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Diet for legs

Each has its own problem areas in which, under favorable conditions, fat quickly accumulates. Legs, especially in girls, are the object of close attention – primarily from men. In order to always be at the height of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, we need a proper diet. The answer to the question how to lose weight can be found in this article. Then slender legs will delight you and others!

In order to achieve the desired effect when losing weight in full legs, it is important to observe two factors: strictly follow a diet (balanced diet) and keep an active lifestyle. Ideally, go in for sports or at least exercise.

Another important point is the fact that it is much easier not to start oneself and systematically maintain in the desired shape than to relax, to accumulate fat, and then, especially before the beach season, rush to bring the figure in order.

There are many different diets, we consider the most effective ones. Which really work and they can be observed in the presence of a small amount of will power. Follow the prescribed, and losing weight does not take long even for a week.

Slender legs and hips

The key principle of the proposed diet is the exclusion of any harmful products, and instead of them, a method that is beneficial. With this diet, experts recommend the adoption of multivitamins and minerals.

Every day you should drink 2 l of liquid, preferably still mineral water, green tea, hibiscus, fruit or vegetable juices. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to combine nutrition recommendations with drainage, as well as taking a contrast shower. This is beneficial for good blood circulation and helps to gain muscle elasticity.

What is bad to eat and what is good?

To lose weight, you need to eat a maximum of raw vegetables with fruits daily. They contain many antioxidants that neutralize the negative effects of free radicals on the body.

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An intake containing vitamin C is extremely desirable for weight loss. Be it: strawberries or currants, rose hips or red peppers, Brussels sprouts or peas, sea buckthorn or mountain ash. This useful substance removes cramps, pain.

Preference for food with potassium helps prevent swelling of the limbs. Raisins with dried apricots have it in abundance. And also blackcurrant, honey, bananas, asparagus, milk, citrus fruits and much more. The Omega Three drug helps a lot, you can buy it almost everywhere.

Gourds (melons with watermelons) rightfully occupy a special place in the addition of beauty. These products perfectly contribute to the removal of excess moisture, contribute to the process of burning fat.

But coffee, alcohol, fatty foods – should be for a person who decided to become slimmer – a taboo. They do not contribute to the appearance of lightness, but rather, cause the opposite effect.

Uncompromisingly remove food that contains animal or vegetable fat: pig, sheep, duck and goose meat, fatty pieces of beef. Wonderful to replace this chicken. It will be possible to achieve the desired effect only by completely ceasing to eat sausage, caviar, fatty fish, a lot of sweets. Reviews about this type of food are as good as possible.

Observe the week


In the morning: bread and tomato, apple and 200 gr. low-calorie yogurt (drinking), weak gulls.

Lunch menu: vegetables in salad, seasoned with lemon, 200 g of boiled chicken meat, tea with bun (wholemeal).

Snack: one egg (cook), vegetable salad.

Dinner: potatoes (boiled) and low-fat salad, tea without sugar.

On tuesday day

Breakfast: milk-based oats, a small banana, 1 glass of juice.

Lunch: bread – two slices, 50 g of hard cheese, a bit of vegetable, 50 g of grapes.

Tea time: one second melon or watermelon (small).

Dinner: a plate of low-fat soup, one apple, as well as a tiny loaf with naked tea.


Breakfast: two toasts and boil one egg (possible with a glass of milk).

Lunch: a vegetable soup, some bread and a glass of fruit juice.

Tea time: medium-sized banana with a glass of dietary yogurt.

Dinner: 4 grilled fish sticks, 2 tablespoons of boiled beans, one tablespoon of green peas, a bit of grapes, green tea with a slice of lemon.

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Breakfast: one piece of bread, a small tomato and 50 of cheese, a glass of fruit juice.

Lunch: fifty grams of ham without fat, a salad of vegetables, a small roll and the same apple.

Snack: 100 g of tuna in its juice, vegetable salad with two slices of dried bread, green tea.

Dinner: 100 g lamb chop without fat, a portion of mashed potatoes made with skim milk, fresh cabbage, small orange and a cup of tea.


Breakfast: oat porridge on a milk basis, tea (not sweet), and a small banana.

Lunch: chicken and vegetables (stew), green varieties of gulls.

Safe,: bread and cheese, tomato (bake).

Dinner: fish, heated with a grill, dining portion of beans, which are cooked; some green peas, grapes, juice.


Morning: some melon and yogurt.

Day: a bit of meat (cook), pear or citrus.

At noon: dietary soup with light meat (preferably chicken), tomato 2 and 4 toast.

Dinner: pasta with tomato watering, garlic, greenfinch and 50 gr. Finely chopped chicken, a small banana, a glass of weak tea or juice.

On Sunday

Breakfast: fruit salad: apple, one pear fruit, one – orange, banana, kiwi, raisins, with the addition of 2 l low-fat yogurt.

Lunch: a portion of lettuce from fresh cabbage, a slice of bread from wholemeal flour with a couple of slices of cheese, 30 of skim meat and kiwi fruit, karkade tea.

Tea time: bread, cheese and tomatoes (bake in the oven).

For the evening: boiled potatoes with vegetable salad, fresh fruit.

We grow thin thanks to “a lean diet”

With this diet you need to drink non-carbonated water and juices from freshly squeezed fruit. Allowed black tea without sugar. Juices are taken after meals. Exercise should be eliminated as much as possible, since diet will not give much strength. Sports during this period are excluded. For weight loss is prescribed enough.

Attention, this is important!

More than seven days on this diet can not be. The reward will be minus four kilograms and four or five centimeters in the amount of legs per week and the achievement of slender forms.

№ Enterprise Day of the week QUICK MENU
1 Monday A liter of milk and water. Milk should be distributed in equal parts for daily intake.
2 Tuesday Cottage cheese – 200 g, juice – 800 ml
3 Wednesday Only water (plenty)
4 Thursday Juice – 800 ml, three or four boiled potatoes
5 Friday Five apples for the whole day
6 Saturday Juice – 800 ml, veal – 200 g. Chicken meat may also be suitable – just not fat
7 Sunday All day – a liter of kefir and water
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We remove seven kilograms for 14 days

Per day is allowed to take about 1200 kcal. – not more. The prescription of the first day alternates with the second. This effective formula can be repeated.

The first. In the morning: 200 g dietary yogurt; fruit; tea or coffee. For lunch: 200 g chicken; fifty grams of cheese. For dinner: no more than 250 of stewed vegetable; fruit to choose from (one).

Second. In the morning: 200 g curd without fat with the addition of dried fruits; coffee or tea. At the dinner table: 200 g of fish “steamed” or baked; Salad of vegetables, sprinkled with squeezed lemon. For dinner: 200 g buckwheat or oats, fruit to choose from.

Drink large quantities of water – up to 2 L during the day. For a couple of weeks, it is reset to kilograms 7. When combined with massages, wrapping and exercises, everything can be just super!

Conclusion: Pros and Cons

A special diet can help the legs to become more beautiful, and also normalizes the general state of health. After a balanced and correctly calculated nutrition, the integuments are restored and smoothed, the cellulite mass in the legs is significantly reduced.

If you look for a negative in diets, then the only thing that can be noted is appetite, which you will need to fight. Of course, before you make a decision to limit food, it is better to consult with your doctor. The presence of chronic diseases can be the reason why not every diet is suitable.

Of course, the option when a diet is combined with exercises (with the exception of the “lean diet”) will be useful. Good to combine with a bike ride, hiking or gym. If you have a little time, it is enough to give a jog in the morning for half an hour.

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