and the possibility of such a program.

The dosage will depend on the chosen form of the drug. Capsules take on 2 pieces before meals, drinking plenty of water. The frequency of techniques depends on the desire of the slimming, reviews recommend three methods, but this number can be reduced.

Chitosan diets forte are available in pill form. The concentration of the active substance in them is less, so one capsule has two tablets.

On the day you need to drink four pills before each meal. The effectiveness of the action is no different from the previous version, but reviews show that losing weight often choose capsules.

Low-calorie diet and sports are combined with taking supplements at will. Get rid of a large amount of excess weight will only complex. During the reception of chitosan, it is recommended to refuse:

  • alcohol;
  • muffins and pasta;
  • white bread;
  • sweets;
  • large amounts of fatty foods;
  • store sauces, synthetic seasonings, margarine;
  • street food, ready-made cooking, sausages;
  • sweet carbonated drinks, packaged juices, flavored yogurts.

If you reduce the volume of servings to optimal, weight loss will occur more efficiently. It is important not to overdo it and avoid starvation. A very small amount of food can deplete the body and deprive it of its useful components, which is completely unnecessary. (How to eat less is useful and proper filling of the plate).

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Of the options for heat treatment, it is better to choose dietary cooking methods. Among them, boiling, baking in the oven, steaming, sometimes – on the grill. Fried is better to eliminate or minimize even those who do not lose weight. Among the beneficial properties of chitosan diets, lower cholesterol levels are indicated. In the course of observations and studies, this statement was not confirmed.

Sports will speed up the process of burning stored fat. It is important to choose a feasible type of occupation, so that the process of body shaping brings pleasure, not burden. Of course, if the lifting barbell is a joy – and they will do. An excellent alternative to the usual exercises in the gym – active rest.

The course of taking the drug is from one to two months. In order to take a careful approach, it is recommended to take tablets or capsules for no more than 4 weeks, and then take a break.

Contraindications for use

The drug is strictly contraindicated for people allergic to seafood, as chitin can cause a reaction. The manufacturer may add additional ingredients to the tablet or capsule. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the composition, to take this dietary supplement is possible only in the absence of allergy to each component. In addition, it is forbidden to use it:

  • adolescents up to 18 years;
  • people of advanced age;
  • pregnant women and lactating mothers;
  • in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Chitosan diets can not be combined with the reception of warfarin. While taking other medications, you should consult a doctor.

Facts About Chitosan Diets: Help or Not

The substance chitosan was discovered in the 1859 year, but only 20 began to gain popularity years ago. The fashion for a thin and slim body has generated a lot of pseudo preparations, pills, belts, underwear and other wonders for weight loss. A wide list of beneficial properties attributed to chitosan diets attracted the attention of not only slimming, but also scientists.

First of all, tablets and capsules are purchased by customers to reduce weight, sometimes in order to simply cleanse the body and lower cholesterol. The ability to bind fats interested physicians in the first place. The research was conducted by American scientists who attracted 30 human volunteers. The subjects were divided into two groups of fifteen people.

Some ate according to the principles of a low-calorie diet, consuming about 25 g of fat per day and took chitosan, others 15 also ate, but without dietary supplements. The results of observations showed that the active substances of the drug really bind fats and remove them without assimilation. The rate of such elimination was 1 g of fat. The subjects without pills lost weight with a slightly lower speed than the first group.

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Regarding the effect on cholesterol, chitosan showed no positive effect at all. Laboratory analyzes of both groups were taken before the program, during its passage and after that. Cholesterol did not change in any of the groups.

Check the increase in immunity due to this tool, scientists did not take. At the end of the experiment, all volunteers were described as healthy, without changes in the work of internal organs and the nervous system. In any case, the use of pills did not cause any side effects to any participant.

Another indicator in the effectiveness of a food additive is customer reviews, among which only women are observed so far. Despite the relatively low results of research in the field of fat removal (a total of 1 g from 25), the women were satisfied with the effect of the supplement. It is noted that losing weight with her is easier, as it reduces appetite. Weight loss is on average 4 kilograms per month, combined with the rejection of high-calorie foods.

Only a small part of the reviews from those who combined dietary supplements with power loads and diet. In these cases, it is impossible to calculate the degree of the drug’s action, since the complex of measures gives general results.

Everyone who has tried this means for losing weight and solidarity in the fragility of the results. After completing the course, the extra weight is added in the same way as it was added before.

Conclusions about the drug

Chitosan diets forte and capsules equally affect the body. The pills are used less frequently, because losing weight is frightening dosage – 16 units per day! Nevertheless, reviews of overdose and the negative effects of the reception there.

Food supplement consists of natural ingredients, which is considered to be its advantage over synthetic analogues. The frequency of its use is also due to its affordable cost.

Despite any neutral and positive aspects of this drug, experts in the field of nutrition and general medicine do not see the need for additional components. Reduced appetite in addition to losing weight also leads to the loss of beneficial substances that could come from food. The fact that fats are not absorbed is not always good for the body, it also needs them.

Conclusion: it is possible to try chitosan-diets, since it is considered safe by both scientists and ordinary buyers. However, the results he gives can be obtained without him. Why pay more?

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