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Corn Diet

A native of South and Central America, corn was one of the first cereals cultivated by man more than 10 thousand years ago. The first mention of it is found in the ancient Maya, who grew several varieties of corn and called it maize. Corn was the breadwinner of many Indian peoples, and therefore was considered a sacred plant, in whose honor lush festivals were organized.

The Spaniards got acquainted with this cereal thanks to Columbus in the XV century and awarded it with a modern name. On the mainland, corn was not raised to the rank of a deity, but for a long time was a delicacy, until the Europeans took over from the Indians the art of cultivating corn fields.

Today, the southerner is one of the three most common cereals in the world, and the inhabitants of northern latitudes are not surprised. Boiled, dried and ground corn is a part of both everyday and festive recipes. Even the inhabitants of the north can enjoy canned golden grains all year round.

Few people know that corn reigns not only in the fields, but also on the tables of those who watch their figure. With its high nutritional and energy value, this cereal is included in the diet of many weight loss programs, and the diet on corn exists in several variants.

The benefits and harms of corn

This cereal is one of the few plants, all parts of which are used by humans for various purposes. In addition to the fact that different varieties of corn are eaten by people, its inflorescences are part of medicinal decoctions and tinctures, and livestock is fed with stems and leaves. Delicious and nutritious oil is obtained from young “dairy” grains, and dried ones are crushed to the state of cereals or ground into flour.

Boiled and canned corn is more often present in the diet. In both forms, the energy value of 100 g of gold grains is about 120 kcal. This cereal belongs to high-carbohydrate foods, it contains a lot of starch, unsaturated fatty acids, mono- and disaccharides, and its protein contains two essential amino acids.

Corn is a recognized leader in the content of thiamine and other vitamins, on which the vital activity of the whole organism directly depends. It is an excellent source of ascorbic, folic and nicotinic acids, vitamin E and choline. The cereal contains a record amount of iron and more than 20 elements of the periodic table, including salts of potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and copper.

Due to its rich vitamin and mineral composition, corn boasts properties:

  • have a positive effect on heart activity;
  • stimulate the production of blood cells and increase blood clotting;
  • reduce the risk of occurrence and development of malignant tumors;
  • prevent aging at the cellular level;
  • prevent muscular dystrophy;
  • soothe the nervous system, raise mood and vitality.

Despite the high starch content, cereal regulates blood sugar levels, so it is recommended to include it in the diet of diabetics and obese people. Corn provides a feeling of satiety and dulls hunger, so it is especially in demand among those who are on a diet.

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With the undoubted benefits of the product, it is impossible to lose weight with it with a number of contraindications:

  • propensity to form blood clots;
  • increased blood clotting;
  • peptic ulcer of the stomach and intestines;
  • gastritis with high acidity;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation.

People unaccustomed to such food, during a diet on boiled corn often have unpleasant sensations in the stomach. Some noted bloating and abdominal pain, in which weight loss is better to stop. Canned corn is absorbed much easier and does not cause such side effects.

Corn diet for weight loss

The composition and calorie content of boiled and canned corn are practically no different, and you can choose any of these options for a diet. However, boiled grains and ears lose some of their useful properties and are more difficult to digest, so many people prefer canned food.

There are several varieties of corn diets that require the following products to be eliminated from the diet:

  • fatty, fried and any other junk food;
  • bakery products, pastries;
  • sweets, sugar, honey;
  • cereals, cereals and beans;
  • starchy vegetables (potatoes, beets, boiled carrots);
  • high-calorie fruits;
  • drinks with dyes and sweeteners, alcohol;
  • nutritional supplements and appetite stimulating spices.

Protein products (eggs, meat and fish) are also not included in the menu for weight loss, because corn contains enough protein to preserve muscle mass. Fans of salted cobs will also have to limit themselves, since salt intake during the diet should be reduced to a minimum.

On the Internet, diets on cornflakes and chopsticks are often found, from which nutritionists are horrified. Products of chemical processing are the main cause of weight gain, so losing weight with their help is a myth created for commercial purposes.

Traditional Corn Diet

The weight loss course lasts exactly 4 of the day and allows you to get rid of 3-5 kg overweight. In addition to corn, which forms the basis of the diet, you can eat low-calorie vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. The peculiarity of the diet is that in the first two days you can eat up to 800 g of corn (about four medium cobs), and on the third and fourth day, the portion should be cut down to 400 g (two cobs).

Diet menu on 4 of the day with three meals a day

Day Breakfast Dinner Dinner
1 200 g canned corn, one green apple two boiled ears, a salad of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes cabbage without oil, 200 g boiled corn
2 two oven-baked ears of corn, two kiwis a portion of boiled mushrooms and no more than 200 g of corn salad with corn and red cabbage
3 200 g fresh corn carrot salad Tomato and Bell Pepper Salad Corn Tomato Soup
4 apple and 200 g canned grains baked mushrooms with greens salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and one cob

For effective weight loss, it is advisable to eat no later than 3-4 hours before the end of the meal, and between the main meals to satisfy hunger with one of the allowed fruits or vegetables. So that weight loss does not affect the tone of the skin, you do not need to limit yourself in the fluid. You can drink green tea with ginger or lemon, purified and still mineral water.

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Exercise for four days is contraindicated, but light exercise and a walk in the fresh air will benefit.

Alternative weight loss methods

As mentioned earlier, losing weight on corn can be different. Many nutritionists find this herb useful in losing weight and recommend it to their patients. Monotonous diets are diluted with a small amount of boiled or canned grains, and corn porridge can be not only a tasty breakfast, but also a good way to lose weight.

One of the best-known diets for weight loss based on corn porridge is a three-day mono-diet. During the diet you need to eat a small portion of 3-4 porridge once a day. This can be porridge from ordinary cereals, mamalyga or polenta, cooked in water without salt, milk, butter or other additives. To compensate for the lack of nutrients, you can season a diet dish with a teaspoon of flax or sesame. This way you can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight.

Fans of canned corn can also try short-term mono-diets, the essence of which is to eat a portion of cereals no more than 200 g in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. In limited quantities low-calorie drinks are allowed:

  • kefir with 0% fat;
  • lean milk with cinnamon;
  • citrus fresh;
  • apple juice without sugar;
  • green tea with lemon.

Continue this diet can be no more than three days, so that starvation does not affect health. A fasting day on corn can be done monthly, and a monotonous diet – no more often than in 2-3 months.

Useful tips for the corn diet

Those who want to lose weight will probably want to learn how to cook this valuable cereal. Of course, it’s easy to cook a pair of cobs in a conventional saucepan or pressure cooker, but this way the food loses some of the vitamins and is less digestible.

Steamed corn retains the maximum amount of beneficial properties. To do this, you need a double boiler or a multi-cooker with a grill, onto which washed grains or cobs are laid. To make the dish tender and juicy, you do not need to add salt during cooking.

Time from boiling water to full readiness of corn

Method of preparation Young corn Old corn
Cooking in a pressure cooker 10-15 min 50 minutes
Cooking in a saucepan or a slow cooker 15-20 min 50-60 min
Steamed in a double boiler or multi cooker 20-25 min 1 hour

Lovers of baked vegetables can diversify a lean diet and bake whole ears in a preheated oven. During the diet, you can not use either vegetable or butter, so you need to cover the baking sheet with parchment and bake no more than 40-50 minutes.

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When buying canned corn is better to give preference to glass jars, rather than tin. It is necessary to pay attention to the time of manufacturing the product, since in winter and spring mainly dried grains are preserved, the taste of which leaves much to be desired.

For winter weight loss, frozen grains from the semifinished food department are also suitable, which can be simply filled with boiling water for 5-10 minutes and used in salads and other dietary dishes.

Corn storage period: a ready dish or an open tin can cannot be stored for longer than 2 days. This perishable product, even in the refrigerator, quickly loses its properties, sours or dries.

Those who acquire whole cobs for cooking or baking, it will be interesting to learn another secret of the “queen of the fields”, which is far from her pips. When cleaning corn, brown fibers are usually ruthlessly sent to an urn, and you can benefit from them.

The hairs that frame the cob are called stigmas and are used to make medicinal decoctions. To make such a drink, you need to brew 3 tsp. crushed raw material in a glass of boiling water and let it brew.

Therapeutic drink has a diuretic effect and is recommended for diabetics, hypertensive patients and people suffering from edema. Those who are on a diet, it will be useful to drink a glass of broth twice a day to help the body get rid of excess fluid.

Results of the corn diet

Experts in the field of nutrition consider this method of losing weight as one of the safest among fast diets. Depending on the initial indicators, for four days of food on the basis of corn, you can lose up to five kilograms. Many thinned out note that the feeling of relief appears already at the end of the first day of the course.

A short-term diet is not suitable for people who need to significantly reduce weight, but is ideal for those who want to slightly adjust the shape and reduce the volume. The benefits of losing weight on corn:

  • affordable and cheap products;
  • no need to spend a lot of time on cooking;
  • quick and noticeable results;
  • cleansing the intestines from toxins and slags;
  • removal of excess fluid and removal of edema;
  • reduction in the volume of the stomach due to small portions;
  • decreased appetite;
  • saturation of the body with vitamins and trace elements.

Despite the fact that nutritionists speak positively about the corn diet, it is highly undesirable to abuse carbohydrate diets. Do not exceed the recommended period and lose weight on corn for more than four days. Otherwise, due to the lack of protein and an unbalanced diet, instead of fat deposits, muscle mass will start to leave.

Before losing weight, it is recommended to consult a doctor and make sure there are no contraindications. Observing a monotonous diet, losing weight should independently monitor their condition and, at the slightest indisposition, return to the previous diet in order not to harm health.

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