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Diet Laskin

Oncology today in many cases sounds like a sentence. Cancer is a terrible incurable disease, the scourge of our time and generation. Luminaries of the leading world institutions have been fighting with her for a long time, but unfortunately without success. To cure the disease, especially in the latter stages, is impossible. However, at the same time, doctors do not give up and continue to look for cures for this serious illness, not sparing neither strength, nor time, not being afraid of possible failures, as well as the fact that you have to start everything from the very beginning.

Not all, but many of them have achieved certain results with the help of which it is possible to alleviate the condition of patients with cancer and even contribute to the treatment of oncology. One of these people is a Russian oncologist, Dr. Wolf Laskin, who spent over thirty years of his life searching for his technique. Today, Dr. Laskin’s anticancer diet helps save the lives of cancer patients with dietary supplements.

The work of the oncologist was based on the research of his colleagues from Japan – Dr. Ozawa. He treated people with brown rice, and this unique diet program in almost 90% led to a complete cure for oncology. Wulf Laskin changed his diet a little under the Russian consumer, where brown rice was replaced by buckwheat cereal, familiar to everyone from childhood. This technique is in great demand not only to cure the disease, but also for weight loss.

The basic rules and principles of Dr. Laskin’s diet

The basis of this technique for weight loss is buckwheat and porridge from it. Of course, everyone knows about buckwheat porridge since childhood, but in order to recover from oncology, and at the same time get rid of the abdomen, it must be consumed without salt, but with the addition of wheat bran and olive oil.

But how can ordinary buckwheat cereal overcome such a dangerous and fatal disease as cancer? The fact is that the chemical composition of buckwheat kernels contains a unique substance that has a powerful antitumor effect – quercetin. It contributes to the death of cancer cells, preventing their reproduction and growth. Therefore, the constant use of buckwheat provides a significant increase in this antioxidant in the body, which effectively inhibits the growth of a cancerous tumor. Due to its chemical composition, buckwheat has become the basis of this dietary program. Daily intake of buckwheat porridge is required with this method of losing weight and in no case should you miss or replace it.

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In addition to buckwheat porridge, the Laskin diet implies the mandatory use of rose hips, which must be crushed in a blender into fine flour and pour with cooled boiled water. Add a little honey to the resulting solution. This infusion should be consumed half an hour before the main meal.

Laskin’s diet has no contraindications and side effects. It can be used in diabetes and any other diseases. However, before resorting to such therapeutic slimming, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. And of course you should remember that Dr. Laskin’s diet is not a panacea for cancer and should not be used instead of conservative treatment.

The basic principles of this diet are:

  • It is recommended to eat raw vegetables and fruits, especially those whose color is red or green;
  • follow the rule: if you can eat a raw product, it means to exclude any heat treatment;
  • drink at least two liters of pure mineral still water per day;
  • to include useful fiber in the diet;
  • completely exclude sugar, the daily norm of salt should not exceed 0,5 grams;
  • control of animal protein intake is needed;
  • the daily rate of animal protein for men should be no more than 60 grams, and for women – 40 grams.

Based on these principles, we can formulate the basic rules of the Laskin diet:

  1. Exclude canned foods.
  2. Limit the minimum consumption of fried or boiled vegetables.
  3. To give preference to vegetables of red and green color, it is best to eat vegetables raw.
  4. Drink at least two liters of fluid per day. Its basis should be pure mineral still water, you can also drink herbal teas and freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.
  5. Carefully calculate your dietary fiber and fiber intake.

Prohibited products

Throughout all stages of the diet of Dr. Laskina should completely abandon the use of the following products:

  • white bread and various pastries;
  • confectionery and sweets;
  • red meats, smoked meats and sausages;
  • conservation;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • vegetable oils, except olive;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • sweet carbonated drinks and store juices;
  • sugar and salt.
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The Wolf Laskina Diet consists of two stages, characterized by different tasks and specific features that need to be considered separately.

The first stage of the diet Dr. Laskina

The duration of the first period of the anti-cancer diet is approximately fifty days. It is distinguished by a very strict menu, in which it is allowed to use only cooked buckwheat porridge and rosehip infusion with honey in a certain way. In addition, you should drink plenty of fluids. Every day you need to use fruit and berry freshly squeezed juices at 250 grams per day. Best suited grapefruit, orange, pineapple or blueberry juice.

To prepare buckwheat porridge for the Laskin diet you need: half a glass of buckwheat pour 500 ml of water and cook on low heat for fifteen minutes; two minutes before the end of cooking it is mandatory to add a tablespoon of bran from wheat; In a slightly cooled cooked porridge add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Nutrition scheme in the first period of the buckwheat anti-cancer diet:

  • the first meal – rosehip infusion with honey in the amount of one tablespoon;
  • in half an hour – porridge from buckwheat with bran;
  • an hour later – raisins, green or herbal freshly brewed tea without additives;
  • Lunch and dinner should be done in the same way as breakfast.

In each interval between meals, you need to drink a third of a glass of juice, diluted with water.

The diet in the first period of the diet is not subject to adjustment, any arbitrary change in the menu is fraught with poor results in the treatment of cancer and the need to restart diet therapy.

The second stage of the Laskin diet

The second period of this method for weight loss is characterized by the introduction of new products in the menu:

  • legumes and nuts;
  • fruits: apricot, cherries, plums, cherries, grapes;
  • berries: blueberries, currants, raspberries, blackberries;
  • dried fruits: dried apricots, figs, prunes;
  • vegetables: zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, carrots.

In small portions, boiled fish and poultry are allowed. But red meat, which is contained in lamb, veal and pork, is strictly prohibited.

The second stage of the anti-cancer diet of Dr. Laskin should last about six months and depends on the stage of the disease. At this stage, a significant improvement in the patient’s condition, the disappearance of pain and a return to the usual way of life are possible.

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Sample menu in the second period of the Laskin diet program for a day:

  • thirty minutes before breakfast – rosehip with honey in the amount of one tablespoon;
  • breakfast – buckwheat porridge with wheat bran and olive oil, freshly brewed green tea without additives, 50 gram of rye bread, a handful of raisins;
  • lunch – grapes;
  • half an hour before lunch – rosehip with honey in the amount of one tablespoon;
  • lunch – bean soup with carrots, herbs and onions, two hundred grams of boiled chicken, a salad of vegetables and herbs, 50 grams of wholemeal bread, 250 ml of juice;
  • dinner – stewed vegetables, a handful of raisins, six pieces of nuts, freshly brewed green tea without additives.

In the second period, a small variation of dishes is allowed. Porridge can be cooked not only from buckwheat, but also from brown rice. Lunch can be varied soups, vegetables and fish.

Fresh vegetables are required when consuming the second course, and fresh berries and fruits are good for snacking.


Dr. Wolf W. Luskin’s anti-cancer buckwheat diet is a unique nutritional program that prevents the development of cancerous tumors due to the accumulation of quercetin in the body’s antioxidant. This is a rather lengthy technique, calculated for more than six months. With its help, you can not only suspend or alleviate the course of the disease, but also lose a decent amount of extra pounds. Many reviews of those who used this system for weight loss, say that when using it you can get rid of seven to twelve kilograms of weight. To combat excess weight, it is necessary to use the second stage of the diet program.

In addition, the method of Dr. Laskin can be used as a preventive measure for various types of diseases. However, it is always necessary to remember that no matter how effective this system is, it is not a complete substitute for the medical treatment of cancer. Laskin’s diet is not a panacea for cancer, but only one of the ways to help in the treatment of this serious and dangerous disease.

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