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Diet “Disappearance”

Usually, weight loss programs are numbered or rely on key products. But the diet “Disappearance” got its name on a different principle, hinting those who want to put themselves in a form about the future deliverance from extra pounds.

The trump card of the system is an opportunity to get rid of fatty layers in precisely those areas where it is the most difficult to do: belly, thighs. Some optimists say that besides the opportunity to work on improving the shape, the program has several other advantages.

Since you do not have to spend money on the purchase of expensive exotic components of the daily table, you can save a lot. It will also be possible to reduce the time that had previously been devoted to cooking. If you add to this the disappeared need to wash dishes, this will even save on utility bills. But the last point is rather, another way to encourage those who wish to say goodbye to the accumulated fat.

Saved funds can be spent on a new clothes, which simply must be a size or two less than the usual outfits.

The secret of productivity

The basic principle of the method is considered protein intake. This is explained by the fact that protein components are able to boast of relatively low energy value. In addition, they fill the body with the lack of vital energy.

Fats for tightened in terms of nutrition 35 days will come only from ingredients of plant origin. And carbohydrates will have to be extracted from vegetables, fruits, high-quality honey.

It will be necessary to focus on the permissible calorie limits from a thousand kilocalories to 1400 units, without falling beyond the limit. Moreover, everything will have to be considered, including fruits and even the very permissible spoon of honey once a day.

Experts recommend sticking to several variations of the menu all the time, so as not to stray when calculating calories. Forget about delicacies will have a whole month, but the result will please the loss from 10 to 15 kilo, depending on the characteristics of a particular organism.

In order to push the body to the coming changes, one cannot do without at least light physical exertion. For these purposes, running, going to the pool, or bought a gym membership will be suitable, because it would be a pity to spend money if you fail to attend classes.

No harm to health

Experts insist that in order to achieve good outcomes such a scheme should be based on individual needs. That is why it is so important to undergo a clinical examination, having passed the appropriate tests. Only on the basis of this will the attending physician be able to approve the idea of ​​the patient.

We should also focus on the current state of health, including chronic diseases and the need to take drugs to support well-being.

The basics of the schedule are based on a summary of the rules of proper nutrition, which includes regular meals. Attention should be paid not only to the time of food intake, but also to the peculiarities of the ingredients used with the completion of the loss of water balance.

To simplify the task, a table of calorie counting was developed, provoking a reduction in their number. Due to this, as well as the awakening of metabolism, it turns out to achieve optimal results on the loss of fat mass.

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In addition to slimming, this alignment is perfect for those who are going to build muscle mass correctly. But they will have to use additional supplements, which are taken in consultation with the coach, which is typical of professional athletes.

A source of stably incoming energy is food that is high in carbohydrates. And the protein present on the table aims to deny the feeling of hunger.

Because of such a powerful combination, it turns out to start dropping kilos at the very beginning of the monthly journey. First, the excess water goes away, which is a “side effect” in the production of energy from glycogen.

Only after the original preparatory stage comes to an end, the body will be ready to begin to break down the fatty layers accumulating over the years. But this does not mean that at the end of the marathon, everything will quickly return to their seats.

The advantage of long-term slimming races, in contrast to short-term races, is the ability of the body to get used to positive transformations and an updated figure. After that, he “does not want” to blur again, so the body will fight to the last for the preservation of harmony. If you help him at this stage, then the positive results will be fixed for a long time.

Another support factor in favor of this method is called work on the muscular system. Fat will not just go nowhere, it will leave behind a well-pumped relief. But to reach it with one abstention raids to the refrigerator will not work.

Instead, to strengthen the torso and limbs, it is necessary to make quite tangible physical effort. It is best to enroll to a personal trainer, visiting the gym several times a week. And it is not necessary to start with something heavy. Completely fit:

  • intense dance classes like the popular zumba today;
  • familiar training on simulators under the supervision of a specialist;
  • aerobics with weighting after the preparatory phase of simple exercises.

Despite the advantages of the car, there are several pitfalls, as well as an order to abandon any amateur performance. It is impossible to change the composition of dishes without consulting with a nutritionist, or to juggle the protein content, trying to catch up with the required volumes as soon as possible.

Attention to contraindications

Experts immediately warn that this method is not for everyone. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of experienced practitioners.

The people at risk were:

  • kidney disease;
  • metabolism failure;
  • gout

This is especially true of those who can not cope with constantly spreading forms just due to improper metabolism. First you need to deal with it and, if necessary, undergo a course of treatment. Only after such radical measures will it be possible to proceed to the next stage of work.

At risk were mental workers, who could be significantly crippled by an insufficient supply of carbohydrates responsible for the normal functioning of brain processes. If glucose is sharply missed for a long period of time, then the experiment may end with a constantly depressed mood until the first signs of depression. Not to mention annoyance, or vice versa – unwillingness to do anything due to the inability to concentrate normally.

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After the brain normally sits on a “dry ration” for the first two or three days without the usual glucose, the body begins to look for emergency escape routes, starting to break down fat reserves. But, although it is good for weight loss, for the brain it is not a very favorable outcome, which can provoke chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is far from always the compilers of the program, who brightly describe her perspectives, say that they may suffer during the race for ideals:

Some researchers confirm that the effect of high protein in dishes can have a positive effect, because it helps to stabilize cholesterol. But this only works for short distances. With a prolonged regimen, malfunctions in the activity of the cardiovascular system are possible.

To be completely sure that such a nutrition format is safe for a particular person, you need to take a urine test every two weeks. It can show an increased calcium concentration, which is direct evidence of the negative effects of a large amount of protein.

When receiving unfavorable forecasts, it is better to stop eating like this, finding a more benign alternative. Otherwise, you can provoke the formation of stones, sand in the kidneys.

Another possible negative side will be the scanty filling of the struggling organism with a vitamin-mineral complex. The organs will not have enough fiber with incoming polyphenols, which can affect immune abilities.

Catering services

The basis of the method is a fractional power supply, providing for five approaches. Obligatory item should be the use of liquid in the amount of about two liters per day.

Recommended products for breakfast are:

  • unsalted omelette;
  • vegetables;
  • nuts;
  • milk (not more than one standard glass);
  • oatmeal on the water.

The next meal is called snacking and it should be no earlier than 2-3 hours after a full breakfast. The choice of the mechanism of “or-or” allowed use:

  • a glass of milk;
  • banana;
  • handful of berries;
  • one fruit;
  • two boiled eggs;
  • some fresh vegetable.

And it should be such an ingredient that was not used during breakfast.

Dining rules provide a guide to:

  • 150 g of meat (better – lean pork);
  • 200 g fish;
  • boiled, baked, steamed vegetables;
  • 200 g vegetable stew with potatoes and beans;
  • Fresh vegetables like green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers.

It is not necessary to put special hopes on an afternoon snack, because it revolves around liquids of choice:

  • chicken bouillon;
  • pork broth;
  • kefir;
  • milk.

No matter what is chosen, you can not drink it more than a glass. You can jam or a spoon of honey, if the preference was given to dairy products, or a rusk.

Dinner also does not please with generosity, relying on fermented milk set:

  • 200 ml of kefir;
  • 200 ml of milk with a spoon of honey, if it was not at lunch;
  • 200 g curd.

And it would be better if kefir is cooked by yourself. To do this, you can use a yogurt maker, or special starters. They can be purchased for free. Such care about your own health will quickly be rewarded, because you will not have to drink various chemical additives like stabilizers.

Separately, you need to pay attention to the fact that any component of the diet is allowed to eat only if it is non-greasy. So, it is better to remove the skin from the chicken before the carcass begins to cook. You need to get rid of any fatty streaks.

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Indicative menu

There are many interpretations of the presented power, but in the first couple it is recommended to adhere to the long-proven schemes:

  1. Breakfast. 50 g of oatmeal cooked in water. To increase the energy value you need to add a spoonful of nuts, and all you need to drink with a glass of milk.
  2. Snack. Two boiled eggs. In order not to feel dry, they are jammed with half of the bell pepper.
  3. Dinner. 200 g stewed vegetables. Every day, you can alternate beans with cabbage, tomatoes, onions, asparagus. The supplement is 200 g steamed salmon.
  4. Snack. No more than 300 ml of kefir or milk. In the latter, you can add a small spoonful of honey.
  5. Dinner. 200 g cottage cheese. The day ends with a tablespoon of olive or flaxseed oil, which is more affordable by price policy.

The next day, you can castling using this combination:

  1. Breakfast. An omelette based on three eggs with the addition of steamed asparagus or green onions.
  2. Lunch. 200 ml, banana, a handful of berries. All together goes to the blender for mixing to receive uniform cocktail. Especially like people employed at work.
  3. Dinner. Four large or five small potatoes that are baked. 150 g boiled pork will add satiety. Salad based on cabbage, green onions, green peas.
  4. An afternoon snack. A cup of broth after cooking pork, which was prepared without salt and spices. You can seize it with a slice of rye bread.
  5. Dinner. 300 ml of homemade kefir. You can replace them with the same amount of milk by adding a spoonful of honey.

To maintain a sense of fullness, you can drink two cups of unsweetened tea or coffee. And to do this is allowed at any time of the day. You need to supplement the water balance with ordinary purified water in order to get the recommended daily limit of two liters.

Particular attention should be paid to sleep. Less than six hours of good sleep is a bad sign. It is necessary to abandon the habit of staying up late in front of the TV or monitor.

Brief conclusions

Some fans of the diet claim that they manage to get rid of up to 20 kg in a given month. But not everyone is ready for such radical restrictions that it may become a problem after the first week.

Also, not everyone can join the program due to the nature of the organism, or due to limitations associated with chronic diseases. You will have to come to terms with possible complications caused by poor skin condition. But this is usually not all.

To decide on such a serious step, you will need to gather willpower and get tested. Do not forget about physical activity, even if you do not want to engage in training. Only in the aggregate it will be possible to achieve an optimal result.

In conclusion, you need to be reminded that you need to exit the program gradually, without lashing out on previously forbidden food. It is better to increase caloric content smoothly, adding new products step by step in small doses.

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