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Diet for teens

In modern times, the female half of the population has a great desire to lose weight, especially during the anticipation of the summer period, and if earlier girls from the age of eighteen began to ask this question, then today the desire to lose weight has become “catchy” for teenagers.

Unhealthy desire to lose those extra pounds in adolescence can be dangerous for their not yet fully formed body and hormonal system. Yes, to convince the child 11-16 years in the fact that his body is still growing and changing, and diets can harm this process is almost impossible. Therefore, we must not hinder and prohibit, but simply help the child to organize proper nutrition.

Modern children are actively using the Internet, therefore, parents must first find the right information and unobtrusively present it to a child who already has an obsessive idea to lose weight.

What a teenager needs to know from 11 to 17 years about diet

All metabolic processes in a growing body occur somewhat differently compared to an adult organism, therefore, if there are no medical indications for weight loss (diabetes, heart failure, etc.), you should not die with diets.

It is very important for adolescents from the 11 years to the 17 years to provide their body with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins. If you remove all the necessary components for the full development of the body, then in five to ten years you will experience problems with both weight and health. Most often, the problem with extra pounds in adolescence disappears by the time the body is fully ripe.

Teenage diets in 11, 12, 13 years and up to 17 years can cause problems: with hormonal background, with the condition of the skin, with the condition of hair and nails. It is important to understand that the teenage diet is not starvation, it is a well-chosen healthy diet without fast foods, sweets and other junk food.

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To get better results from a healthy diet, it is important to combine it with light physical exertion – running, swimming, frequent walks in the park, roller skating and cycling. The main thing for a teenage diet is to regularly eat healthy and healthy food.

What products are recommended to be removed from the teenage diet

It should be understood that the diet for 11-15 years will differ slightly from the diet of the teenager 16 and 17 years. But, the main list of forbidden products is one for all:

  • fast food of any kind;
  • chips;
  • flour;
  • sweets.

Now, in more detail, why it is so important to protect the child from all these “goodies.” The first thing to exclude is french fries, cheeseburgers, hamburgers and other fast food so beloved by all children. Since these dishes saturate the body with excess calories and bad cholesterol. The second exception is chips. Instantly saturate the body, tasty, but at the same time cause a sense of habit and contribute to a set of extra kilos, the product belongs to the “high-calorie” group. Buns – baking muffins also contributes to weight gain. But this does not mean that bread should be completely excluded from the diet. Bread is not recommended to eat in large quantities and in fresh form – it is better to dry the slices. Sweets – sweets, jellies, marshmallows, waffles – this list goes on and on.

Yes, it is difficult for a child to refuse such small joys, but no one calls for it, you just need to limit the amount of sweet consumption. Sweets are recommended in reasonable quantities to eat before lunch, so that during the day all the calories are burned.

Sweet soda – you need to understand that this product not only affects the appearance of excess weight, but also harms the whole body. It is necessary to gradually accustom yourself to drink only pure plain water, without dyes and other harmful additives. Factory juices – most often a large amount of sugar is used as a preservative.

If you want to add juice to your diet, it is better to make them yourself, mix healthy, nutritious and fresh fruits / vegetables.

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Rules for weight loss teenage diets

It is important to remember that only a doctor should select a diet for a teenager for years 11-15 for years, based on a preliminary professional examination and for medical reasons. Excessive autonomy in this matter can provoke serious and irreversible consequences.

Product A portion Calories
Burgers, hamburgers 1 pc 490
French fries 1 large 460
Soda 330 ml 139
Pizza 250 g 682
Chicken Wings Fries 300 g 726
Chocolate without filling 45 g 237
Chocolate cake 450 g 1710
Candy 100 g 230

Let’s look at a few general rules that will help get the desired shape due to power correction:

  1. To lose weight, girls / boys aged 11-17 years need to slightly reduce the diet – calories need to be “cut” by twenty percent. A girl in adolescence should consume 2500 kilocalories per day, and boys – 2700 kilocalories.
  2. Healthy carbohydrates (cereals, fruits, vegetables) must be included in the diet – 50% (carbohydrates), 25% (proteins), 25% (fats).
  3. Meals should be regular, preferably four times. It is not recommended to skip meals.
  4. Breakfast is the main and most important meal; carbohydrate and protein foods should prevail in the breakfast in order to charge the body with energy. For breakfast, you can afford and candy, and a small bun – all the extra calories per day burned by the body.
  5. Lunch must necessarily consist of hot dishes (soups, borscht, liquid stew). Liquid hot food improves the condition of the digestive tract, as a result of which problems with overweight will gradually disappear.
  6. At lunch and dinner it is recommended to eat light and low-calorie foods and dishes.
  7. It is important to eliminate fatty and fried foods from the diet.

It is better to stew, bake or boil everything.

  1. Proper nutrition needs to be combined with physical exertion – this is not only an ideal physical preparation, it is also a weight correction, and excellent posture, and health.

If you adhere to such uncomplicated rules, you can lose weight and maintain your health. Teenage diet is aimed at a gradual and harmless weight loss.

Diet options for teens

Diet for teenager 11-12 years

Breakfast – one hundred and fifty grams of low-fat cottage cheese with honey, 1 soft-boiled egg, one glass of milk or tea.

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Lunch – a light vegetable soup, one hundred and fifty grams of low-fat boiled chicken.

Afternoon snack – a glass of any vegetable juice, toast with a slice of butter and hard cheese.

Dinner – a salad of fresh vegetables and olive oil, low-fat oven-baked fish.

Products can be selected and others only take into account the caloric content and quantity.

Option diets for teens 13 years and 14 years

Breakfast – buckwheat light porridge on the water with tender boiled veal, a glass of milk or tea.

Lunch – low-fat baked fish, vegetable salad with carrots and cabbage and olive oil, a glass of tea.

Snack – fruit sponge cake (any fruit except grapes and banana).

Dinner – unsweetened cottage cheese casserole and yogurt.

Option diet for teens 15 years, 16 years

Breakfast – two toasts, one hundred grams of boiled lean meat, two tomatoes, a glass of tea.

Lunch – lean borsch, one soft-boiled egg, baked potatoes, cabbage salad with olive oil.

Snack – yogurt or kefir with crackers.

Dinner – boiled chicken, a glass of green tea.

Diet option for teenager 17 years

Breakfast – one hundred and fifty grams of boiled chicken, a glass of milk or tea.

Lunch – buckwheat and mushroom soup, two soft-boiled eggs, a glass of tomato juice.

Snack – any fruit, except banana and grapes, biscuit (150 grams).

Dinner – fifty grams of hard cheese, yogurt, one potato, baked in the oven and in the peel.

General recommendations

Schedule a diet for a week, most of the food is best cooked steamed or in the oven. Freshly squeezed juices – they have less sugar. Limit teenagers in the amount of pepper and salt consumed (they increase appetite). Try to replace sweets with nuts and dried fruits, and forget about smoked meats. In 17 years, you can do a fasting day once a week on apples or on kefir one percent.

And most importantly, the diet should not cause any pain or discomfort. A good psychological move would be to go on a diet with your child. So you can support him, and bring yourself into shape. Good mood, self-confidence and perfect health. Lose weight wisely and in moderation!

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