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Diet drying

“Diet Drying” is a popular nutrition system, and it has long been known, enjoys maximum popularity among athletes. This diet is aimed at getting rid of body fat and normalizing weight, and most importantly – as quickly as possible. The purpose of drying the body is to get rid of fat cells in the body as much as possible, but at the same time fully preserve muscle mass. Basically, it is a low-carb diet that is often called ketone.

Reducing the maximum amount of carbohydrates in the diet (to critical), which, as is known, is the main “fuel” for the life of all organs and systems, the body is forced to switch to the vigorous extraction of fat reserves and their processing into energy.

The peculiarity of the diet is that you not only lose weight, but also reduce the amount of fat in the body while maintaining muscle.

Thus, this system is very well known among male bodybuilders who are interested in muscle relief, as well as in the maximum destruction of fat. Modern girls with the help of a diet for drying the body also tend to get a sophisticated, attractive and fit figure.

Roughly speaking, drying the body is a carbohydrate starvation, or rather, the gradual elimination of carbohydrates from the diet. Since an excess of glucose in the case of eating large amounts of carbohydrates entails the formation of fatty deposits, the rejection of such a diet contributes to the destruction of existing fats in order to provide the energy necessary for the body. So, let’s find out the basic principles of the best diet for drying the body:

  • in the process of active drying of the body, it is important to play sports (especially aerobic species);
  • you can eat fractional, in small quantities, at a certain time of the day up to four or five times;
  • drink more water / green or ginger tea without sugar (two to three liters per day);
  • Do not eat two hours before your workout and two hours after;
  • do not skip breakfast;
  • dinner is very light;
  • all food is prepared exclusively in boiled, stewed or steamed form;
  • Do not allow a sharp decrease in the level of glucose so as not to provoke the occurrence of severe and complex complications;
  • the duration of the program is 6 weeks, and by the end of the diet carbohydrate consumption should be minimal.
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Want a sculpted body? You will have to abandon fruits and animal fats, and all protein foods should be consumed only in low-fat form. In addition, prohibited foods include fast food, flour products and baked goods, smoked meat, canned food, spicy foods, soda and alcohol.

The first thing to do is to eliminate the consumption of sweets and fast food: cookies, cakes, sandwiches and chocolates. These are the sources of fast carbohydrates that do the most harm to our body. Then, after a couple of days, you need to abandon flour products: bread, pasta. By the beginning of drying, cereals should remain from all carbohydrates in the diet, and sometimes one small piece of whole-grain, rye or black bread (stale or dried) should be found.

During this month, while you are on a diet, carbohydrate intake should not exceed one hundred grams per day – in the form of cereals, legumes. Separately, there are fruits, but strictly in limited quantities. Bananas are strictly prohibited.

The basis of the diet for drying the body is protein food: egg white, chicken breast, boiled squid, cottage cheese, white fish. Morning is time for oatmeal, buckwheat, rye pasta, cucumbers, cabbage, greens, tomatoes, beans, bell peppers. The total amount of allowed carbohydrates is not more than two grams per kilogram of body weight per day during the first 2 weeks of the diet. Later they are reduced to one gram per kilogram of body weight per day.

It is important to season food with small quantities of cold pressed vegetable oil. At first, you can eat a small piece of whole wheat bread a day until the body gets used to cope and get a feeling of satiety without it.

If it’s very difficult without carbohydrates, during the first week of drying snacks in the form of an 1 apple or half a grapefruit per day are allowed.

Sample menu for the day

Since each person still has his preferences, the example of the menu below can be considered an example. This is an example of how to combine foods while on a dietary basis. You can create individual combinations of approved products yourself, this will help to achieve the desired effect with the help of a diet for drying the body. Approximate menu for three days with active drying of the body:

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Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Breakfast A cup of tea (sugar free), two egg whites, oatmeal on the water Omelet with tomatoes (steamed), tea Omelette from two egg whites, one medium sized fresh cucumber, tea without sugar
Dinner Boiled chicken breast (one hundred and fifty grams), cucumber salad with olive oil Bean stew with herbs and chicken breast (two hundred grams) Mushroom soup without potatoes (two hundred grams), boiled breast (one hundred grams), greens
Afternoon snack One hundred grams of boiled buckwheat on the water One hundred and fifty grams of low fat cottage cheese with a glass of one percent kefir Salad of fresh cucumber, bell pepper and olive oil (can be replaced with lemon juice) – two hundred and fifty grams
Dinner Stewed or boiled fish of low-fat varieties, stewed cabbage without the addition of tomato paste Two hundred grams of boiled buckwheat on water with one hundred grams of boiled diet chicken Low-fat fish steamed cabbage salad seasoned with fresh lemon juice

Important: if there are diseases of the liver and kidneys, cardiac and gastrointestinal disorders, or there is a lack of muscle mass, this type of weight loss is strictly prohibited.

Please note that this menu is approximate. When compiling a proper diet, do not forget that it should be mainly protein. It is strictly forbidden to fry food, but it can be steamed, boiled, stewed in a slow cooker, baked in the oven. You can not add fatty sauces, mayonnaise to the diet, which make the dish very high-calorie. Salt and pepper can be added to dishes, but in minimum dosages so as not to accelerate the appetite.

Do not forget about water: it should be consumed regularly and in large quantities, especially during the training period, two to three liters per day – the ideal amount of water. Water not only improves metabolic processes, but also helps the body remove toxins, waste products and the decay of fat cells from the body.

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Fruits, dried fruits or nuts can also be used as snacks. But, these products should be consumed strictly in a limited form, without fanaticism, since the products are, in fact, very high-calorie. You can also add to the diet low-fat dairy products, they have a positive effect on the condition of the intestines and the digestive tract.

The presented menu differs from the menu of athletes bodybuilders, as in the process of their diet, the body is subjected to capital stresses, which can even be dangerous for the ordinary human body. This diet for drying the body is enough to emphasize relief in a month.

Physical stress when drying the body

Exercise when drying the press, muscles and body, play a crucial role, because they help to keep muscles in shape, the skin does not sag and the process of losing weight is significantly accelerated. The most useful aerobic exercises (running, cycling, aerobics, dancing), especially running, not fast, but not slow, aimed at training endurance.

Sport is an important point. Efficiency from sports loads can be observed if one lesson lasts at least forty minutes of active loads interspersed with cardio. The main thing to remember is that training should be carried out at a time when the amount of carbohydrates in the body will be in a minimum amount, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve a positive effect. Therefore, it is advisable to engage either after work in the gym, or early in the morning, before breakfast, when the body has not yet made reserves of carbohydrates. Before training, it is recommended to eat an apple, one pear or half a grapefruit.

Regarding various chemical fat burners for athletes, doctors warn that their use is very dangerous and can lead to an excessive acceleration of metabolism and increases the risk of ketoacidosis. For this reason, try to avoid any “chemistry, as it is safer and more profitable to spend six weeks on weight loss than to spend many years restoring lost health after chemical rapid weight loss.

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