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Detox diet

Researchers, doctors and nutritionists, working their scientists’ hands, deduce more and more new formulas for beauty and health. Indeed, in the last decade, our interest in proper nutrition and purification of the body has noticeably escalated. All because it became not only necessary to be healthy, but also fashionable! Increasingly on hearing detox diet. Books and recommendations are written about her, show business stars and doctors advise. So why among the hundreds of options for diets, it is she?

Detox. What is it for?

Detoxification (detox) is the process of cleaning the body of toxins. These harmful substances can enter from the outside (exotoxins) or form directly in our body (endotoxins). The first are contained absolutely in everything that a person drinks and eats. They are even in the air or clothing. Therefore, to completely avoid them, unfortunately, will not succeed. Internal appear and accumulate in the process of life. Especially often this occurs during the fight against the disease.

Our body is able to cleanse itself of harmful components. For hundreds of years of history, these same toxins have not ceased to exist. But this did not prevent a person from developing and evolving. The fact is that our generation deals with a completely different kind of misfortune than its distant ancestors.

The development of the industry, air and water pollution has led to the emergence of a new malicious sample – xenobiotics. Nowadays it is more than 4 000 types of harmful substances that humanity itself has created. What are they so dangerous?

Accumulating in the body toxins form antibodies. Subsequently, it causes a number of diseases, among which is incurable cancer. The work of the digestive tract and respiratory tract deteriorates, the overall immunity decreases. This is displayed primarily on the appearance: hair falls, the skin becomes gray, weight increases. In addition, scientists call slags one of the main culprits of frequent stress and depression among the population.

German doctor G. Rekeveg still in 1955 year became interested in this problem. In the course of his observations, he derived the 6 stages of the slagging of the human body. According to his teaching, the first three of them are not dangerous for us. During this period, our body independently detoxifies with sweat and urine. The balance is not broken and the immunity fully performs the function of protection. The remaining three can lead to serious consequences. If intoxication is chronic, there is a risk of diseases such as liver cirrhosis, degeneration, migraine, osteochondrosis. The final phase is the formation of oncological malignant cells.

The appearance of papillomas, fibroids or warts are the most obvious signs of slagging. Periodic cleansing of the body is necessary for everyone. This will not only prevent a number of diseases, but also improve their appearance.

What is the detox diet

The purpose of this diet is, of course, cleaning the body. Kilos lost are the result of the conversion of deposited fat into energy. Like any particular diet, detox should occur gradually. A sharp transition from the usual menu to the limited can lead the body to imbalance. And this, in turn, will affect the state of health and appearance.

Nutritionists have developed a system of transition, use and exit from detoxification. To protect yourself from undesirable consequences, it is important to take every phase seriously and follow all rules. They are as follows:

  1. Stage of preparation. The first phase is the longest and most important. It should start one month before the main diet. During this period, it is necessary to exclude from the diet: all canned products, white bread to be replaced with whole-grain, to exclude fried and fatty foods. Also negate the use of alcohol. Smoking is the main obstacle to recovery in any procedure. Refusal from cigarettes will be the main achievement and the key to success. Such items are useful in any period of life. If you follow them systematically, you can avoid many health problems and forced asceticism.
  2. Transition stage. The second phase begins two weeks before the diet. During this period, you will have to focus on plant light foods and completely abandon heavy fatty foods. The main menu will be cereals, vegetables, juices and fruits. From flour products, sweet desserts, fatty meat and red fish should be discarded. Once a week, you can include white fish and meat (except red). It is better to replace coffee with strong green tea, it acts on the body according to the same principle, but does not harm health. Every morning it is recommended to drink one glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon.
  3. Stage cleaning. The main phase of the diet should last about three days. The main thing – without fanaticism. Such a hard mode cannot be extended for more than 10 days. The cleaning itself can be of several types: fasting and water, fasting and juice, raw foods and vegetarianism. The first two are rather dangerous self-medication and are not advised by doctors. They sit on raw food for a month, during which only vegetables and fruits without heat treatment are allowed. Most often resort to the last method, in which the same products are allowed plus cereals.
  4. Stage exit. Breakdowns – a frequent occurrence for diets, especially for hard regimes. It is very important to avoid this, as a sharp intake of high-calorie foods will harm the stomach and intestines. The main idea of ​​the final phase is to emerge from gastronomic deprivations just as gradually as they entered. Grain, meat and fish will return to the menu in stages. The usual diet should return within two weeks.
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A complete detox program will take from two to three months. But its main principles are: less fatty, farinaceous, and rejection of alcohol and coffee, it is better to make it a rule and keep it for life. They will not only prolong it, but also give a feeling of lightness and eternal activity.

Detox features

The results of such a detox diet depend on how long the main cleaning period lasts. When planning a program, you need to build on what you want to achieve, given the state of your own health and contraindications.

So, if the unloading lasted:

  • three days – there is a maximum removal of slags and toxins, weight loss up to 2 kg;
  • five days – the recovery process starts, goes from 2 to 5 kg;
  • from five to ten days – complete cleansing of the body and effective prevention of serious diseases, weight loss with 6 – 10 kg.

As already mentioned, it is dangerous to prolong such a hard regime for more than a decade. In this case, the effect will be exactly the opposite.

Before starting the program, it is better to visit a doctor. People suffering from diseases of the stomach, especially ulcers and gastritis, this diet option is strictly prohibited. A small amount of food, in this case, will only aggravate the situation. Pregnant women are at risk of harming the baby by refusing high-calorie foods. And nursing mothers can resort only to vegetarianism. In this case, the missing proteins and carbohydrates will come from beans and nuts.

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Among the diseases incompatible with detox, doctors distinguish arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, lupus, serious cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In the case of low blood sugar, this option is also not suitable (figures may further decrease).

Athletes and people with severe physical activity, you can resort to detoxification only by consulting a dietitian. Unlike other popular diets, this one is not combined with sports, as the body is depleted for a short period.

There are several general recommendations that you can use to keep yourself in shape while getting rid of toxins. Among them:

  • meditation maintains inner harmony, it will help prevent the risk of breakdown (a very important part for creating the right attitude);
  • a glass of warm water at night and in the morning – for the smooth operation of the digestive tract;
  • healthy sleep;
  • daily walks in the fresh air;
  • preliminary drawing up a clear program and detox menu.

When the whole process is complete, these simple good habits are best preserved. If there are no contraindications, and the desire to get rid of harmful ballast is – you can start cleaning.

First of all, you need to clearly understand which products are dangerous and which ones will benefit.

Products on a detox diet

Need to exclude Can eat
White bread Whole wheat bread
Products from flour, pasta Cereal cereals (except lentils), rice noodles
semolina Oatmeal
Red meat, pork Lean meat, chicken, quail
Fatty fish (except red) White, red fish
Sausages Asparagus, green beans
Canned food, semi-finished products Fresh or frozen foods
Ready cooking Home made food
Canned Compotes Fresh compote
Cakes, cakes, pancakes Whole grain bread toast with honey, fruits
Avocado Other fruits
Lentil Seafood, Shellfish
mushrooms Seaweed, broccoli
Peanut Other nuts: cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.
bananas Other fruits (except avocado)
Coffee, black tea Green tea
Carbonated drinks Fresh juices, fruit cocktails
Fatty sour cream, cream, cheeses (except goat) Goat cheese, skim milk, kefir
Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salt Spices (except hot)
Juice packaged Fresh Juice

It is best to go on a diet in the fall or spring. At this time of year, the body is most susceptible to change and getting rid of all the excess. If trips are planned, deadlines at work or on the eve of holidays – the experiments should be postponed. In such situations, it is difficult to follow the rules.

A side effect of rejecting any product is the loss of nutrients. In addition to unnecessary “burden”, the body loses the minerals we need, micro and macro elements. The most dangerous may be a lack of zinc, calcium and vitamin B5. Replenish them easily with drops or tablets. Therefore, before the cleaning program you will have to stock up on products, a complex of vitamins and a positive attitude.

Detox diet menu

Before detox starts, you need to decide exactly what the main stage will be. Depending on this, different dietary options are formed. In the case of a hard starvation, you can drink only purified water or fresh juice. Raw foods and vegetarianism are more benign for the body and include some variety.

Raw foods. Detox menu for 7 days

Day 1

Morning: water with lemon.

Breakfast: a small apple, green tea.

Lunch: a handful of nuts (except peanuts).

Lunch: celery, cashew and grapefruit salad.

Dinner: goat cheese with herbs, one small fruit.

Bedtime: a glass of warm water.

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Day 2

Morning: water with lemon.

Breakfast: fresh fruit smoothies (except avocado and banana).

Lunch: A handful of raisins or nuts.

Lunch: one sliced ​​tomato with low fat sour cream and greens.

Dinner: slaw with spices and carrots.

Bedtime: a glass of warm water.

Day 3

Morning: water with lemon.

Breakfast: freshly squeezed juice, radish and parsley salad.

Lunch: half a cup of any berries.

Lunch: cucumber and radish salad.

Dinner: shredded carrots with raisins.

Bedtime: a glass of warm water.

Day 4

Morning: water with lemon.

Breakfast: fresh fruit smoothies (except avocado and banana).

Lunch: one fruit.

Lunch: slaw with tomato and herbs.

Dinner: a salad of celery, dried apricots and nuts.

Bedtime: a glass of warm water.

Day 5

Morning: water with lemon.

Breakfast: smoothies made of spinach, sorrel and celery.

Lunch: half a cup of berries.

Dinner: one grated carrot with an apple.

Dinner: fruit salad.

Bedtime: a glass of warm water.

Day 6

Morning: water with lemon.

Breakfast: several prunes and dried apricots.

Lunch: a handful of nuts.

Lunch: one cucumber with leek and parsley.

Dinner: cauliflower salad with herbs and seeds.

Bedtime: a glass of warm water.

Day 7

Morning: water with lemon.

Breakfast: one small pear or apple, green tea.

Lunch: berries or dried fruits.

Lunch: goat cheese with parsley and tomato.

Dinner: white radish and prune salad.

Bedtime: a glass of warm water.

After this period, boiled, stewed or steamed food should be gradually introduced. Such a detox menu is not recommended as a permanent one, as it does not contain a sufficient amount of useful components. And with a long term – depletes the body.

The ability to heat treat food greatly expands the culinary range. In the case of vegetarianism, the basis of breakfast can be: oatmeal or oatmeal, the same fruit or nuts, boiled eggs. In the middle of the day, be sure to eat soup or vegetable broth, no more than 250 ml. Three or four hours before bedtime, you can pamper yourself with salads or a slice of boiled casserole. Instead of the usual warm water before bedtime you can drink a decoction of prunes. This option is brighter in taste variety, but raw food diet copes with the removal of toxins and toxins faster and more efficiently.

Vegetarian Casserole Recipe

To please yourself with tasty food and not violate the rules of cleaning the body, we will need:

  • Broccoli – 1 kg;
  • medium carrot – 1 pcs;
  • eggs of chicken – 4 pcs .;
  • Cornmeal – 250 gr;
  • olive oil.

Cabbage needs to be divided into parts and washed thoroughly. Carrots can be cut as you like, into large cubes or circles. Beat eggs in a separate bowl, gradually adding flour. The mass does not need to be mixed into foam, just enough to bring to uniformity. Grease olive oil suitable for baking dishes. Pour the vegetables with egg mixture and cover with foil. Bake at 180 C for 40 minutes. Then remove the foil and hold the dish in the oven for another 10-15 minutes. For diet purposes, it’s best not to salt the casserole, but you can add other mild spices.

Totals detox diet

Doctors carry out such a program no more than three times a year. As a result of all the efforts and asceticism, the body is completely cleansed of toxins, toxins and pathogenic antibodies. If you follow the recommendations correctly, you can get rid of chronic diseases and prevent a lot of possible health problems. Without harmful “load” the body will work smoothly, and immunity will get stronger. In addition to the main focus of cleaning, a slimming and brilliant appearance will be a nice addition.

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