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Diet by the hour

A well-thought diet by the hour is considered the arithmetic average between medical recommendations and a simplified form of proper nutrition for the lazy. Based on the fractional power, which received a more strict shell. This approach allows you to keep yourself in the form of people who need tight control, but who do not know how to organize it yourself.

Salvation for pedants

Usually, punctual pedants are considered to be a fan club of this method. But this option is also well suited for those who want to shift all control to the sustained system, obeying it. Over time, the approach becomes part of everyday life, which allows people to clearly organize the daily schedule.

Experts agree that the presented model is good for both short-term attempts to lose weight, and for long marathons with interruptions. After reaching the optimum mark on the scales, the experimenter can simply leave the outline of the program, expanding the list of permitted products.

The method refers to the long-term prospects, so you should not expect impressive results from it in just a few days. As evidenced by numerous reviews, noticeable results will be felt not earlier than in a month, or even more. The reason is that such a prolonged effect is due to the fact that the organism must have time to restructure, having coped with sudden stress. But no one complains about the constantly gnawing feeling of hunger, bad mood, fatigue.

If the painted diet is strictly adhered to according to the prescribed standards, then in a month and a half, you can get rid of 7 to 8 of hated kilograms. Such a weight loss may seem insignificant for those who like radical methods that allow you to lose kg to 10 in 10 days. But it is much safer for a body subject to a sharp drop in the diet.

An additional advantage is the weight fixation. This means that the departed mass will not return rapidly after logging out, as it happens when using express solutions due to the yo-yo effect.

In the course of the research, the experts came to the conclusion that this version of returning to the former parameters will especially please those who have not yet managed to move too far from the desired dimensions. If a person suffers from a high degree of obesity, it is better to take note of something more radical.

Positive and negative sides

The most valuable advantage enjoyed by this hourly diet is a fairly varied menu. Because of this, it turns out to achieve an optimal balance, allowing the body to provide all the useful substances. But to increase productivity, you will have to get ready to stick to the plan made at least a month and a half.

For the same reason, the method is classified as slow. Doctors say that they give the highest result, fixed for a long period. The body has time to get used to the updated state, due to what the lost fat will become more problematic to return back.

Another important positive feature is the refusal of restrictions on activity. Losing weight will not feel depressed, losing the strength to do everyday activities, go to work, do favorite hobbies, workouts.

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The hidden advantage of the regime is self-organization. Even lazy people say that they are becoming clearer in their actions. Some are so fascinated by the idea of ​​planning everything, writing down actions with subsequent results in a diary that they adopt it for everyday life.

Against the background of the charms of the method there are several dark spots. They seem especially black to people who are busy, who don’t even have time to eat at work, but here they are forced to check the alarm clock every hour.

One thing is to set reminders for the first time, so as not to forget to go to the refrigerator, another thing is professional activity, which does not allow departing from the workplace too often.

Hidden underwater stone can be the lack of a sufficiently strong motivation. Because of it, everything can go to ashes, since it can take three or four weeks before the first shifts become noticeable – this is not everyone’s prerogative.

Adherents of this option also insist on the need to combine it with physical exertion. It doesn’t have to be something heavy, like strength training. You can limit yourself to something average like cycling, Latin American dances, Pilates.

Underlying principles

If the patient wants to take the presented nutrition for weight loss as the basis of everyday life, it is necessary to prepare for the strict restrictions on sweets and flour products. But such a framework – the usual conditions for the traditional covenants of a healthy lifestyle, so nothing supernatural is required here.

In order to achieve a better indicator, it is recommended to break approaches into five days. After exiting the scheme, one can alternate five relatively strict days with five lightened days. It is the last piece that provides permission to eat goodies like confectionery:

  • candy bars;
  • sweet baked goods;
  • creams, other dairy cream supplements.

Despite the desire of many “experts” to modify the existing schedule, replacing some dishes with at least relatively similar ones, but others are a bad idea. Do not risk your health because of the desire to take the initiative.

Also, the slender will need to drink purified water, which must be non-carbonated. This will help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, and also act as a kind of blocker of hunger. Moreover, for the purpose of restoring the water balance, only pure water is suitable.

Tea, coffee, other drinks are auxiliary agents that often have a diuretic effect, the opposite of what the doctor wants to achieve when prescribing the use of at least two liters of purified water.

In order to get tightened forms along with the loss of mass, it is necessary to give at least forty minutes to physical training. You can do this even without going to the gym, but just at home.

By working to create a flat abdomen with the help of exercises for the press and torsion of the hoop, you can combine tasks with the simplest exercises for endurance and buttocks. Fit:

  • squats;
  • push ups;
  • “strap”;
  • jumping rope.

We should also focus on the days of fractional power. If everything goes according to the planned schedule, then the first few kilos should be gone in five days already. Next you need to show courage to consolidate the resulting result.

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Although the menu for the week prescribes almost the usual diet, you need to get rid of tempting products that are ready to harm barely positive changes.

Special tight control needs to manifest in relation to:

  • baking;
  • chocolate
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • pasta;
  • smoked foods.

It is also important to remember that breakfast should begin no later than seven in the morning, and dinner should be finished before nine in the evening. It is better to sleep early to bed, even if before that the participant of the program preferred to watch serials until two in the morning.

Medical transcript

Considering the detailed menu, divided by equal periods of time, people far from medicine may think that the dishes for each segment are chosen randomly. But in fact, for their prescription, algorithms of human biological clocks were used.

Schematic separation by biorhythm includes eight unequal segments that have their own characteristics.

Period Features
From 6.00 to 7.00 in the morning Ideal time to climb. Just now, the body is ready to wake up properly. To cheer him up, letting you finally tune in to the upcoming working mood, it is better to start the day with drinking on an empty stomach. To do this, just a glass of clean water is enough. You can add one slice of citrus, but only if the acidity of the stomach allows. A similar measure will spur the liver to start cleaning from harmful deposits.
From 7.00 to 9.00 in the morning The time interval is little adapted to absorb dense foods, since gastric juice is poorly produced. Because of this, proteins are absorbed along with fats extremely slowly. Instead of a full meal, it is better to use a snack.
From 10.00 to 12.00 in the morning It is time for a real breakfast. Eating even heavy food, which in volume will be close to dinner, is allowed. This is due to the “awakened” stomach from the pancreas.
From 13.00 to 15.00 The stereotype that it is necessary to lean on food during this period is erroneous. Studies have shown that the body relaxes and rests in this gap. Its not worth loading too much.
From 16.00 to 17.00 The awakened feeling of hunger is better for now just to blunt with a large amount of liquid. Due to the fact that in the evening the body begins to “spit out” the toxins accumulated during the day, they should be removed with the help of abundant drinking.
From 20.00 to 20.30 The optimal half an hour for a full dinner, although society is accustomed to believe that it is better to have time to finish with meals before seven in the evening. But, according to the mechanism of the digestive tract, it is better to say goodbye to the contents of the refrigerator around eight in the evening.
From 21.00 to 6.00 in the morning All food is locked under seven locks, even if you really want. Leave the tired body alone, let it recover for tomorrow’s exploits.

Not all of these points agree with the popular opinion about the correctness of the food regime, but they are indicated with regard to the functioning of various organs. But the human body knows better what it needs and when it is better to get it.

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Recommended menu

In medicine, there is the term golden hour. It means the best time to provide the most effective assistance to the victims. If it is possible to stabilize the situation in sixty minutes after the incident, the chances of a successful outcome increase significantly.

Some beginners believe that a demarcated program must also have its own “golden hour” when you can eat everything and the body will not respond for it with excess sediment. But this is just a prejudice. It is much more logical to follow the rules of all watches from the diet in order to reach the desired mark on the scales.

Start your morning with 100 grams of oatmeal, which must be lean. You can drink it with a glass of milk. For dessert, one of the following is provided:

  • an Apple;
  • half a grapefruit;
  • pear.

After an hour and a half, consultants advise you to perform a simple set of exercises. If this period fell on a working day, you can replace the exercises with a press simply with tension and relaxation of the abdominal muscles with an interval of ten seconds.

At nine in the morning you can have a snack, providing 100 grams of cherries or plums.

Lunch at 11 hours includes vegetable soup without the participation of potatoes. The ideal solution is onion or Bonn soups. An hour after the meal, it is worth repeating the exercises on the press, adding to this the load on the legs (slopes with squats are suitable).

At half past twelve it’s time to start an insatiable lunch. It consists of 25 grams of hard cheese, a glass of kefir, two slices of grain bread, a vegetable salad with lemon juice dressing.

Three o’clock in the afternoon is a new occasion for a meal with herbs and the obligatory drinking of purified water. Upon arrival at the beginning of the sixth, you need to replenish the water balance with a glass of fruit compote and only after an hour proceed to vegetable soup.

At seven o’clock in the evening comes the “feast of the stomach.” The creators of the technique allow you to eat 125 g of beef, or 200 g of chicken, or the same amount of fish with a vegetable salad in one sitting at your choice. The feast is washed down with home-made non-fat yogurt.

The day ends with abdominal exercises in half an hour after the final dinner, and 30 minutes later after exercises for the legs.

If you endure after the curfew arriving at nine in the evening, completely unbearable, you can occasionally treat yourself to a slice of melon, or green tea.

With the ability to replace vegetables in soups, as well as alternate meat, the five-day alignment will not look dull. The most important thing is not to deviate from what was planned in the middle of the road due to the impossibility of seeing significant changes right away. It is necessary to be patient and understanding the physiological characteristics of their own body. Only after that in a month and a half it will turn out to be happy with the magical transformation.

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