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Diet minus 60

Diet minus 60 is a slimming method developed by Ekaterina Mirimanova, a trainer and expert in healthy nutrition, who managed to get rid of 60 kilogram in a year and a half. The author’s dietary nutrition program excludes starvation, the use of tablets, dry mixes, liposuction.

Ekaterina Mirimanova on her own experience has shown that being overweight is not a sentence for a person. Lose weight naturally and keep the resulting figure at the proper level – it is possible. Time, patience and work – the main components on the way to a slim body.

Interestingly, the “diet minus 60” allows you to eat all the products and not count calories. It is enough only to follow the rules derived by the author of the original weight loss system.

In fact, this diet is a model of proper nutrition, it can and is useful to practice throughout life.

The postulates of the technique from Ekaterina Mirimanova

Before you go on a diet, tune in for weight loss. Do not wait for the right moment, act – immediately, spontaneously, do not delay for tomorrow. Do not blame yourself for excess weight. Tune in that you lose weight for the sake of yourself, take care of your own self-esteem. Allocate time for personal needs. Do not lose weight for a particular person or event. Realize that each of us is unique and deserves the best that is in life. You can lose weight as much as you want. This is the most reliable motivation!

Rebuild your eating habits gradually, step by step, walk along the road to a new life. Systematically accustom the body to a healthy diet. Find a replacement for the “harmful” product from a dietary point of view, similar in taste. Learn to eat with adequate portions (maximum – 350 grams at a time) – stop “swallowing” products indiscriminately, remove large plates.

Remember, those extra pounds did not appear on one day, so it takes time to get rid of them. Ekaterina Mirimanova advises not to perceive weight loss as the meaning of life, treat this process easily, without fanaticism.

The eating behavior of the female half of the population depends on the menstrual cycle and mood, so it is important to learn how to listen to the body, distinguishing between “whims” and “needs”.

Diet rules minus 60:

  1. Do not skip breakfast, because the morning meal evokes metabolic processes in the body. People who wake up early, the author of the diet offers to arrange two breakfasts (one is full, the second is light).
  2. Gradually lower your sugar. Discard the white refined sweetener, go to the bastard. Do not use sugar substitutes.
  3. At breakfast it is allowed to eat any food, even confectionery and bakery products. Under strict prohibition – milk chocolate. Exclude this product from the diet menu once and for all.
  4. From alcoholic beverages it is recommended to switch to dry red wine.
  5. Replace the peeled rice with unpolished steamed, brown or wild, and milk chocolate with bitter black.
  6. At breakfast, it is permissible to eat a slice of white bread, and at lunch – give preference to rye bread.
  7. Do not eat protein with carbohydrates.
  8. Do not eat potatoes and pasta for dinner. They can be eaten only in the morning, an extreme case – at lunch with cheese and vegetables.
  9. Eat poultry, fish, red meat as an independent dish.
  10. The best dinner is a combination of “rice-fruit”, “rice-cottage cheese”, “rice-vegetables”.
  11. If you go to bed early (“early bird”), the evening meal should be at 18: 00 (not later). Owls can be dined before 19: 00.

Do not finish the evening meal too early (before 17: 00) – this increases the chances of failure of the diet, while at the same time does not accelerate weight loss.

If you have not eaten in time, you will have to endure until the morning. To quench your hunger you can drink 250 milliliters of unsweetened green tea.

  1. Control the amount of salt consumed. Do not completely exclude it from the diet. However, do not overdo food.
  2. Do not focus on one product. If during the day to eat one thing (fruits, nuts) in large quantities – this will reduce the metabolism, as a result, the process of dropping weight will slow down, or even completely stop.
  3. Do not arrange fasting days. A sharp limitation in nutrition is stress for the body, after which it can behave ambiguously, up to weight gain.
  4. Observe the diet – eat 3 once a day, and make snacks “fruit”.
  5. Regularly take a multivitamin course.

Diet minus 60 is not contraindicated during lactation and pregnancy. However, before its observance it is recommended to consult a doctor. The main conditions are to smoothly “enter” a diet, while controlling your condition.

Nutrition recommendations

Consider dietary principles minus 60.

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According to the method of Catherine Mirimanova in the morning you can eat everything. Restrictions on food “come into effect” after breakfast.


Products can be eaten raw, boiled or stewed. Prior to 14: 00 it is allowed to use 5 milliliters of sour cream 15% and homemade mayonnaise as salad dressing. During cooking, you can add up to 10 milliliters of olive oil or soy sauce in the dish. Soups are cooked in broths or water (potatoes are excluded, replace it with green peas or beans).

Lunches allowed:

  • boiled eggs;
  • dry red wine;
  • dairy, fermented milk drinks;
  • tea and coffee;
  • natural fresh juices;
  • sushi and rolls;
  • vegetables (stewed, raw, baked, boiled);
  • fruits (kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, citrus fruits, plums, apples);
  • seafood, meat and fish products;
  • salted, pickled vegetables (limited);
  • rice noodles;
  • durum macaroni (preferably from whole grains, separate from meat and fish intake);
  • soft cheese of the “Adegeya” type (limited);
  • cereals (buckwheat, rice).


Sugar is excluded. For dinner, foods are allowed to season with soy sauce, salt, natural spices, stew on water.

Recommended dishes:

  • dairy products (cheese with crisps, unsweetened yogurt, cottage cheese);
  • dry red wine;
  • milk;
  • diet bread, black bread;
  • buckwheat, rice;
  • vegetables (pumpkin, eggplant, avocado, peas, corn, mushrooms, potatoes are excluded);
  • boiled eggs;
  • kefir, yogurt;
  • fruits (the same as at lunch);
  • meat, fish, seafood, offal;
  • drinks (water with and without gas, green tea, coffee, natural juice).

Any method of cooking meat, fish, seafood and vegetables other than frying is welcome. Potatoes can not be combined with protein food. Soups are allowed to eat a maximum of 4 once a week.

Follow the rules of separate nutrition:

  • the minimum break between meals is 2 hours;
  • use fruit for 30 minutes before meals or as a snack;
  • eat only compatible foods at one meal.

For better digestion of food and assimilation of useful substances, it is recommended to observe the following rules of the combination of products:

  • animal protein (cheeses, fish, meat, eggs, seafood) with cooked and raw vegetables, greens;
  • starches (boiled corn, legumes, avocado, pumpkin, sweet potato, buckwheat, brown rice, millet, quinoa, bread and whole grain pasta) with cooked and raw vegetables, herbs;
  • nuts, seeds, dried fruits with raw vegetables, greens.

Separate nutrition will facilitate the work of the stomach, accelerate the digestion of food, which, in turn, will minimize the formation of toxins in the body, the settling of slags on the intestinal walls, which lead to obesity.

Given the feedbacks that have become thinner, minus the 60 diet flows easily without a drastic and drastic change in food preferences. Changes occur gradually, minimizing possible discomfort.

Exercise stress

To improve the result of weight loss, the acquisition of fighting spirit and bringing muscle tissue, skin tone, it is recommended to do sports.

Physical activity has a positive effect on the human body:

  • improve lung function, insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular health;
  • prolong the youth of the body;
  • relieve stress;
  • increase self-esteem;
  • relieve insomnia;
  • increase concentration;
  • strengthen the musculoskeletal system;
  • keep a harmonious bearing;
  • stimulate immunity;
  • develop mental abilities;
  • normalize metabolism.
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Physical activity contributes to the strengthening of local blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which provides tissue nutrition and the excretion of waste products from cells, the intercellular space. As a result, blood vessels become elastic, and blood pressure levels return to normal.

The author of the method of weight loss minus 60, Ekaterina Mirimanova recommends daily exercise. Going to the gym once or twice a week gradually relaxes and as a result, skipping workouts begin, which will soon disappear. Therefore, the main thing is not the amount of effort, but the regularity of the load.

If you do not have the strength, try to do at least something. In this case, do not set yourself the task of performing the full range of physical exercises to reduce weight. Just stand up, sit down, swing your legs to the side, but do not miss classes. Make sure the load is regular, daily. Increase the duration and difficulty level of the workouts. Do not overstrain. Choose an acceptable time. Remember, classes for weight loss should cause only positive emotions.

The training program is based on individual preferences. Push-ups, jumping rope, swinging limbs through the air, running, swimming, pilates, shaping, fitness, aerobics, gymnastics – choose what your heart desires. The main condition is to observe the daily training regimen.

Interestingly, self-massage is a form of exercise that will strengthen and speed up the recovery of muscles and skin.

A set of exercises from Ekaterina Mirimanova and the principles of their implementation:

  1. Side swinging from a standing position. Rest your hands on a chair, straighten your back. Slowly lift one leg to the side as high as possible. Then return it to its original position. Repeat this exercise for the other leg.

Work: buttocks, waist muscles, inner thighs.

  1. Raising the legs from a prone position. Lie on a hard surface, arms along the body, legs straight. Slowly lift the lower limbs up, forming an angle of 45 degrees. Hold this position for as long as you have enough strength (minimum – 15 seconds), return to the starting position.

Work: abdominal muscles (lower).

  1. “Cat”. Get on all fours, lean on your knees and palms, set them shoulder-width apart. Bend your lower back as slowly as possible, press your chest to the floor, straighten your knees and arms, tilt your head back. In this position, linger for 30 seconds, rise to its original position.

Work: abdominal muscles, back, arms, chest.

  1. Jumping scissors. Straight arms lift above your head, then lower down. Every movement is accompanied by a jump.
  2. Raising the body lying down. Lie on the floor, bend your knees and throw back into a chair (they should be above the torso line), fold your palms behind your head. Slowly lift the upper body as high as possible. At the top, pause for 30 seconds, gently lower to the starting position.

Work: abdominal muscles (upper).

  1. Swing your legs from the “on all fours” position. Take the starting position: head slightly raised, knees and palms shoulder-width apart. Lift the bent one leg (slowly and high), linger for 5 seconds, lower. The same procedure is carried out with the second leg.

Work: muscles of the hips, buttocks.

Each exercise is performed 3 – 5 times. As the physical form improves (after the body becomes accustomed to the loads), gradually increase the number of turns.

Catherine Mirimanova’s diet is based on two aspects: proper nutrition, regular daily physical exertion. Fitness is an integral part of the method of losing weight minus 60. The specific content and duration of charging is not as important as its systematicity. Choose what you like. We can not allow physical education to cause negative emotions.

A set of exercises, as well as the time of their execution, each chooses on their own in accordance with their own comfort. The author of the program minus 60 recommends taking a photo before and after class, and after four weeks. The results are shocking, and additional motivation will be provided!

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How to tighten the skin?

The Mirimanova diet minus 60, like any other method of noticeable weight loss, has a negative side that should not be overlooked: weight loss is displayed on the skin condition. When the fat begins to “melt” on the dermis wrinkles, stretch marks, flabby areas appear. As a result, the overall skin tone is reduced. These troubles can be minimized if the upper layer of the epithelium is maintained during weight loss.

How to do it?

  1. Massage. It is recommended to use oils (olive) to nourish the skin, better slip and enhance the effect. Massage is performed in circular motions, with stretching, squeezing, pinching, stroking and burdening. Hips and arms – from limbs to body, waist – from bottom to top. The duration of the session depends on individual preferences.

The effect of massage on the dermis: improves metabolism, increases skin and muscle tone, activates lymph and blood circulation, nourishes with oxygen. As a result, the skin is tightened, acquires a healthy sheen, becomes elastic and smooth.

  1. Coffee scrub. At the same time, it solves the following problems: it smoothes and smoothes the surface of the dermis (relieves cellulite), reduces body fat, peels off the keratinized upper layer. For making scrub, use brewed whole-grain coffee. In order to avoid skin injury, mix the gel with the crushed particles, rub into problem areas in a circular motion, rinse with water. If you regularly perform this procedure (1 – 2 times a week), the dermis will become soft, silky, and stretch marks will decrease.
  2. Mumie. Accelerates skin regeneration. Two tablets of mummy mixed with 15 milligrams of body cream, wait 10 minutes before completely dissolving. Apply the resulting mixture on sagging areas of the dermis.
  3. Anti-aging face cream.
  4. Regular exercise.

The official website of the author of the method minus 60 is, where you can download a free book on how to achieve the desired result and study in detail the recommended menu for a week from Ekaterina Mirimanova.


Thus, the motivational system of losing weight from Ekaterina Mirimanova is a salvation for people who do not dare to radically change their diet and switch to a mono diet, while wanting to say goodbye to extra pounds once and for all. The essence of the methodology is the systematic reduction in body weight without the use of drugs, ready-made mixtures of the type “Energy diets”, liposuction.

The main advantages of the diet of Catherine Mirimanova: the ability to use your favorite “goodies” in the morning and self-drafting. In this case, the prerequisite for weight loss are regular exercise.

Listen to the body, reduce portions, and replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie ones. Do not eat after six. Eat your favorite dishes until noon (except milk chocolate), but as you approach the evening, switch to a healthy diet: refuse bakery and confectionery in favor of fruits and dried fruits. If you missed dinner you have to wait in the morning. Do not overload at night. From alcohol only dry red wine is allowed. Replace white refined sugar with brown cane (baster) or fructose. Drink water.

Do not enter the new diet abruptly, otherwise the chance to break even at the beginning of the diet increases to 80%.

Remember, the main source of motivation is you. Lose weight for yourself. Divide your goal into 6 stages, set a realistic timeline. For example, if you want to get rid of 42 kilograms, be aware that every month and a half you should drop kilograms of 7. At the same time, keep the main goal in the background. Starting small is normal.

We are waiting for your feedback and photos how you managed to lose weight with a diet minus 60.

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