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Diet “Ladder”

Every woman wants to look slim and beautiful, especially when it comes to the beach season. And what to do when only a few days are left until the long-awaited summer, and those extra pounds do not want to leave. And the time for fitness and long-term diets are sorely lacking. In this case, the famous “Ladder” diet will undoubtedly help, which in just 5 days will allow you to lose kilograms from 3 to 5. According to reviews of women who adhered to this diet, it is tolerated very easily and painlessly and at the same time its results are pleasantly surprising.

The essence of diet

At its core, the “Ladder” diet combines five different monodiets, each of which must be followed on a strictly specific day and throughout the 5 days. The result of this fasting will be a quick and effective loss of several kilograms of weight in a short period of time.

The name of the diet already speaks for itself. A “ladder” implies the passage of several steps, or stages, in each of which it is customary to use only permitted products. The menu for each of them is spelled out by the anonymous author of this system and is designed neither for 12 days, nor for 7 days, but exactly for 5 days. Longer “sit” on such a diet is not recommended.

The fact is that the “ladder” is based on a sharp and hard reduction in calories, which entails the rapid burning of fat. But for the body it can turn into considerable stress, as fasting is not quite the usual condition for it. In “Lesenka”, each of the days is responsible for the different stages occurring in the body. They form a kind of steps, which can be reached, if you strictly follow the menu, to the desired result – a beautiful and slim figure.

Diet plan

The “ladder” diet consists of 5 days – 5 stages, each of which has its own purpose and contains its own unique menu. It is not recommended to increase the number of products or change them at your discretion, otherwise you may not achieve the set results.

You can start such a diet on Monday, when it is customary to start everything new. Then, until the weekend, it will be possible to go through all five steps, and on Saturday and Sunday to gradually leave the “Ladder”, adding a little more food to your diet.

It is possible, on the contrary, to make the days off with shock, the most difficult and hungry days. What will undoubtedly be good for those who work. Since these days more access to sanitary facilities is needed.

No matter which of the proposed options to choose, the main thing is not to disturb the course of following the diet: cleansing, restoration, energy, construction, and fat burning. The days cannot be interchanged, because this can lead to negative consequences.

The first step – “Cleansing”

This stage is designed to cleanse the body of harmful toxins, toxins, fat deposits, thereby preparing it for the process of burning fat. The menu for the first day looks like this:

  • activated carbon – up to 12 tablets;
  • apples – no more than 1 kilograms;
  • non-carbonated water – at least 1 liter, you can more.
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Generally drink at this stage are advised a lot. And if you have already drunk the amount of fluid allocated at this stage, then you can drink as much as you want. Moreover, this is important enough for the sorbent, because with the help of water it is removed from the body along with harmful slags.

Activated carbon is recommended to be taken before meals, dividing the right amount into several parts. It is best to drink 2 tablets six times a day. Accordingly, it is desirable to split the use of apples into several receptions. According to the reviews and advice of doctors, at this stage, you can replace fresh apples with baked apples, since for some people eating a fresh product can cause hunger.

At this stage, there may be some discomfort, expressed in such moments as:

  • constant feeling of hunger;
  • bloating;
  • flatulence;
  • constipation or diarrhea;

The last inconvenience is directly related to the use of activated carbon, as in the process of absorption along with harmful bacteria, it also removes beneficial microorganisms. And after all, they normalize and stabilize the work of the intestine.

This day is analogous to a fasting day. At the first stage, you can lose from 0,5 to 1,5 kilograms.

The second step – “Recovery”

During the first stage, the positive microflora in the intestine was deliberately destroyed. The second stage is used to restore and normalize it. The main source in this process are bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. The menu for the second stage is presented:

  • kefir 1% fat – 1 liter;
  • low-fat cottage cheese – 600 grams;
  • still water – at least 1 liters.

The second day is not as hungry as the first, mainly due to protein products. It is advisable to divide the cottage cheese into three receptions and take it as breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between, you can use kefir. Of course, do not forget about water. The use of protein foods leads to the accumulation of waste in the body, so at this stage you need to use as much water as possible to help the kidneys cope with the withdrawal of these substances.

The colonization of the intestine with beneficial microflora is not a quick process, so expecting that everything will recover in one day is not worth it.

During this period, you can lose from 1 to 1,5 kilogram weight.

The third step – “Energy”

This is probably the most delicious and sweet stage in the diet “Ladder”. This is evidenced not only by the menu recommended at this stage, but also the reviews of those who have lost weight. In previous stages, the body consumed low-calorie foods. After this time, weakness and fatigue could appear, due to a large loss of energy. This stage will saturate the body with simple carbohydrates, which are not only quite tasty, but also easily absorbed.

The menu at the “Energy” stage:

  • raisins – about 300 grams;
  • honey – 2 tablespoons;
  • compote of dried fruit – 2 liters.

Simple carbohydrates are harmful in that they satisfy hunger for a rather short period of time. Therefore, in the third stage it is proposed to eat raisins in very small portions, so to speak, to stretch the pleasure for the whole day. And it is recommended to dissolve honey in the mouth in order to prolong the taste and nutritional properties for a longer period. It is advisable to cook compote without sugar. If you really want to sweeten the drink – use fructose.

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At this stage, weight reduction can reach one and a half kilograms.

The fourth step – “Construction”

Finally, you can breathe easy. After the previous three days, the body intensively burned calories and fats, which consumed a large amount of energy. And since there was little food in it, there was nowhere to take it from. From this, excessive fatigue and drowsiness could appear, and depression could even occur. At the last stage, the bitter pill was slightly sweetened, but the feeling of hunger still remained.

At the fourth stage, the following menu is recommended:

  • boiled turkey fillet or chicken – 600 grams;
  • non-carbonated water – at least 1 liter;
  • greens.

Drink still need as much as possible. At this stage, the body is saturated with protein, helping the body build processes and function properly. Meat, as in the previous stages, is proposed to be divided into several receptions.

The fourth stage is characterized by a loss of up to 1,3 kilogram.

Fifth Stage – Fat Burning

The last stage serves for the active burning of fats and saturates the body with the missing fiber. It tends to be digested for a long time in the body, for which a large amount of energy is spent, and therefore calories. The fifth day serves as a small discharge after the previous stage saturated with heavy protein food.

Menu diet “ladder” on 5 day:

  • plain oatmeal – 200 grams;
  • fruits and vegetables – 1 kilogram.

To better saturate the body with useful fiber, it is ideal to use whole grain products, since it contains much more. Useful in this regard will be oatmeal “Hercules”, in the grains of which the shells of cereals are preserved. To prepare it, pour boiling water overnight and leave it under the lid. In the morning, the cereal will swell and the porridge will be ready. You can cook porridge in the usual way, but without the use of salt.

Of fruits, grapes and bananas are not recommended, as they are very high-calorie, and extra calories are now completely useless. And you should also abandon green peas and potatoes, due to the high content of starch in them.

In the fifth stage, you can achieve weight loss to 1 kilogram.

Thus, for 5 days of intense starvation, you can lose from 3 to 7 kilograms.

Out of the diet

In order not to re-gain lost kilograms with such difficulty, you should follow some rules even after the end of the diet:

  • avoid high-calorie foods;
  • follow the ration and volumes of servings;
  • engage in regular exercise.

To fix the result, you can arrange yourself a weekly unloading day. But to pass again 5 days of this express diet is not worth it. The recommended use of “Ladders” is approximately 2 times a year.

Feedback and results

The results and reviews of the diet “Ladder” are not straightforward. Note both its pros and cons. Those who diet helped to lose weight, ready to repeat it again, they say that it is relatively easy to carry and does not require significant material costs.

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Negative reviews mainly come from people who have been hard enough to endure a five-day fast. In addition to great physical exertion, it is also a tremendous emotional stress. Therefore, many simply break down without completing the diet in time.

To improve the results it is recommended to do fitness in the period of weight loss. But since the “Ladder” and so spends a large amount of effort and energy, cardio and power loads should not be used. It is better to restrict swimming or yoga.

The disadvantages of the diet “ladder”

The nutritional diet of such a diet is not balanced. Due to the absence of useful and important components such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, the condition of hair and skin may deteriorate, the general hormonal background may be disturbed, especially if you stretch the diet for 7 days. The biggest disadvantage of such a system for losing weight is that due to intense starvation, the body begins to burn muscle mass, and not the accumulated fats.

Due to this, kilograms are really lost, but fat deposits do not disappear. When you exit the diet, the body begins to intensively accumulate fats in order to protect itself from repeated stress. Thus, after the end of such an express diet, it is possible to return to the previous weight, and even increase it during the next month after losing weight.

It is not recommended to use such a diet for people with gastrointestinal problems, with peptic ulcer, gastritis or diseases of the liver and kidneys. It is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactating women and adolescents. In any case, before proceeding to the 5 daily diet “Ladder”, it is necessary to consult a dietitian.


The diet “ladder” is a low-carb diet. To lose weight with its help is quite easy, but it is also easy and quick to recapture lost kilograms. According to numerous reviews, the results of it will not keep you waiting, and already after 5 days on the scales, you can see much smaller indicators. It is much more difficult to get out of the diet and keep the result at the level reached. After all, after a long fast, you always want to pamper yourself with different goodies, but this is absolutely impossible to do.

In order not to return to the previous weight, and especially not to gain it more than the former, the first time is to abandon the sweet and flour dishes, alcohol, and also actively apply physical exertion. In any case, the “Ladder” diet is effective if you need to quickly lose a few extra pounds, for example, before the beach season or to return to normal after the New Year holidays.

If the goal is to lose a lot of weight, it is better to pay attention to other, longer and more useful diets for the body. In the extreme case, you can simply stick to a balanced diet, exclude from the menu harmful and fatty foods, eat in small portions several times a day and then your body will not experience stress that is harmful to health. Gradually, such food can become a habit and become a daily lifestyle.

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