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Curd diet

A cottage cheese diet is a short-term diet that can lead to rapid weight loss. The process involves eating small amounts of food with a low calorie level. An improperly selected option for losing weight can provoke a metabolic disturbance, harm the entire body and provoke a backlash – rapid weight gain. Before you start to adhere to the curd diet for weight loss, we recommend that you visit a nutritionist, gastroenterologist and other doctors to determine the presence or absence of contraindications.

How does a curd diet work?

There are several versions of curd weight loss. Some of them are designed for 3 days, some for 7 days. Although cottage cheese is the basis of all versions, other foods that you can eat with it vary slightly. Some versions allow you to add cinnamon to the cheese. Other versions allow you to eat fruits or vegetables with cottage cheese. The rate of cottage cheese consumed per day also varies, some variations imply the use of nonfat cottage cheese in unlimited quantities, and some imply the use of as much as 100 grams of cottage cheese per day.

Curd Diet Menu

There are several options for cottage cheese slimming, let’s look at the approximate menu of each option.

A half kilogram of fat-free cottage cheese and two glasses of kefir is the daily norm, which must be divided in equal parts into five doses.

One liter of kefir and three to four hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese (from zero to five percent) – the whole mass divided into five equal parts, and consumed during the day. The first and second version of the diet is designed for duration from 3 days to 5 days.

Meals four meals a day. At each meal, you need to eat one hundred grams of cottage cheese with zero or five percent fat content with one or two teaspoons of bran. Duration – 1 week.

This option is cottage cheese and apple. The daily amount of cottage cheese consumed is equal to 400 grams. Cottage cheese should be combined with two glasses of kefir (one percent milk) and one apple. The amount of food consumption is five (five days).

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Curd-banana – four hundred and fifty grams of curd, two bananas. Divide the whole mass into four equal parts. With this diet, one kilogram per day is lost (five days).

Curd and vegetable:

  • breakfast – oatmeal in water without salt and sugar;
  • lunch – vegetable salad with lemon juice or olive oil: half an average cucumber and half an average tomato;
  • dinner – two hundred grams of five percent cottage cheese;
  • afternoon tea – an apple, two kiwi, mandarin, orange, half a grapefruit or other fruit (exclude grapes and banana);
  • Dinner – two hundred grams of cottage cheese or vegetable salad from cucumber and tomato.

The sixth version of the diet helps to lose seven pounds of excess weight, and is designed for a maximum of 7 days. It is important to compose any diet with moderate physical exertion.

Curd diet Maggy table

Maggi’s curd diet is designed for 4-weekly weight loss course. The table lists the menu weekly.

1 Week Breakfast Dinner Dinner
Monday 200 g of cottage cheese Fruit Beef
Tuesday Curd+ fruit Boiled chicken Fish
Wednesday Curd+ fruit Cheese maximum 17% Meat
Thursday Curd+ fruit Fruit other than banana Vegetables
Friday Curd+ fruit Non-starchy vegetables Fish
Saturday Curd+ fruit Fruit except banana Meat
Sunday Curd+ fruit Non-starchy vegetables Vegetables
2 Week Breakfast Dinner Dinner
Monday Curd+ fruit Cheese (175 g) Fish
Tuesday Curd+ fruit Low Fat Meat Fruit
Wednesday Curd+ fruit Low Fat Meat Vegetables
Thursday Curd+ fruit Cottage cheese maximum 5% Curd
Friday Curd+ fruit Fish low-fat varieties Fruit
Saturday Curd+ fruit Low Fat Meat Vegetables
Sunday Curd+ fruit Vegetables Vegetables

3 and 4 week signs on the same principle, we just give a list of permissible products, and each will add a menu for themselves. 3 week: all week, except Thursday and Friday, you need to eat fruits and vegetables in combination with cottage cheese. On Thursday and Friday you can eat lean types of meat and fish. 4 week: you can fruit, vegetables, chicken + the basis of the diet – cottage cheese. You can also add to the diet stale loaves, fish. Bananas cannot be taken from fruits, and starchy ones cannot be excluded from vegetables.

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Contraindications of a curd-based diet

Diet is not suitable for individuals:

  • with an allergic reaction or intolerance to this product;
  • during lactation;
  • prohibited for pregnant women;
  • with a high level of physical loads;
  • with gastrointestinal diseases;
  • with the presence of diabetes;
  • with the presence of some forms of hypertension;
  • in a depressed state;
  • with the presence of gastritis and increased acidity;
  • after surgery;
  • with problems with the cardiovascular system.

Before you “sit down” on a curd diet, be sure to visit the doctor’s consultation.

Benefits of the curd diet

The obvious benefit of the curd diet is that it really works, this is due to a sharp reduction in the number of calories consumed. The cottage cheese diet does not allow the addition of any cereals or seeds, in some variations only one or two servings of fruits are allowed during the day, so the consumption of carbohydrates will be very low. Low-carb diets work in the short term, because they cause the body to cleanse and remove excess moisture. There is no need to count calories or follow complex menu plans with this diet, therefore, this is a simple solution if you need to lose weight quickly.

During the period of weight loss with the help of cottage cheese, the state of the intestinal microflora significantly improves. Skin condition and complexion improves. Since cottage cheese contains a high level of calcium, its regular use will favorably affect the condition of hair, nails and teeth. As a result of such weight loss, not only the figure is corrected, but the appearance is also transformed in a positive direction.

There is a lot of easily digestible protein in cottage cheese, which, in turn, instantly and permanently saturates the body, therefore, the process of losing weight will be comfortable, without a sharp feeling of hunger. Also, the product enriches the body with essential amino acids and minerals for full functioning. One of the beneficial substances is methionine – accelerates the splitting processes of fat cells.

It is worth noting that the product is not only rich in calcium, it also enriches the body with magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, casein (removes cholesterol plaques from the blood).

Risks during the observance of the curd diet

In people with diseases of the digestive system and kidney failure, this type of diet can provoke feelings of weakness, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, insomnia. If the duration of weight loss is more than 4 weeks, you can trigger a loss of muscle tissue, which, in turn, can lead to slower metabolic processes. Extreme (express) diets, such as cottage cheese, affect the immune system, therefore, the body becomes more susceptible to disease.

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How to protect your body during the diet?

If you want to stick to a diet for weight loss, you need to use one of the short versions, a maximum of seven days. Do not eat only cottage cheese, but add fruits and vegetables to every meal, to obtain the necessary and vital nutrients. Meals should be at least three meals a day, also do not forget about snacks. Frequent eating will reduce the desire to eat a lot, therefore, it will be easier to lose weight, and the efficiency will be more pronounced.

The diet can be repeated no more than twice a month (this applies to express) and once in two months (long).

Curd Diet Reviews

There are an incredible amount of reviews about the curd diet, but they all boil down to the fact that this option is very satisfying, and there is no acute hunger. Satiety is provided by a large amount of protein entering the body. It is this advantage that allows you not to break loose, and sit through to the end, observing excellent results.

Some people losing weight in their reviews described not only benefits, but also some difficulties – it is necessary to eat food strictly at a certain time, which is quite difficult to do with the schedule of a modern person, and you should always buy fresh food (curd is a rapidly spoiling product).

Diet rules

In no case can you make your own adjustments to the menu, and if it is indicated that you only need to eat cottage cheese and kefir, then it is strictly forbidden to add tea or other products to the diet. It is also important to monitor the amount of water consumed, at least 2 liters per day, while staying on diet food on cottage cheese. Water only enhances the effectiveness of the diet. It is also important not to eat fatty foods and oil under any circumstances.

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